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The Episode starts with Chakor rushing to stop her friends. Dadi says what relation I have with Choka, that I told her secret which I kept since 8 years. The servant says cake for Chakor is coming. Chakor thinks she has time and looks at Chunni. She recalls Dadi’s words. Chunni says let me celebrate my birthday, its grand for first time. Chakor runs to stop Vivaan. Her cap falls. She wears her cap. She recalls her plan with Vivaan. Vivaan makes the bad cake ready for Chunni. He makes the men fall and exchange the cake box. The men take the cake and leave. Vivaan tells Chakor that they have sent the bad cake to haveli. Chakor says what, we have to stop that cake. Chagan asks why, you told this plan. Chakor says yes, now I m saying we have to remove that cake. She runs to haveli. Vivaan says we will also


Kasturi praises Chunni assuming her to be Chakor, and hugs her calling her princess. Kasturi recalls the beads necklace she gave her on her 6th birthday and asks Chunni about it. Chakor runs and the beads thread falls. Chakor picks it and runs. Chinni shows pearls necklace. Kasturi says not this one, tell me about the old neads necklace. Dadi thinks the beads would have done with Chakor’s death. She asks Kasturi to make new one.

Bhaiya ji asks servants to bring cake. Chunni says she will go and meet Kasturi later. Chunni says she wants everyone to go, else she will make him mad. He says cut the cake, they all will go. Chunni smiles seeing cake. Chakor falls down on the way and runs again. Everyone clap for Chunni.

Chakor comes there and shouts Chakor stop, don’t cut the cake. Chunni cuts the cake and it blasts. Everyone get shocked. The cow dung falls over Bhaiya ji’s face. He gets angry. The villagers get tensed. Ranjana laughs seeing Bhaiya ji. Manohar asks her to stop laughing. Bhaiya ji asks who has done this. Chakor has pulled Chunni. She asks did she get hurt. Chunni says you made me fall and spoiled my birthday, leave from here. Bhaiya ji cleans his face and asks who has done this. Chunni says I know who has done this. Chakor says she also knows. Bhaiya ji asks who. Chakor says I have done this. They all get shocked.

Kasturi scolds Choka for doing this with Chakor. Imli says Choka can’t do this. Bhaiya ji says move Kasturi, Choka is gone today. Amma stops him. He fumes and says I m Kamal Narayan Rajvanshi, this Choka has made cow dung fall on me, I will slap you if you come in between. Amma asks him to beat her, this cow dung was not for you, it was for Chakor. Bhaiya ji asks Choka was this for Chakor. Chakor says yes, I did this to take revenge from Chakor. Kasturi slaps Chakor. Kasturi asks Choka why did he do this with Chakor, she is such good hearted.

Chakor and Chunni have a talk face to face. Chunni makes Chakor fall and laughs.

Update Credit to: Amena

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