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The Episode starts with Chakor innocently talking and Aditya goes after her. Prabhakar laughs. Ishwar says I knew she will win your heart one day. Prabhakar says he is not her enemy, but he is worried for his son, as he can’t bear if he loses him. Ishwar says trust me, hot gold turns to diamond. Prabhakar says he is afraid of Bhaiya ji. Aditya teaches Chakor her name spelling. Chakor catches it very well. He asks her to repeat and she learns it. He claps for her and says very good, now write and show me. Chakor says teach me. He says close your eyes. She asks then how will I write. She closes her eyes. He asks her to open her eyes and shows a slate as a gift to her. He asks her to write her first alphabet on the slate. She says its Lord’s blessings. He says mum tied this ribbon. She takes it and says

she will not write on this. He asks then where.

She writes her name on Ishwar’s hand plaster. Everyone clap. Ishwar laughs. Chakor says this is best place to write. Ishwar says when his hand gets well, he has to cut this best gift. She says she won’t let him throw and keep it in a box. He says you learnt to write your name, now you are literate. Chakor asks then will this sign go and checks. She sees its still there and asks when will it go. Ishwar says you have to make your name, to erase it. Chakor asks how. Abha says when you learn more. Chakor says fine, I will learn and asks Aditya to give books. He gives her the book. He says but its Vivaan’s book, which came here by mistake. Vivaan asks servant where did he keep his book.

He asks him to call mum and maybe she knows. He says she is in party meeting. Vivaan says he will find it. He gets a call from Aditya. Aditya says your CW book is with me, are you coming. Vivaan says he will come and play with him and Chakor. Chakor says she will show something that he can’t believe. Vivaan asks what. She says her first written word. She says she is literate now. Vivaan says wow, I m coming. Chakor and Aditya jump as Vivaan is coming and they will play and study. Aditya says study again and holds his head. Girdhari lal and Ranjana are in party meeting. He says he decided to make Ranjana stand in the elections and she gets glad hearing this. Vivaan comes there and tells Ranjana that he has to go Aditya’s home to get his book. Ranjana asks him to go to his room, and not lie because of Chakor.

Vivaan gets sad and leaves. Manohar reads the paper and throws it in anger. He says this is worst than being in jail. He gets a call from Vivaan and is happy. Vivaan cries and asks why does he not come to meet him. He says he missed him a lot and he got first prize and trophy. He says everyone’s parent came and I had no one. He asks will he not come ever. Manohar says forgive me, you don’t know how much I want to meet you. He tells about his problem. Vivaan says mum is right, you have many reasons to ignore me, I don’t want anyone. He cries saying he does no need anyone. Manohar cries hearing him cry. Manohar gets angry on the servant. He calls Prabhakar. Prabhakar does not take his call. Soumya comes and sees the phone ringing.

Manohar says he won’t take the call and throws his phone. He drinks wine. Soumya asks Prabhakar to get the goons bail out, else Manohar can come again at their home. He says he can’t do more than this. Aditya tells Chakor that Vivaan said he can’t come here. Aditya says Vivaan will not come. Chakor says she felt Vivaan was crying. Aditya says it won’t be good if we go there. She asks why. He says he did not think, he feels they should not go. He tells her that Vivaan’s dad has kidnapped her before and Ishwar won’t allow them to go now. She is shocked.

He asks her to forget what he said, he just heard when Ishwar was talking to inspector and he is not sure. Chakor says no, I know this already and tells about Manohar admitting it to Prabhakar. Aditya says what, then why do you want to be Vivaan’s friend. Chakor says its not Vivaan’s mistake in this. Aditya says Vivaan was misunderstanding you thinking his parents are separated because of you. She says its old thing now, and they are good friends, and promises have to be kept. They smile. Aditya feels proud of her.

Chakor asks Ishwar about Aditya……. He gets a call from inspector and he asks about Manohar. Aditya tells Chakor he is talking about Vivaan’s dad. Ishwar says send him to jail along with his family.

Update Credit to: Amena

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