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The Episode starts with Ajay ordering cold drinks for coming guests. Vivaan and Ragini come. Ragini scolds him and says we can transfer you, choice is yours, you want transfer or money. Vivaan asks are you deaf. Constable Sukhiram says they are owners of gun factory, Vivaan and Ragini, they are siblings. Vivaan asks what. Ajay says I met such siblings for the fifth time. Ragini asks him to leave her men. Vivaan asks him to release the guns truck. Ajay says you won’t get that, I can give you something. Vivaan asks him what’s this, can’t you talk well. Ajay asks them to leave, he is given them one chance, his laws work here. Vivaan laughs and says you are dealing with wrong people.

Ajay gets senior’s call. Vivaan and Ragini smile. Ajay says no Sir, how can I refuse to your order. He says so policemen’s

mouth is shut like this, seniors stopped me, its good to meet you. He asks Sukhiram to let the men and truck go. Ragini says now I understand the reason for seizing our truck, we will give much money that you don’t need to do this again. She shows the money. Ajay says I don’t want any prize, your contacts tied my hand, this won’t happen again, we will meet again, people like you call me Ak 47. Ajay goes.

Ragini says he has much attitude. Vivaan says we will see him. They leave. Chakor comes to haveli and recalls Suraj. Suraj comes and asks her where is she going. She says I m going to thank new inspector who seized the truck. Suraj asks is he more imp than me. She says yes, everyone is imp than you. He says no one can come between us. She says there is nothing left between us, you stop worrying for me, you are not my husband now. Suraj asks what’s this sindoor doing in your maang, what’s this mangalsutra doing in your neck, I m in your heart, else you would have wipes this sindoor and thrown mangalsutra after coming out of court, you still love me. Mahiya….plays…. She goes. Suraj says this hatred will change into love.

Some goons tease a girl. Ajay talks on phone and says there are many illegal shops here, I will talk later. Chakor beats the goons. Everyone smile. Chakor scolds the goon and punches his face. Ajay passes by and stops seeing the fight. He gets down the jeep and smiles seeing Chakor beating the goons. A goon catches Chakor and breaks her mangalsutra. Her mangalsutra flies in air. Chakor recalls Suraj’s words. Chakor hits the goon and catches her mangalsutra. Chakor looks around. She sees Ajay and goes to him. She takes his service revolver. She runs back to the goon. She points gun at them. The goons get scared.

Chakor shoots in air. The goons run away. Ajay checks for his gun and sees her. The villagers clap for her. Ajay says she is AK 56. Suraj says none can come between us. Villagers praise Chakor. Ajay says if I get transferred before meeting her, I won’t get peace. He gets a call and goes. Chakor turns to return the gun and sees him gone. She think inspector went, what will I do of this gun.

Suraj says how will I get Chakor back, she does not care for me. Pakhi asks him to get anger out. He says everyone is thinking I m wrong. Pakhi says I don’t know what you did that everyone calls you bad. He says its good you don’t understand, else you will also hate me. She says no, I just know you broke Chakor’s heart and married Imli.

Suraj says who told you I married Imli. Pakhi says you and Imli are becoming parents. He says I m not father of Imli’s child, I did not marry her, how to explain you, you are little, I did this to save Imli and her child, don’t tell anyone. She says I don’t understand, Chakor is very sad. Suraj says I know Chakor is sad, I m also sad, its time being, one day everything will get fine, I will continue trying, Chakor will know truth.

Chakor returns mangalsutra to Suraj. Mahiya…..plays…. Chakor cries and goes. Suraj cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ak 47 is very cool. I didnt like it when he calked Chkr Ak 56 cuz dat is never gonna happen. Pki’s dusra hero is here and cant wait to see Surj jealous.

    Is Ajay actually Aditya?

    Sorry guys I cant comment during Ramadan as I don’t watch. So don’t think I’m annoyed with d track.

  2. Haaaaaan! That new inspector ak47 is aditya.its unbelievable but if he is really a aditya then it will be very interesting but yet there are no such scenes are shown in between aditya and chakor .In the serial it was shown that they both consider eachother as just friends.aditya never have a love like feelings for chakor and how can this sudden track can come in which aditya loves chakor in this episode that ak47 lost his senses when see dashing chakor if he is aditya why he will lost his senses?
    Aah!kitna confusing hai ye sab itne sare questions aare mere dimagh me wo aditya hai bole to and one more thing from where you get to now about all this @die hard fan of sukor
    guys some body please explain me why he said that chakor is ak56

  3. Guys i dont think ak47 is adi cuz adi was introduced in the beginning of the show and he only liked chakor as a friend
    He never had feelings for chakor and lily k he called chakor ak 56 cuz he thinks chakor is fearless and is dazzled by her meaning he has fallen in love with chakor and as soon as chakor will start working with him his love for.chakor will go deeper and deeper for her but chakor will see him nothing more as a friend and suraj will get angry and burn with jealously this is wen he wont be able to tolerate ak47 and will realise that in order to protect imli he has lost chakor so he will fight for his love and wont let anyone come in the way

  4. I know lily bcz ek movie hai ak47 n uska second part hai ak56 so i think thats y ajay called her ak56.it means vo chakor ko apne jesa mante hai.

  5. Welcome back ananya i’m happy to see your comments again………sukorians i also think that he is not aditya because he was a repoter.

  6. Gys congratulations.pata nhi fir bol paungi ya nhi iss liye abhi bol rahai hu.congratulations to all fans n entire team udan cast,crew,spoters n other.nd cvs thnks for this lvly n unique story.wish k future mai bhi mujhe colors pe same cast same team ka koi project dekhne mile [email protected] gys aap sb mai se ‘iss pyar ko kya naam du’ kon dekhta hai?

  7. Shreya.

    Hii guys….aanya dr….nooo am not telling lie….I just hide d truth from u…bcz v know u don’t want to share ur prblms na tats y only I tried to hide dis truth…anyways nw u find out d truth so take care of ur health nd haan v all know tat u r super duper fine dr….nd dnt scold nidhi actually I torchered nidhi tats y only she told dis information nd breaks d promise…so dis is not her mistake…

    Guys wats dis yaar Ajay khurana is Aditya is dis true @die hard fan of sukor where from u got dis information plzz tell us yaar…

    Honestly I don’t think Ajay is adi…nd guys when adi hv feelings for chakor…v all know he did all d help for chakor in d name of friendship only ryt nw where from dis love topic suddenly came….ohh God if dis information is true then plzz give some sense to cvs…y they r ruining all d characters lyk dis…v all hv respect in adi character ryt…if they bring adi as negative thn definitely all d fans bash dis character…I don’t want dis…Soo hope Ajay is not adi…

    Guys tdy i saw vidhi’s IG story both vj nd vidhi in tat pic ND she writes something in Hindi I think she wrote ‘am going to home ?’….y I told dis na in dis new story line I mean in dis track v will c less imli character…don’t know y bt am thinking lyk dis only.

    Happy Sunday everyone…

  8. Aanya I’m a huge fan of ipkknd.I am a huge sarun fan..i liked their jodi both onscreen and offscreen..when the show ends, i became too sad actually i was cried..Thats the first show that I’m totally loved…actually it was a trend setter. Its feeling and its an emotion… At that time we used to discussed about the episode regularly in my cls…actually the whole cls is the fan of that show..during ramdan times i was the one who describes the episode to my friends . we are very mad and crazy about the show..actually do you know guys we had a iss pyar ko kya nam doon fan association in the class.. Whenever we get free time, we recreat the scenes in the cls and we acts those scenes..among those scenes my most favourite scene was the heer or raajha scenes .i played as khushi…
    after ipkknd udaan is the one serial which stick me in front of the TV. Sukor is the reason for that..in these 5years,no serial can influence me or makes me interested but udaan can…because of sukor…I liked their chemistry very much not just liked I just loved them…that’s why when they got separated I’m so sad..I want them unite soon I want their nokjokes

  9. Sukorian

    no he is not adi. New spoiler sais Chakor finds out abt the injections n vivaan confess in an interview that in a few days he will also find out raginis truth.

    Sorry me to less comments during ramzan.

    1. Shreya.

      Thank u Soo much for sharing dis information dr….nd v can understand nd v all know Ramadan month is important for all d Muslims so v can understand u….dnt wry….

    2. Thanks for sharing

  10. I don’t think ajay is aditya, there is no need for that. as many said aditya was not in love with chakor.
    he’s just a new character that will fall in love with chakor, even the actor in an interview said that so far ajay admires her but hasn’t fallen in love with her yet.

  11. I also don’t think so that ajay is adi bcz kn ji or suraj ne adi ko jinda chodte hue ye bola tha k vo ajadgnj mai kbhi vapis nhi lotega right gys n it jst cemeo after 3-4 months no ajy no adi jst sukor sukor n sukor nd i want cute vimli pair n kn ji dhmaka [email protected] di u teling lie again.i know di u can’t torcher anyone bcz u r my sweet di naa thts y nd i know about nidhu di very well.

  12. Shreya.

    Aanya nd sruthi I dnt knw abt tat serial guys…nd aanya am not telling lie infact nt only me all r asked Abt u in ur absence tats y only nidhi told us dr…soo dnt scold our nidhi….

    Guys v hope soon vivaan r chakor will find abt tat truth….bt guys I think after that also sukor’s problems (misunderstandings) will nt be solved bcz of sukor’s ego…bt am sure it will be interesting to watch them nd definitely v will c sukor nok-jokhs (pakhandi…jagatmata….jungle billi types), eyelocks etc etc

  13. Shruti di i know evryone like ipkknd accept me actualy mai to iss serial se jels hoti hu.saari trp ye akela hi kha jayega.ples team colors do smthing colors ki eejt ka swal hai.gys i want to know star plus nai jo starplus dopher project start kiya hai uski trp count hoti hai right to kya colors ke ‘sunheri dopehr’ki trp count hoti hai ya [email protected] aap bhi star k ipkknd serial ki tarah udaan bar bar chalo mai aakhri saans tk sukor,vimli or kn ji jese charcter dekhne k liye tyar [email protected] thnku mam m feeling specl here.lov [email protected] thnku so much gys aapne mujhe apni importent life mai jagah dii lov u all.thts all bcz of u colors i’ll always lov u or hmesha aap k hr new project dekhne ki or smjhne ki kosish krungi starplus ko tkr dene k liye khuch blastic pashe kro ples.

  14. Yeah I too want udaan at different timing s especially its old timing at11pm.actually kya he na my classes will start on june1st se.. And there is a chance to miss the show . Nowadays its vacation for me. And If I miss the episode night, I catched the episode on day @11am,1.30pm,and 4.30pm..but when my classes will start, If I missed the episode I couldnt watch it on tv. Because my classes will start on 9.30am And I reached my home at 5.30pm
    So its a request to team udaan And colors please change the timing s And please retelecast udaan at 11pm..please please please please please please also please

  15. Shreya did u watch ith kathala on star vijay??its the dubbed version of ipkknd in Tamil.and in Kerala that is in Malayalam its mounam sammatham

    1. Shreya.

      Sruthi….actly am not interested to watch serials dr…nd haan I don’t know abt tat idhu kadhala serial dubbed version dr….u know wat when I was in class 11 all r forced me to watch tat uttaran dubbed version in Tamil…bt I said them no…am not at all interested in serials….Haan in my clge days when I returned to my home (guest/form house types) for holidays am alone bcz my mom nd dad is in our home which is in Chennai….so don’t know hw to change my mood tat tym only I used to watched tat Meri aashiqui tum se hi nd swaragini nd Nenjam pesudhe dubbed version in Tamil actly dis is also a hindi serial which is telecasted in colors…again my clge reopen I have no feelings for these serials…I mean I liked dis serials bt not tat much…bt udaan is my all tym fav first i started watching udaan in Tamil version after tat only nw am watching in colors channel…don’t knw hw to explain tat hw much I loved dis serial….am addicted….so dr I don’t know abt any serials…nd in my life tym I totally watched 4serials OMG….

  16. Haaaaaaan wo serial to khatam hogaya tha na aanya di ab kia phir se start hogaya waise bhi I don’t used to watch that serial not only u me bhi nai dekhtiu wo serial and u know I just love only one serial that is udaan honestly but I like every episode of udaan I don’t know but for me udaan ka har ek episode mere liye special or interesting hai or koi bhi episode mujhe udaan ka boring nahi laga even now also I used to watch old episodes of udaan

  17. Lily u didn’t see promo or news about it i know very wel yeh serial pakka sari trp kha jyega mera vichara colors pyara feeling bad for it shoooo sad.bt i lov colors u know bt mai fifth class mai dadu dadi k paas aai the tb meri dadi vo serial dekha krti thi ‘balika vadu’ tb mujhe accha nhi lgta tha mujhe to cartoon dekhna hota tha ‘oswold’ ‘tom n jery’ ‘tweety’ n mujhe ‘hnamontna’ ‘wizerds’ yeh sb psnd tha pr colors ka jadu sr chd k bolta hai ab.dadu dadi bhi ab cm rehte hai mere paas bt unhone mujhe colors dia time spen krne k liye so now i lov [email protected] di aapko lgta hai mai unhe scold krungi mai to unke liye spris plan kr rhi hu n she is also my pyri didu how can i scold her u know bt hmesha vo mujhe scold krti hai or koi unhe rokta bhi nhi vo kmre me bnd krke chi jati hai pr mai tv dekhti rehti hu to unhe kholna pdta hai pr fir bhi mai medicine nhi leti u know wt abhi tk baat nhi ki unhone or delhi chli gai mujhe akele chod k not good na so ab aap danto unhe. @nidhu di r u busy with ur project kbhi aaoge aap m waiting for u?

    1. Shreya.

      Aanya actly nidhi is ryt…if am in nidhi’s place I would also do d same with u…definitely I will scold u nd I won’t talk with u lyk nidhi…am also angry in u bt I controlled my anger….ok let it be…first u took ur medicines properly nd give some importance to ur health nd urself….v all know tat u r super duper fine…bt u must take care of urself…nd I hope nidhi will like ur surprise nd she will talk to u…

  18. Shruti di i think u got misunderstand mai to yeh bolna chahti thi k colors ko bhi ipkknd jese hi udaan k 3 to kya 10 part bnane chahiye again n again n again puri life mai sirf udan dekhti rahugi.ek baat bolu di aap subha 4:30 or 7:00 bje udan dekh skte ho? Subha subha udan dekh k sara din accha jata hai.bt di aap 8:30 k slot mai busy hote ho kya?hope mere saath kbhi esa na ho u know bt maine bhi ab tk 5 epi.s iss slot mai mis kiye hai bt voot zindabad nd nidhu di bhi unhone mere liye 1week k epi.s rec.krke rkhe [email protected] all one que.gys jb mai budhi i mean old age women ho gai tb bhi kya mai voot pe udan dekh skti hu tb bhi serial voot pe milega kya?or mai phulwa bhi dekh skti hu kya?

    1. Shreya.

      Aanya dnt know how long they’ll (boot) store it in udaan…bt I hv two options…first one is u store all d udaan episodes in laptop r mbl….lap is best to store all d episodes…or in that tym (old age) u will search in Google r chrome thn u may find out udaan episodes…

    2. Shreya.

      It’s nt boot it’s voot dr….autocorrect ion….uff…

  19. Me too lily mai bhi rishtey wala udan dekhti hu ussme abhi suraj babu ko stem lga [email protected] mam ples aap ye pic change kr dijiye koi accha sa sukor lv pic lga dijiye [email protected] di u got misunderstand mai to yeh bol rhi thi k colors ko bhi udan ke or part bnane chahiye jese ipkknd k 3 parts hah atleast udan k to 10 hone chahiye.ek baat or di aag morning time udan dekh skte ho kya?agr haan to aap 4:30am or 7:00am dekh skte ho.u know mene bhi ab tk 5 epi.s 8:30pm wale slot mai mis kr diye thee pr nidhu di n voot zindabad.

  20. @aanya di actually I m not having tv so how can I watch news that’s why I don’t know anything lekin kia hua tv nai toh aap to hai na saare information dete rehte and I watch udaan on voot not on tv

  21. Ok lily enjoy udan on voot.wanting wanting.ek baat puchu jb mai budhi i mean old lady ho gai to bhi kya mai udan voot pe dekh skti hu kya serial khtm hone pr bhi voot pe dekh skte hai?

  22. hey guys now we will get to see some romantic scenes between sukor

  23. when suraj will see chakor and ajay together then he will feel jealous then he will show his rights on chakor .

  24. Ofcos kriti maja aeyega na.m ready to see jls [email protected] di mere paas pc hai i think its a great idea lov u di. nd u know wh(aa)t u(n)ka spris k(ya) hai.iss last line mai hint hai di.mere exam khtm n vications start hone wale hai so now u can guss.chution mai hm kya krte hai?hope nidhu di ye cment na pde nd di sory pls mujhe unn bad mr.been ki medicine nhi khani ples ab aap bhi bolna bnd mtt kr dena nidhu di ko to mna lungi aapko itni duur se kese mnaungi.try to undrstand di mujhe ye dwai sut nhi krti mujhe isse to acha jb chot lgi tbi hospital lizate time hi r.i.p.ho jati mai bt mera udan sory pata nhi kya hota agr hospitl jese bhgwan ji k ghr mai bhi phone use na krne dete to mera serial mis ho jata na n thts not good.

  25. See guys, above 40 comments. I am realy very happy read all shreya,lily and ananya’s conversation.your bonding is realy very nice.___sruthi i also like ipkknd.

  26. Guys there’s no spolier chakor was coming yo haveli to tell every1 that vivaan and ragini made kamal mad but ak47 comes and grabs chakor hand and stops her but suraj sees this and ragini instigates him suraj now thinks that chakor was coming to meet him but ak47 stopped her suraj goes of in anger and ragini says this one lie of vivaan being impotent has runied 4 relationships that will never form again suraj goes in chakor house in anger and holds her in romatic poses but forcefully chakor tries to explain that her and ak47 r jus friends but suraj warns chakor that ak47 is falling for her then they both fall on the bed and suraj does not let go of chakor guys suraj was very angry and jealous

  27. Sadhna di u also join our convo by the way which season u used to watch I heard that there are two seasons of ipkknd and seadon 1 is better than season 2 is it true?
    U know when I was so young I used to watch son pari,shararat,shakalaka boom boom,karishma ka karishma,I love all this serials and I miss them alot I have even also searched these serials on youtube but I did’nt find any serial khali chote chote clips hai or kuch bhi nai me to ye serials hotstar pe bhi search kari lekin wahan pe bhi nahi hai

  28. Hi gys…[email protected] k in my childhood…I also used 2 watched magical serials like…son pari, shakalak boom boom, shararat,hatim nd…this were one of my fav serials…that time…nd today also I missed those serials a lot…When I grew little young…then I started 2 watched Balika Vadhu,Madhubala,Qubool hai,Jodha Akbar,Beintehaa,Aur pyar ho gaya,etc.
    Recently I started 2 watched… Udaan…Piya Albela…only…
    I think I wrote much…
    So gys u all tell me…about ur fav serials…from childhood 2 today..

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