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The Episode starts with villagers welcoming Chakor. Dadi hugs her and gets happy. Kasturi asks her to come inside home. Chakor recalls the day when Kasturi dragged her to haveli. Kasturi asks what happened, did you recall that day, forgive me, I did big mistake. She cries. Dadi says it was fate that Chakor goes from here and free all of us. Bhuvan asks Chakor to forget that past and takes her home. They decorate the home. Sheru comes and Chakor takes him inside the door.

Manohar meets Bhaiya ji and says he can’t bail him before getting papers. He asks what to do of Chakor, she is after him always in haveli. He says he wishes to kill her. Bhaiya ji says no, I will make her life worse than death. He says let her sleep peacefully for few nights. Chakor rests in Kasturi’s lap. Kasturi sings lullaby

Chale Chakori………..

Chakor sleeps. Bhuvan looks on and happily cries. Kasturi cries seeing Chakor back after a long time. Chakor wakes up early in morning and says she has to do work, else Girka will not leave her. Bhuvan and Kasturi also have to go for work. Imli laughs and Kasturi asks why is she laughing on them. Imli says they are not bandhua now, did they forget. They smile realizing this. Chakor asks Imli to pinch her. Bhuvan says this is because of Ishwar, we should go and help him. Kasturi says yes, its first morning in my life which has freedom.

Arjun tells Kangan that he has packed her bag. Kangan asks why is he running from Bhagya. He says no one can run from fate. She says I mean Bhagya Didi. He says its nothing like that. He asks her not to think this with Bhagya. Ishwar comes to Arjun and says Chakor has got in special training course of sports association. Arjun says its good news. Ishwar asks him to take Chakor to Lucknow, once she gets the letter from the association. Arjun says sure, I will take her, I feel my dreams for Chakor will be fulfilled soon. Kangan says it means she will go away from her parents. Ishwar says yes, but not towards darkness, towards her bright future. He says I can’t come there soon, I have to do formalities in Bhaiya ji’s case.

Arjun says don’t worry about Chakor, she will be my responsibility, thanks. Ishwar says Kangan is right, its not wrong if few things are linked to Bhagya. He laughs and leaves. Ishwar sees villagers at construction site. Bhuvan says they did not have any work, they are free now and thank him. Ishwar asks Bhuvan to take Kasturi to fair. Bhuvan says he will help in construction. Ishwar asks why did they bring kids, he took bandhua stamp on his back to make them free and he got the kids here to make them bandhua again.

He asks will the kids do heavy work, its crime to make children work. He asks them to send kids to school. He says he has good news that all kids’ fees is paid in school and they all can study now. Bhuvan asks why did he pay, they can pay fees. Ishwar says yes, you all have to pay ahead. Imli says it means I have to go with Chakor. Ishwar says no, Chakor will not go to school with you. Chakor gets shocked. Imli asks why.

Chakor asks why can’t she go. Ishwar smiles and says Chakor has to go somewhere else. Bhuvan asks where. Ishwar says Chakor will go in sports training session. They all get glad and smile. Mutti me hawa ke jhoke hai……………plays…………… Ishwar says she has to make their name shine. Bhuvan hugs Chakor and lifts her. Everyone clap for her.

Suraj and Prince are doing some mischief. Roshni tells Chakor that Suraj is making that letter disappear. Aditya says then Chakor will not get admission. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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