Udaan 26th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Suraj saves Chakor from getting caught

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The Episode starts with Deva and Colonel checking all the guests. Deva sees Chakor. She takes a pin and hurts herself. He asks what happened. She says I got hurt by toothpick, I need some ice, let me go. He asks her not to move. She says I m getting dizzy by seeing blood. He asks her to stand quiet. Suraj and Naina come there. Suraj gets shocked seeing Chakor. Naina says don’t know what did dad lose now. Suraj says you are his precious thing, I will be stealing you. He gets a drink. He acts dizzy and asks Naina where are you. He holds Chakor and falls down. Mahiya….plays…. He asks who are you. Naina asks him to get up. She takes him. Deva asks Chakor to come back. The machine beeps. They see a safety pin. Chakor says I always keep safety pin with me. Deva asks her to go. Chakor thinks how Suraj

kept the device in his pocket. Bua looks on.

Naina says you shouldn’t drink and drive, you can stay in guest house. He says don’t worry I will reach. Colonel says I need to talk. Naina says explain him its not good to drink and drive. He asks her to go and rest. Suraj says you know this, I m worried for Naina, I love her a lot, I know everything about you, you know everything about me, you can fulfill my dream by becoming Ghar jamai, I have got a son now. Suraj gets shocked. Colonel says its insulting word for those who don’t think Sasural as their house, I will send a servant to take care of your mum, you can start a new life with Naina here, what do you think. Suraj says what can I say, if you thought something, it will be right. Colonel says good, I don’t have a habit to hear no, we will meet tomorrow. Suraj goes. Imli locks the lady and runs away. She thinks of doctor’s words. A man stops her and gives her a shock. He says I knew you will try to run. She threatens to not spare him.

Chakor cares for her wound. Suraj praises her. Suraj helps her. He says Naina took care of my wound when I said I m fine, I m getting signs that this situation is getting worse for me. She asks will Naina forgive us. He says no, I don’t think so. She says win everyone’s trust first and then find that briefcase. They sleep. She takes her hand back. He looks at her. Mahiya….plays…. Its morning, Colonel asks Deva to keep finding device. Naina gets tea for Colonel and Bua. Bua taunts her. Naina says Suraj is poor, but he has a big heart. Bua says I doubt on his intentions. Colonel asks what do you mean. Bua says when he fell over that waitress, I doubted that he is doing this intentionally, he knows her.

Naina says no, he was drunk, you are concluding this. Chakor and Abhay check Colonel’s contacts. They check a message. Suraj and Naina are on the way. She says Bua doesn’t like you, she crossed limit today, she said you know that waitress. He asks what, Bua wasn’t there. She says Bua keeps an eye everywhere, how do you know she wasn’t there, you don’t care about her blame. She says we will go to Bua now and meet her. The man asks Chakor to be careful. Chakor feeds some dogs. She thinks of her childhood. She says have the food slowly, I need to leave if you finish this soon. She sees Deva leaving and turns away. Deva says I have to find the device and thief. He sees Chakor and thinks she is the waitress, there is something wrong, I have to tell Colonel.

Deva says I have seen that girl, she isn’t a waitress. Colonel makes a plan to kill the RAW agents. Suraj gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I liked the mission part of the episode, but felt Sukor scene dragged, maybe I got used to the fast pace of this week’s episodes.
    I think Imli will escape by the end of next week, I’m happy she’s still negative.
    Chakor shouldn’t have gone to the colonel’s house, Deva suspected her yesterday.
    How will Chakor escape the trap without blowing Suraj’s cover?

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