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The Episode starts with Imli surprising Vivaan. He gets glad seeing the room decorated beautifully for the baby. He thanks him for giving him another chance. She says forget everything, much happiness is coming in haveli, think good, see this beautiful cradle, before our baby comes, I want a promise, our dark past shadow will not come in between our bright future. He promises.

She says this baby is our dream, my dream did not complete before. He says I promise to fulfill all dreams. He sees baby toy and smiles. He tells what all he suffered in life. He says we will live our life our way, because my life is deposit to you and our child. She says I trust you more than myself, I promise to be your life partner, our baby is lucky to get dad like you. He says and mum like you. They hug.

Chakor says

this form is real, maybe Bhaiya ji really changed, Suraj maybe right. Pakhi and kids come to meet her before going. She checks a cute drawing and smiles. Pakhi says you like Suraj a lot, so I gave you Suraj. She hugs all kids and smiles. Pakhi says I will make village name shine. Chakor says I m sure you all will study hard and succeed, take care. Kids leave. Chakor thinks of Pakhi’s words and doubts. She prays for kids.

Bhaiya ji sees Chakor’s pic and says you know me very well, this will be much cruel, I will hurt you using the kids, let them reach Delhi, then you will not have any work than crying. He hits glass to the pic. Chakor thinks to sleep now and think of marriage, Suraj may really get annoyed. She thinks of kids and worries.

Its morning, Chakor gets ready. Tejaswini and Suraj come with shagun. Kids’ parents apply thumb impression on papers. The man says kids will study well and now they are our responsibility. Bhaiya ji comes. They all praise him. Bhaiya ji thinks you donkeys, how to explain your kids will help me in failing Chakor in this game. Chakor asks Suraj why did you not tell me before. Suraj says you have no time, if I heard you, my hair would have got white. She says I have to go, I m doubting on Bhaiya ji. Suraj asks what’s your problem, you don’t think for me, you should care for my love, atleast think of my mum, she loves you, Bhaiya ji changed, don’t worry for kids.

Pakhi’s dad asks her to study well. Pakhi says I will become marathon runner like Chakor and hugs her dad. Kids leave. Chakor gets shagun by Tejaswini. Suraj says Chakor can fly high but can’t reach Suraj, marriage will be grand. Tejaswini asks him to give shagun to her. Suraj says I will do rasam myself. He makes Chakor wear chunri and says shagun is done, now Chakor is mine officially. Tejaswini gives her ancestral bangles. Chakor says I may lose it. Kasturi asks her not to say anything such. She goes to Suraj and makes her wear a gold chain. She says I got this gift for you, we are poor people, this is our blessing. He thanks her.

Tejaswini says now Suraj and Chakor have to see each other’s happiness. They all have sweets. Chakor thinks to meet kids, they would have gone. Pakhi’s dad Shambu Kaka comes and says Pakhi went to Delhi, Bhaiya ji blessed all kids and sent in his car, Bhaiya ji changed a lot. Bhuvan says I feel Aazaadgunj got free.

Bhaiya ji calls someone and says I will tell you what to do with kids, I will tell Chakor its time for her sacrifice. Chakor gets sad. Pakhi’s mum says kids were really happy. Chakor prays for kids. The people leave. Tejaswini says we will do saawan puja, I want you two to come and pray for good future. Kasturi says yes, this time we will do rituals well. Suraj says we will do everything well, we will always be together now.

Bhaiya ji does aarti and prays. Tejaswini comes and gives sweets. She says we want to get Chakor and Suraj married, pray for them, what happened, did you not like this. He asks what are you saying, I m praying for them, congrats. Ranjana looks on. He asks Girja to invite all villagers for puja. Tejaswini feeds him sweets and says we will go their engagement today. She goes. Bhaiya ji spits the sweets. Ranjana sees this and smiles. She thinks I also got deceived for some time, it means he is not happy with Chakor, its good, I think he is going to do something.

Vivaan cooks in kitchen. Suraj and Imli smile seeing him. Imli says I like this about him, he is determined. Suraj says he should do some work now, he is hardworking. She says yes, he should do something good. Suraj and Imli go to the dining table and sit. Vivaan gets the sweets and asks them to have it. Suraj and Imli like the halwa. Imli says Suraj will become Papa next. Suraj says its not easy, your sister is always busy, I think it will take 5 years to become Papa, I m fine as Taya. Imli says you are Mausa also. Vivaan says you are Godfather for my child, you have more right on baby. Suraj says yes, I will be glad, I will spoil him.

Imli says fine, there will be puja in haveli today, Suraj and Chakor will exchange rings, what gift did Suraj get. Suraj says don’t know what to get for her. She says girl gets happy with anything given by love. He says fine, I will go market and see. Vivaan says no need to go market. He calls the saree vendor home. Imli likes a saree for Chakor. She shows necklace. Suraj says no, Chakor is special, gift should also be special. He likes an anklet and says its beautiful, it will suit Chakor. Tejaswini gets pandit and says he gave next month mahurat for your marriage. Vivaan and Imli ask so soon, when will we prepare. Suraj says its very late, is there no close date. Tejaswini says you will marry today evening if you could. Chakor gets ready. Bhaiya ji says kids would have reached by now, send me video. Pandit says other mahurat is after 10 days. Suraj says perfect, lock this date. Bhaiya ji thinks it will be lock on your happiness, Chakor won’t come in this haveli.

Chakor says I m coming to you Suraj. Bhaiya ji calls her. She asks how can I come now, I have to go to puja. He threatens her about villagers. She gets shocked. Suraj says groom has come, where is the bride.

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  1. Interesting epi. Teju and Surj with the shaguns 4 Chakr. I loved how Surj chose an anklet 4 Chakr saying that she is special so her gift should be special too. ? Ranjana now knows that KN still doesn’t like Chakr. Paaki was cute. Waiting 4 the engagement.

  2. Great episode! but I feel sad, Suraj is on cloud nine and thinks of nothing but their marriage and Chakor is worried about KN and the kids. Vimli-Suraj scene was cute. Ranjana is happy that KN hasn’t changed, what an evil woman!

    Suraj’s dialogue to Chakor while he made her wear the bracelet was beautiful. Chakor looks pretty in her engagement clothes.

  3. Today the episode for me was not at all interesting everyone including Suraj was for kn and chakor was against alone.only loved that part seeing Suraj eagerly waiting for their marriage ? and it was nice to see the two brothers together.I am confused ? what kn real motives r.guys don’t u think that the show is dragging somewhere but I just can’t tolerate the separation again.it’s really very sad ?.eagerly waiting for the next episodes and thanks for all the spoilers guys….

  4. Madhu ii agree i feel the show has lost its touch and i think its becoz of suraj losing his touch maybe after this week it will spice up once kamal conducts his plan in interveiw chakor says there will be no bridal swap but thier will be alot of twists i loved sukor scenes but i dont like seeing chakor worried its ruining all the sukor moments for thier marriage and this time chakor will prove her love for suraj cuz suraj did it in the other track and every1 is happy in thier happiness thats why no1 noticing kamal except for chakor and ranjana who noticed kamal never changed

  5. Vimli and suraj scene was nice was funny wen suraj says he will become a father maybe in 5 yrs time cuz chakor is to busy looks like kamal plan is really big he is saying that this is his most extreme plan that he has ever done every1 is happy within thier own lives and no1 can see kamal he is showing chakor his true form but a fake form infront of the baasti and haveli people… hate seeing chakor worried during her marrige track she is not enjoying anything i too seen in interview chakor says no bridal swaps etc will happen and she sed suraj will always remain as chakor husband meaning sukor will get married but thier will be alot of twists i think this time chakor will have to prove her love cuz suraj is getting annoyed and guys i too noticed somthing missing and its sukor nok joks the serial was lacking something and i just noticed it wow i just realised that i prefer thier nok joks more then thier romance? well i prefer nok jok romance

  6. So dumb kamal wants to seperate sukor and wants suraj bk he made his own blood suffer and only chakor helpedsuraj during bundua track and cuz of kamal harsh punishments he brought sukor close and sukor started caring for each othersuraj realised howmuch chakor has done for him and chakor realises why she cares foe suraj and finally sukor fall in love all cuz of kamal if kamal never butted in sukor were heading fora divorce anyway so why is it bothering him now and i dont like what he is doing to chakor its cuz? of her that he got better otherwise vivaan still wanted to injecthim instead ofgoing after vivaan and finding ragini he is going aftersukor so dumb

  7. Ary wts going on. Happy moments pe bhi Chakor sad rehti hai. Suraj is soooooooooo much happy like teju ji said agr unka bs Chale to vo to abhi k abhi 7phere le le. Nice na.
    Bt I don’t like one thing that nobody is bleving Chakor y not even suraj. Jb khuch gdbd ho jata hai to sb Chakor pe bomb blast kr dete hai.
    M exited to know that wt kn ji ‘ll do next. I think it’ ll be suuuuuuuuuuuupr blast don’t u think gys. Waiting for Today epi.

    1. Suraj is madly in love and there is nothing on his mind but marriage, he can’t think of anything else. He’ll be shocked when Chakor breaks off the engagement. The villagers are too trusting, they’ve always been like that. Only Chakor and Ranjana are using their brains.

  8. In todays vj’s iv i have seen he said chakor came back n refused to marry him n said she couldn’t 4get wht kn did with her still now n suraj’s love is not enough to forget that all so he is shocked..
    Why he doesn’t believe her abt kn dnt knw..now cant watch again repeat mu n separation track instead of remarriage really irritating now really want to stop watching this track..

  9. In my opinion, drama-wise this week is one of the best (except the first part of Monday’s episode). It may seem dragging because we don’t have enough Sukor scenes. But this track isn’t about Sukor, it’s about Chakor vs KN. That’s why the marriage rituals are not given importance and not romantic enough.

    I think part of the reason they increased the length of the episodes is that they want to decrease the number of episodes without sukor in them. We will have Sukor moments today and tomorrow but tomorrow will be very said.

    I still have some hope that Suraj may try to understand Chakor’s POV, but I think the chances of separation are much higher. I don’t think there will be any Sukor scenes next week. If there is separation and they don’t start the election track right away, then even Suraj will have very little to do other than be angry and drink.

  10. I have a question, did the pandit mention a specific date for the wedding or did he just say next month?

    1. Didu the pandit said the 24th next month.

      1. Thanks! so we can still have a wedding in a months’ time! I hope so.

  11. TRPs decreased to 1.9 impressions 4222 and it’s in 14th position.

    1. It’s disappointing TRPs decreases by 0.1, last week was good. The rank is because many of the shows above us have more romantic tracks or funny ones.

  12. Sukorian

    Hi I’m so addicted poor Suraj


    Wi-Fi is working today ?

    1. Hi sukorian! I hope you’re having a good time. We missed you!

      Thanks for sharing, tomorrow will be heartbreaking ???.

  13. A ray of hope! Vivaan overhears KN.


    1. Thanks for the olv jus seen another onr woth suraj upset and chakor returing the ring was really sad the future plot of sukor all is now in the hands of vivasn as he has learnt the truth about kamal but the problem is vivasn always refuses to butt in as he thinks kamal will start to attack his family so his fear may make him silent this is why i rather habe imli hearing it cuz she would either help chakor or tell suraj the truth but now vivaan has united with suraj so hopefully vivaan does somthing

  14. Disappointed with trps i too not enjoying this track much too seems like kamal naryan as a villian is gone quiet stale cuz this is all he does all the time romance between sukor seems dead too chakor is to worried and pandit also sed a date is available in the next 10 days i think in the moment suraj will get angry but later will think why chakor is doing this if he really understands her cuz he does know she loves helping every1 i think main reason trp decreased is cuz last week was mostly bout vimli reunion scenes maybe it will improve as the track its interesting

    1. We had more Sukor scenes before they got back together. IMO last week was better than the week before, last week we has chakor apologizing to ajay, the propsal infront of the mirror, the restaurant fight and suvaan reconcilliation. The week before was just sukor bickering, chakor making suraj jealous and everyone falling at imli’s feet.

      In the past two weeks, the story was moving slowly, this week it’s faster, KN made his move and challenged Chakor, we had the baby shower, and the engagement but sukor scenes were sad and unsatisfactory, only the haldi one and the proposal in haveli were good. Hope next week trp is better.

      The olv where vivaan hears KN is giving me hope that sukor will not separate, they may pretend to or suraj and vivaan will try to find out KN’s plan.

      1. Thanks for the olv if cvs use vimli in tbe right manner this time vivaan should tell sukor thetruth but vivaan is to scared remember in baby shower he hears part ofkamals plan but dosent inform any1 as he thinks ragini Will be bk for him i hope if vivaan doesn’t tell he will still try to help sukor and both sukor sed in interviews that they will only marry each other but alot of twists will occur and for the channel the show is still doing well cuz the serial shani shaktiand udaan and swabhiman are most watched hopefully this week plot gets interesting and trps increase

  15. Nemo i agree this track is stale other shows r doing well anx the truth is cvs are satisfied uniting vimli and love to show thier scenes and think audience are happy that they teased sukor marrige its only been 2 weeks since sukor got bk together and now another seperation track the buchua track was torture and cvs should havemade sukor confess after the buchua track cuz durinh that track we would see how much sacrifice sukor did for each other and if they wanted another seperation track then it would make sense for them to have done the first one likethat this track is the same as buchua this time chakor will sacrfice and hide everything and suraj willbe angry at chakor and will try to convince chakor villagers piss me of wen the believe kamal for everything and then beg chakor kamal did this on purposecuz suraj will be angry and now hewill fill his head with crap and with ego suraj will jus be his puppet as kamal will convice him to move and show chakor he is capable of somthing and i really want chakor to run again etc and so far the marrige rituals have been stale to cuz in every single one chakr is depressed many people are angry with cvs cuz they are delaying sukor marriage so i think in anger suraj will forcefully marry chakor but will marry her to torture her cuz she disrespected thier love etc and after kamal borinh plot is done sukor will do all the rituals stay happy for some moments and the new plot will make its way maybe ragini return

    1. i prefer an election track than a forced marriage, although a forced marriage will be interesting to watch. i don’t want suraj to repeat his old mistakes. One day they should do a proper remarriage track, it always boosts trps.

  16. vivaan is already scared abt ragini n kn now he wl think if he wl try to go against kn n help sukor then kn wl not leave his family n him..so i think no hopes from him still now he was selfish..dnt knw how he wl react bt according to toi spoiler kn offers a company to vivaan so may b he made him under his favor against sukor..

    1. Yes, that’s possible but then Vivaan can never be considered a positive character, he’ll be no better than Shikhu.

  17. I think they should boost the trp using remarriage track before going to another one. But cvs must think how to make the sukor remarriage is interesting and beautiful. I loved sukor romance before because they were married. For me it was more sweet than all romances after they only in boyfriend and girlfriend stage. I think our culture give the limitations in such romance, so everyone waiting for they to become husband wife again and observe their duty. Protect each other and against kn together.

    1. Udaan CVs are stubborn, they don’t change their plans for anything. They aren’t interested in a remarriage, that’s why the functions are full of tension and not romantic.

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