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The Episode starts with Ranjana asking Vivaan how can he accept Suraj’s illegitimate child. She asks him to make Imli leave else she won’t have food. He tells her that child is Rajvanshi, child belongs to this family and now he has taken a decision. He asks her to have food. She refuses. He says then I won’t have food. She agrees to have food, and he feeds her. She thinks to make Imli leave other way by not letting Vivaan know.

Imli cries in her room and talks to her baby. Chakor comes and asks Imli not to worry, no one will harm her baby now. Imli asks why did she come, what does she want. Chakor says how shall I explain you and cries. Imli asks her to not talk sweet and just leave. Chakor goes. Imli cries recalling Tejaswini’s words. She says I m much scared.

Vivaan comes there and

asks her not to be afraid, you are not alone, you will never be alone, no need to stay here in this room, come with me to my room. She says no, I can’t do this, this won’t be right. He says who is saying that, we are husband and wife, and have all right to stay together in one room, if Chakor and Suraj can stay in same room, why can’t we, we will be good friends, and be husband and wife for the world, stop crying, come. She holds his hand. He takes her to his room.

Ranjana goes to Tejaswini and says I want your help to make Imli leave. Tejaswini laughs and says fine. Ranjana asks tell me what to do. Tejaswini says we should insult Imli so much that she leaves. Ranjana says plan is good, but how, Chakor and Vivaan will be at home. Tejaswini says send them out of haveli for some work, and I will see Imli. They join hands. Ranjana thinks work will be done and my name won’t come.

Suraj says my hen will lay golden eggs for me. He sees Chakor’s clothes in his cupboard and asks her whats all this. She says its my clothes. He asks where are my clothes. She shows his clothes kept in a bag. He gets angry on her. She says we have one cupboard, my clothes will get spoiled if I keep clothes in bag. He asks her not to act smart. She says you have to lose something to gain something, you want me to come to function. He says I should have not come to hospital. She says I was not shocked yesterday, I was shocked when you came home on Imli’s birthday, and gave her chocolate by apologizing to her, I have seen a human in you that day. Maid calls them to have food. Chakor says I don’t want to have food, and asks Suraj to go. He asks why. She says I feel unwell. He says take medicines now and get fine, we have to go tomorrow, its already 5 lakhs loss, I don’t want 15 lakhs loss now. He leaves.

Imli makes her sleeping arrangements on the ground. Vivaan comes there and sees her. He asks her why is she sleeping on the ground, is there bugs on bed. She says no, its big thing that you made me stay in room, I m servant and don’t give me much respect. He says I told you, you are my wife, not servant, you sleep on bed, I will sleep on ground. She asks how. He lies on ground and shows, saying like this, I can’t see you sleeping on ground in pregnancy state. She says fine, but I can’t see you sleeping on mat. He says fine, I will sleep on couch, go and sleep on bed.

She says you love Chakor and I love Suraj, but you are with me and Chakor is with Suraj. They talk. He says yes, dreams turned opposite, now we are husband and wife, we can become good friends. She agrees. They fall asleep.

Its morning, Chakor says I should stay in room all day, else no one will believe I m ill. She hears maid Bijli coming and lies on the bed. Bijli asks are you still sleeping, Imli reached for breakfast, everyone is waiting, what shall I tell Tejaswini and Ranjana. Chakor says tell them I m unwell and not coming. She gets skipping rope and smiles.

Suraj thinks I will get money. Tejaswini asks him to stop dreaming and see Chakor, she did not have any food till now, is she acting or got really unwell, don’t know she can go with you to Lucknow or not. He says its all because of Imli, Chakor will have food and go with me. Chakor skips a lot and tires herself. She gets dizzy and faints, while Suraj holds her. He lifts her and makes her lie on the bed. He asks her to get up. He sprinkles water on her. She gets up. He says you are acting to avoid going with me to Lucknow. She says no. He says you are unwell, don’t talk. She says its imp to go Lucknow, I will get ready. He says how will you go, you look unwell. She says fine, I will rest. He leaves. She says great, I fooled him. He gets breakfast and says I thought to make you fine and then take you to Lucknow, have this juice, you will run having this food. She says don’t force feed ill person. He aims fun and says I can do anything, you are fooling me, you did exercise without having food to fall ill, I won’t bear loss now. She looks at him.

The people at the event gossip about Suraj, who is a criminal. They ask Suraj to leave. Chakor asks Suraj to decide, leave else he will lose money.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Bongiya dkh lo in bewaqoffo ki…

  2. i think soon they will show us chakor n suraj’s love story….i think its suraj who will fall for chakor first

  3. Mona146

    finally he will use both the sisters and this will become a great saga

  4. and one the baby is born, suraj wil have have father’ly feeling for him. since chakor won’t be able to have kids.

    1. Y can’t she have kids?

  5. They will soon show us suraj chakor’s love story

  6. They will soon show us suraj chakor’s love story n i m waiting for it pls hurry up

  7. Ohh gosh sukor r sooo perfect and i think kamal narayan is alive and he will come back and than sukor love story will get a udaan

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