Udaan 26th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Villagers get Chakor released

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The Episode starts with constable saying Kasturi has come and creating a drama outside. Imli and Ranvijay go out to see. Villagers protest. Kasturi says I m Kasturi, Chakor’s mum, Suraj has tried to ruin Chakor’s respect in front of everyone that night. Villagers say Suraj can’t be forgiven. Suraj looks on. Kasturi says if a husband ruins a wife’s respect, what shall a wife do, would she not save her dignity, tell me did Chakor do wrong, you all would have killed that person, Chakor has done right, ask anyone, everyone has seen what happened. Pakhi says she is right, its Suraj’s mistake. Pakhi and Kasturi scold Imli for being a stain on the society. Ranvijay says its all lie. Media says its true, we got to know this before. Kasturi says it was true, injustice happened with Chakor, she has done

right, Chakor’s back has the wound marks even now.

The media supports Chakor. The lady asks Imli what will she do now, Suraj has done Chakor’s cheerharan and she is doing injustice with Chakor by getting her arrested. They all ask inspector to release Chakor right away. Inspector says we have to leave Chakor. Imli agrees. Chakor is released. She comes to them and hugs Kasturi. Reporter says you did good to beat Suraj, we will air your report, so that women get inspired by your story. Chakor says I have forgotten it as a bad incident, be sorry for the country’s women, fight against injustice, get united. They all agree. Media leaves. Chakor says we have made a fist, we have got united, you can never break us. Villagers support her. Udaan hai….plays…. Suraj sees Chakor. Chakor leaves with everyone. They all pray.

Kasturi says I m glad seeing your devotion, Lord will fulfill your wishes. Chakor says yes, this diya is sign of our belief, I will get Suraj’s memory back. Kasturi asks are you still thinking for him, he won’t remember anything. Bhuvan says yes, if he ill treats you again, then… They all agree. Chakor says Suraj has got me arrested for my sake, he didn’t tell truth to Imli and Ranvijay because of my oath, he lied to them as he worried for me, it means he started caring for me. Someone looks on and runs.

Kasturi says I m worried for you. Chakor says I have lit this diya for Suraj’s safety and love, this diya will be lit till Suraj remembers me, till my love wins. Its morning, Chakor is at the lakeview. Suraj passes by and stops. She smiles. He sees the flat tyres. He then sees Chakor.

Ranvijay asks what, did you hear this, fine. He holds Imli’s neck and says congrats, Suraj is not your puppet now, I told you Chakor is lying, I got to know Chakor didn’t beat Suraj, he had let her go. She asks him to leave her, Suraj can’t cheat. Suraj asks Chakor what does she want. She asks him to become her friend. He refuses and says I won’t cheat my masters. She asks will you become my friend or not. He says no. She asks for the last time. He says never, I know you won’t do anything, stop this drama. She tries a rope to herself and a pot. She asks him to become her friend in next birth. He goes to change the car trye.

Ranvijay and Imli argue. Chakor jumps down the cliff. Suraj looks on. Ranvijay aims at Suraj. Imli says Suraj won’t save her life. Ranvijay says I will shoot him if he saves her life.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Great episode. Loved how imli’s plan backfired and how Suraj’s actions were publicly condemned and neither he nor his masters could defend his actions. I wish Chakor didn’t try to emotionally blackmail Suraj into being her friend, it’s too soon for him. He knows it’s a drama.

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