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The Episode starts with Tejaswini asking Girja to take food and leave. Girja tells Bhaiya ji that Tejaswini is not listening. He sends Girja and goes to Tejaswini. She gets angry and asks what are you doing here, go to that witch. She cries and asks why did he kick her out from his heart. He says who told you this, you are queen of my heart and will always be, he took this decision for good. She asks whose good, mine or hers? I m ashamed of you, I hate you, why were you helpless to take this decision.

He says we made this property and did this to save it, I had no other way. She asks what. He asks her to think if Girdharilal took Ranjana with him, Ranjana would have asked Manohar’s share, my decision was to save the property from dividing, I did this for you and our two children Suraj and Ragini,

I promise you will always be the owner of this haveli, no one can take your place. He hugs her and smiles fooling her.

Ranjana hugs Girdharilal and thanks him for help. She says when Tejaswini also agreed for my marriage, I will become this haveli’s owner soon, I want this marriage to be too grand that everyone knows new owner of Aazaadgunj is Ranjana Kamal Narayan Rajvanshi. He says don’t worry, this will happen grand. She smiles.

Khanna and Vishaka have a talk. She tells him about MP’s marriage in UP and they invited us to come to perform. Khanna says fine, but where in UP. Chakor sings and dances. Khanna says its just 2 days and we have to go far, how will we manage. Chakor says Khanna needs explanation. Vishaka says yes Chakor, he does not understand anything, all arrangements are made, pack the bags, we have to perform bullet rani in UP. Khanna says Chakor, you did this right. Chakor laughs and goes to pack her bag. Khanna asks Vishaka about the place. She says Aazaagunj. Chakor tells Sultan that she did not ask the place. She packs her bags.

Ranjana asks Girdharilal about circus in marriage, and says fine, you always want to do something new. Tejaswini comes to taunt her. Ranjana argues with her. Tejaswini says I won’t let this marriage happen. Ranjana says I will do this marriage Sautan ji, you stop getting jealous and focus on clothes and jewelry, else people can tell Bhaiya ji about you, asking who is this maid, this will be insult of my to be husband, which I can’t bear. She laughs. Vivaan asks what, to be husband? Mummy are you marrying? Tejaswini says yes, your mummy is marrying with your Bade Papa, tell him Ranjana. Vivaan gets shocked.

Khanna asks everyone to sit in the truck. Chakor tells Raipur that she got a new identity here as bullet rani. She recalls the moments spent in circus. Khanna asks them to start the truck.

Vivaan says no, you can’t marry Bade Papa, he is very bad, I won’t let you marry him, I hate him a lot. Ranjana says you are not kid now, I m doing this for you, try to understand. He says no, Bade Papa is very bad and killed my Papa, I hate him, don’t marry with him. Ranjana slaps him and he falls on the ground. Tejaswini hugs Vivaan and says Ranjana you are so bad to slap your son, are you not ashamed. Ranjana takes Vivaan and asks Tejaswini to keep her sympathy with her. She calls Girja and asks her to shut Vivaan in the room. Vivaan says I will not let this marriage happen. Ranjana goes. Tejaswini smiles and says great Vivaan, you came on right time, now we both will stop this marriage.

Khanna and everyone are on the way. They sing. Ronnie asks Khanna to keep his horse act. Khanna says we can’t keep it there as its MP’s marriage. Ronnie says I did much hardwork on it and gets rude with Chakor. He scolds Chakor. They ask Ronnie to apologize to Chakor. Chakor refuses. Vishaka apologizes to Chakor. Chakor recalls the temple and gets tensed. She thinks such temple can be everywhere. Khanna says we will have lunch at some place. Vishaka says yes, we are hungry.

Suraj makes the kids work. He troubles Imli. Tejaswini tells him about the marriage. He says I don’t have waste time and goes. Chakor sees the milestone with Aazaadgunj written on it. She shouts asking them to stop the truck. Khanna asks what happened, why did you make us stop the truck. She shows the milestone and recalls her promise to Chunni.

Chakor says I can’t go Aazaadgunj. Ronnie thinks whats the matter with Chakor. Vivaan asks Ranjana not to marry Bhaiya ji, you are my mum and its my duty to stop you from doing mistake.

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