Udaan 26th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Chakor getting shocked seeing the village. She thinks how did everyone turn so good, it means those people came at night and changed this village to make it look prosperous. Kasturi and Bhuvan argue. Kasturi says Chakor wants to ruin Bhaiya ji, I will say against Bhaiya ji. He explains her if Chakor and you fail, then Bhaiya ji will kill you, he will be back in power. She says so what, let him kill us, Chakor has just one chance to ruin Bhaiya ji’s rule, come with me, help Chakor. He refuses and says you won’t go anywhere. He locks Kasturi. She asks him to open the door.

Chakor sees so many cars coming in the village. Ranjana tries talking to Vivaan asking him to see how Suraj is winning and how Vivaan locked himself in his room. Vivaan ignores her. She sees Chakor’s

pic in magazine and reminds Vivaan that its his friend Chakor. He recalls Chakor and says I don’t remember anything. She says I know how to remind you. Bhaiya ji gets down the car and gets shocked seeing a properly built village and happy people. He looks at Suraj. Suraj smiles.

Bhaiya ji gets glad. The media runs to him. Aditya gets shocked seeing the village. Chakor says Suraj’s men changed all this. Aditya says who else can do this, be calm, no use to say anything. Bhaiya ji introduces Chakor, their village star, who earned name for them. Officer says we know her, we came here on her saying, how are you Chakor. She says fine. Suraj says Chakor has come after 10 years, you ask the village people. Everyone give positive statements about Bhaiya ji and say they are not bandhua. Chakor says Bhaiya ji bought them with money. Aditya says its their fear, if no one tells against Bhaiya ji, Bhaiya ji will be saved, they can’t trust you as you were away for 10 years. Bhaiya ji hugs Kishor and says I m your friend, I love you a lot.

Chakor says these villagers are not ready to say truth. Aditya says there will be someone. Chakor recalls Kasturi’s words. She smiles and says my Maai will say truth. Kasturi asks Bhuvan to open the door, Chakor is waiting for me there. Bhuvan sits outside. A boy comes and says Chakor is calling Kasturi. Bhuvan says tell Chakor that Kasturi is not at home. Kasturi tells the boy from window that she is locked inside house. She asks Bhuvan to open door. She says fine, its better to die than such life. Bhuvan says don’t do anything, and opens door. He asks her to stop. She goes. He says Kasturi and Chakor are not doing right. People call Bhaiya ji a Devta and great man.

Bhaiya ji says Suraj takes good care of all of them. Chakor waits for Kasturi. Kasturi comes running there.Chakor tells the officer that all this is lie, Bhaiya ji and Suraj scared everyone, none has courage to say truth, I m raised here in this village, I know all of them. Officer says maybe you are right, but our report depends on report. What shall we write in report, if none says against Bhaiya ji. Chakor says one villager will say truth. Kasturi comes there. Chakor smiles seeing her. Suraj signs Imli.

Imli stops Kasturi. Kasturi says I knew Imli you will change, you also say against Chakor. Imli threatens Kasturi that she will just sign and Chakor will be shot. Kasturi gets shocked seeing the man aiming at Chakor. She asks Imli not to do this. Imli says if Bhaiya ji wishes, he can kill Chakor here itself, now Chakor’s life is in your hands. Kasturi goes forward and looks at Chakor. Chakor asks Kasturi to say the truth. The officer asks Kasturi to say and not be scared. Did Bhaiya ji keep you as bandhua, does he make you work against your wish, does he torture you. Kasturi worries for Chakor’s life. Suraj tells Imli that if Kasturi says anything wrong, you will die with her. Imli says don’t worry, Maai won’t say anything. Kasturi recalls Imli’s words and cries.

Chakor asks Kasturi to say the truth. Bhaiya ji smiles. Suraj and Imli stare at Kasturi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Just hate imli like anything…… How can a sister be lyk dis to her own syster!!!!??? Love ❤ chakor….

  2. Godd….limits….seriously….ek baar m problems solve ni hoti inki…..moond khayi paya tbe b chain ni asso ethi….

  3. i hate imly…

  4. Please unite chakor and vivan not others…..

  5. Even the officers should use psychology to know that kasturi is afraid to speak otherwise she’d have spoken up since without looking left and right and with the look on her face. Imli has only been brainwashed, and is also afraid for her life. Though when she was younger, I observed that their mum was closer to chakor and cared more for chakor than Imli so I’m not too surprised that imli has changed who she sides with. It’s Bhutan who should protect his family but is a weakling. Doesn’t know what he’s doing.

  6. I hate imli………again bhayaji will win….vry bad

  7. Hi lifna r u malayali???

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