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The Episode starts with Manohar aiming at Chakor and Lakhan stopping him. They have an argument. Ishwar talks to the men asking from which village they are. The goons create chaos and beat up Ishwar. Baa asks Chakor to get Bapu’s pic. Lakhan aims at Chakor and misses the shot. Kasturi gets worried for Chakor. Manohar takes the gun and aims at her. Baa sees him and asks Chakor to run. Baa comes infront of her and gets shot. Everyone is shocked. Vivaan says Dadi….. Baa falls down. Manohar drops the gun.

Lakhan asks Manohar to leave, if anyone sees him, then it will be problem. Manohar says my mum is dying, let me go. Lakhan says I will take blame on me, listen to me, if Vivaan knows you shot Amma, he will never forgive you. He will never talk to you. Manohar is shocked. Lakhan says come with

me. Chakor asks Kasturi to save Dadi. Kasturi says its bullet wound.

Manohar says what did I do and says I want to meet Vivaan. Lakhan says I will get Vivaan and take Amma to hospital, stop now. Manohar cries. Chakor asks Kasturi to go and call some help. Chakor and Vivaan ask Dadi to get up. The goon tells Lakhan about the game spoiling., and what to do now. Lakhan gives the gun and asks him to aim at Chakor, till then he will take Amma to hospital, this time she would not get saved.

Bhaiya ji gets the news and is shocked. He drops the phone and shouts to call Tejaswini. She comes and asks what happened. He says Chakor did not get hurt, Amma got shot by Manohar. She smiles. He asks did she not hear what he is saying. She says you want me to cry, and laughs. She says its good, I was waiting for this news. He asks what is she saying, and raises his hand to slap her. She asks what wrong is she saying and he is shocked.

She asks did she regard you son, that I become her bahu and cry for her, she has called you a liar infront of the media. She says I m sorry, but I can’t cry and mourn for her death, and about Manohar, this is trump card against him, he will not go against you, whatever happened is very good. She leaves. He sits in shock. Aditya tells Abha that he will go out and see whats happening. She says no, take care of Ishwar, I will go and see.

Kasturi asks people to help her, and tells Lakhan that Amma is shot and they have to take her to hospital. He says what, who shot her, go and I will bring the car. Baa takes Chakor’s name. Chakor asks her to talk and holds her hand. She asks her not to stop the Satyagrah. Chakor says yes, I will not break it. Vivaan cries and says nothing will happen to you.

Lakhan takes Baa to hospital. Abha comes out and sees Baa wounded. Chakor says she will go with Dadi. Vivaan says no, do what Dadi told you. Abha sees Bhuvan fallen on ground and says he is wounded. She asks Imli to help. Imli is scared. Abha says your dad is wounded, help me. She holds Imli’s hand. Chakor recalls Baa’s words and Vivaan says we have to keep Satyagrah and I will go with her, you stay back, don’t worry. Udaan hai…………..plays……………. Chakor gets sad seeing Baa taken to hospital.

The goon shoots and everyone are shocked. Abha says Chakor and Ishwar opens his eyes hearing the sound of shot.

Update Credit to: Amena

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