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The Episode starts with Chakor recalling the kids crying and getting up. She thinks she has to find her friends. She leaves from there and comes on road. She sees the flag and thinks she is close to that place. She sees the roof from where she came out and thinks she is right. The doctor tells inspector that Arjun has head injury and his life is in risk. Vaibhavi talks to client about kidney of Bombay blood group. The man tells about his boss asking for it at high price. She says its rare group and we don’t have that supply. He says I have found it, I m requesting you. She says we don’t have that person. He says he will get 25crores for her, and asks her to arrange it. She says fine, give me some time. She says where is Chakor.

Chakor goes there and sees the place from where she has run away.

She goes there and gets shocked seeing the goons. Babu and the goons bring some kids and tells Vaibhavi that three new kids have come from Aazaadgunj. She says I want Chakor. Babu says I will get Chakor. She says we are getting 25 crores for her kidney. Babu says Munna is keeping an eye on Rocky. Munna follows Rocky and says his life is really great, I want such life.

Rocky comes to city hospital. Munna says why is he going in hospital, is his GF any doctor. Rocky meets Arjun. Munna comes there and sees them. He says why is Rocky meeting Arjun. Rocky asks Arjun to get well soon, they will find the one who did his accident, and tells about his best friend Chakor, who has taught her all good things, love and care, and now she is missing. He recalls her. He sees Arjun moving his finger and smiles. He says its good and calls doctor. The doctor checks Arjun.

The doctor says yes, he will recover soon, he had serious head injury, I think its miracle case, maybe your prayer is working. Rocky says I did not pray for myself till now, someone else with pure soul is praying for him. Chakor prays for Arjun and also her friends. She sees that door closing, and smiles recalling the shutter.

Vaibhavi tells Babu about some kid helping Chakor. Babu says Billu. She says if Chakor does not come to us, we will not leave her friends. Munna calls Babu and tells him. Babu asks did Rocky get Chakor, what nonsense, follow him. Vaibhavi asks what did Munna say about Rocky. Babu says Rocky helped Arjun and took him to hospital, Arjun is fine now, he is out of danger. She says why did Rocky save his life, how does he know him, and Arjun and Chakor’s relation, did Chakor tell him. Babu says it maybe coincidence, that he helped Arjun. She says till follow Rocky, I m sure Chakor will meet Rocky and he will get her home. She smiles.

Amma wakes up and does not see Chakor. She gets worried as Chakor has gone as girl, not Choka, if she is caught, then she is gone. Chakor goes towards the shutter. Vaibhavi and Babu are coming there. Chakor says I reached here and will get Amma’s help to free my friends. Chakor gets some coal there and marks on it. The shutter is raised. Chakor is still making the bandhua sign.

Babu says he has seen this sign in Aazaadgunj. Vaibhavi says it means she has come here, it means she did not go very far, find her. Chakor makes signs on the walls by the coal.

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