Udaan 25th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Suraj and Chakor celebrate Diwali

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The Episode starts with Chakor saying I m glad Suraj went, I will celebrate diwali alone. Tejaswini sits upset and says I will not celebrate diwali till I get to know about Suraj. Bhaiya ji asks Imli does she know about Suraj. She says no, I will find out. Ranjana asks Bhaiyta ji to convince Tejaswini. He says I m also worried for Suraj, don’t know where is he. Bhuvan and Kasturi come. Kasturi says I know where is he, happy diwali to you all. Imli says I was waiting for you. Kasturi says I made laddoos for all. Kasturi asks Tejaswini to have laddoo, she has a good news. Bhuvan says Chakor called and said everything is fine there, Suraj made her call us. Tejaswini says Suraj made me happy, Suraj and Chakor are together on diwali. Imli asks why do you always ask me, go to Tejaswini and understand, don’t

come to me, they are doubting on our plan. He asks her to be quiet. He goes.

Imli checks Kasturi’s phone and says by which number did Chakor call. Kasturi says Chakor and Suraj are happy together. Bhuvan says they are going to come back soon. Tejaswini thanks Lord. Bhuvan says Suraj will be upset knowing you are not celebrating Diwali. Tejaswini says I will celebrate, you both have to take part in Laxmi puja. Kasturi says sure. Imli says we all should do puja together. She keeps phone back. Ranvijay welcomes the guests. Chakor looks at him. He says she is my guest, she has come from outside. He asks Chakor what did she wear instead the red saree. She says I had worn the red saree, but diya oil fell on it. He says you are insulting my gift for someone who will die soon, his life diya will blow off till this diya blows off, if he comes here, he is gone.

She says you can never reach Suraj, Maa Laxmi will protect him. He says we will see, come we will do aarti. Everyone does aarti. Imli looks for Kasturi’s phone. Ranvijay gets a call and says fine I m reaching there. He gets a gun and says sorry I have to go for some imp work. The man asks are you going to shoot some criminal. He says yes, that criminal won’t get saved today, congrats Chakor, Suraj is spotted, he is in market, maybe Laxmi ji didn’t answer your prayers, you won’t get to see his dead body before morning. Chakor gets shocked. He asks his mum to attend guests. He goes.

Chakor cries for Suraj. Ranvijay’s mum prays for Suraj. Chakor says I have to call Suraj, get me a phone. Everyone lights crackers in haveli. Imli checks the call log. She calls on the number. She dials wrong number. Kavya gets a call. She asks Chakor to call Suraj. Chakor says number is not connecting. Imli also tries. Preeti asks Chakor to go on terrace. Chakor runs. Preeti prays for Suraj. Kasturi comes to Imli and asks for her purse. Imli gives the purse and phone. Kasturi goes. A man tells Ranvijay that Suraj has beaten him. Ranvijay asks how do you know his name. Ranvijay looks for him. Chakor goes on terrace and tries to call Suraj. She calls Suraj and hears the ringtone. She turns and sees Suraj. Mahiya…….plays………… Suraj smiles.

She checks him and says I felt I m dreaming. She hugs him and cries. She says someone told inspector about you, I was scared. Suraj smiles. She asks where did you go, I told you not to go, I was mad finding you, why did you come here. She pushes him. He holds her and says you are strange, you get happy and then you start beating me, how could I go. He says I m not scared of inspector. She says Ranvijay will come back. He says he won’t come, he will keep finding me all night, I will celebrate diwali with you. She smiles. Mahiya…..plays……… They hug.

Chakor sings bohot pyaar karte hai….. Suraj smiles. Ranvijay says Suraj won’t be saved today.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Good episode, although they only showed the start of the terrace scene. Enjoyed Imli’s failed attempts to contact Suraj. Suraj-pandit’s trick was smart but disappointed that RV will know pandit is helping Suraj.
    Sukor are amazing, Suraj’s smile is charming and Chakor looked cute when she touched Suraj’s cheeks to make sure she wasn’t dreaming. Looks like tomorrow will be a Sukorilicious episode.

  2. Archiya

    Omkara proposal was much more feeling for me than tat of shivay.. So much of emotions om portrayed while proposing gauri.. Loved his shayari too..but a felt a lil satisfaction when gauri told om to leave.. He totally deserves it…why r the obros forgived so easily

    shivay proposal was like as if he was running a race..so rushed n in a hurry.. Did not get that feeling, there was no shivika magic, Even in tat beautiful setting..an whenever shivay says he will give Anika all the happiness.. I get scared for sure something wrong he is gonna do with her..

    Talking abt romcom, Anika is just superb, such an amazing acting.. Shivay was as usual OTT.. It was actual nakul there, why don’t they retain shivay attitude even after he becomes a lover boy.. What was all tat flirting.. Why can’t they show the other way round.. Anika flirting n Shivay jealous. It’s always with Anika only being jealous. ..he proposed her yest.. An today he is flirting with others.. Harneet always proves tat Shivay is their fav

    1. Aleya.marzan


      1. Archiya

        Thanks dear. No realized tat today to see my comment..

      2. Archiya

        All the lovely gals on this page.. Apologies, by mistake I commented on this page

    2. Aleya.marzan

      its okk yaar no problem . do u watch udaan ??
      i watch ishqbaaz also. but when it became 1 hour i couldnt now again starting it

      1. Archiya

        No dear I don’t watch anything other than ishqbaaz.. An u can start watching it back.. It’s become half n hour again.. Nice to meet u.. U have a unique m beautiful name

    3. Aleya.marzan

      thnq nice complement . i’ll start it watching n commenting soon

  3. Can’t wait for tomorrows epi. Just Sukor and Sukor. They’re gonna play antakshari. I’m glad Teju knows that Suraj is safe now. Mother’s love is unbelievable.

  4. Hi guys!how r u all….back to the episode sukor romance is just wowonly watched it and hope this track will end soon and the evils will get their respective punishments and I want Vivaan to divorce imli then only she will realise what she have done and by the way arsiya di I think u have comment in the wrong page it Udaan page not ishqbaaz….

  5. Aleya.marzan


  6. This track is going very slow.

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