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The Episode starts with Kasturi asking what is this joke. Bhaiya ji says this is your one day wage of your hardwork. Chakor asks how can you do this, you have to give them wages as per contract. Bhaiya ji says don’t blame me, I paid as per contract, these illiterate people did not read. Chakor thinks that’s why Ragini did not let me read contract.

Bhaiya ji says factory is not working well, what shall I do, so I m paying less, I can’t give more than 1 rupee per day. Chakor says how can you do this, no one will work. Bhaiya ji says fine, everyone can go, but after giving 5 lakhs. Villagers get shocked. Ragini says you have signed contract for 50 years, not 3 years, and 5 lakhs is less amount for 50 years. Bhaiya ji says you are getting water, ration and electricity, you have to do old thing

and become my bandhua. Everyone get shocked.

Chakor sees the stamp on her hand and says all our hardwork got waste, we all became bandhua again. Kasturi scolds Ragini. Lakhan says you ruined us by this big cheat, we trusted you, you are poisonous than a snake. Chagan says I should clap for Ragini’s acting, such a big cheat. Ragini says I did what my Papa wanted, I used you, don’t talk to me in high tone. She goes with Bhaiya ji.

Bhuvan’s coin drops and everyone fight for money. Chakor cries and asks Lord in which darkness did he put Aazaadgunj in Diwali. Vivaan comes home and is upset. Imli asks where did you go. He says Aazaadgunj’s state is very bad, it would be better if you let me die by Ragini’s hand, we have returned all the money. Imli asks him not to say this. He says I can’t see anything else than darkness. She hugs him and says no, our future will be bright, it will have peace, happiness and much love, our child will get that love.

She stops and says I m just thinking for our happiness, what about the villager’s happiness, this is not time to get our child, I was getting selfish. She cries. He hugs her and says no Imli, this is not selfishness to have hope. She asks if our child is born in this situation…. He says everything will get fine till our child comes, we can’t accept failure, I m trying best to get evidence against Bhaiya ji, I will throw the evil three out, I will succeed in my attempts.

Chakor recalls Bhaiya ji’s words and asks Lord to guide her by showing some direction.

Suraj comes to her. He says I did not know I will see you like this, you are not the Chakor I know, she can’t lose like this and would be planning to save villagers. She says I have seen Bhaiya ji’s cruel side, he gets happy by hurting people, and this Bhaiya ji who came back is more dangerous and powerful, he is making our wounds fresh and getting happiness, he is playing dangerous game with us, I m worried thinking his next game, how will we get saved. He says till his revenge fire gets down, we have to be alert, he can play any game with anyone. She says he has come to take revenge, then he should take revenge from you first. They say together that Suraj tried to kill Bhaiya ji, it means Suraj is the target.

Vivaan and Imli come there. Vivaan says we won’t let this happen, we will do something before he does anything, we will not let Bhaiya ji win. Imli says yes, we have to focus on goal. Suraj says our focus should be one. Vivaan says and one goal. Chakor says yes, our focus should be one, that’s to send Bhaiya ji and his helpers to jail, then the villagers can breathe free again, F for focus and G for Goal. They all join hands. Suraj says we are together, we have more smartness and courage, we will win. Udaan hai…..plays………

Its morning, Chakor asks Lakhan how can he lose so soon, we should try to win and make Bhaiya ji lose. Kasturi asks what will you do. Chakor says we should do that Bhaiya ji is asking us to do, then we will get time to think something. Bhuvan agrees to do what she says. Chagan apologizes to all villagers. Kishor gets angry on Chagan and Lakhan for supporting Ragini. Chakor stops them and asks what are you doing, Bhaiya ji wants to divide us and make us enemies, I trust Chagan, Ragini has trapped him, you all trusted Ragini and thought I m enemy. She says I request you all not to fight, we have just unity to fight against Bhaiya ji. She thinks to be ahead of Bhaiya ji to win, he made all villagers bandhua, I have to know his next plan.

The villagers make Diya. Bhaiya ji gets shocked reading news about Chakor. He tells Ragini that Chakor is chosen for Asian games, I should have killed her in childhood, this news is not good for me. Ragini asks why do you worry, I learnt from you to kill everyone one by one, we will first kill Suraj and then Vivaan, we will think of Chakor later.

Vivaan comes home. Ragini asks why are you sad, did you not get job. Vivaan asks how do you know. She says I told Papa that you should not get job, what will people say if you work anywhere, you work with Papa, you cheated Papa before, now you won’t do this, as I m with you. Bhaiya ji smiles. Vivaan says I won’t work with thieves like you. Ragini says fine, survive on wife’s earnings, as you won’t get job. Imli looks on. Vivaan goes to his room.

Bhaiya ji asks will Vivaan agree. Ragini says he has to agree, we will put pressure on him, first we will kill Suraj. Its night, all the villagers work and fight. Bhuvan tries to stop the fight. Ragini comes and says Chagan will be supervisor. Chagan says I will not do this work, you ask Suraj and imli to do this. She says I did not fire you from work. Chagan says I won’t do your job. She says fine, when anyone does not agree to me, what I do. She beats Chagan and asks him to say yes. The villagers get shocked. Chakor comes and stops Ragini. She asks Ragini to stop it, villagers understood, no need to beat Chagan. She asks Chagan to do what Ragini is saying. Chagan agrees. Chakor asks Ragini to leave.

Chagan apologizes to everyone. He asks Chakor how to command all elders, do something and make them leave. She thinks of Suraj. Bhaiya ji makes his men beat villagers. Suraj also beats them to win Bhaiya ji’s trust. Chakor comes to village and gets shocked seeing Suraj. She stops Suraj. Suraj says how dare they not agree to their owner, I will beat them. Chakor slaps Suraj angrily and stops him. Bhaiya ji and Ragini look on. Chakor asks Suraj to stop acting to please Bhaiya ji, why are you showing fake loyalty, will you kill them, stop this acting Suraj….. Bhaiya ji asks Suraj? Chakor and Suraj get shocked and see each other.

Bhaiya ji says cheat again, you have no right to live. He aims gun at Suraj. Chakor is held by goons. Bhaiya ji shoots Suraj. Chakor gets shocked. Ragini smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. guys anyone knows what happen next?? oh! how chokor did that mistake??

    1. Yea , Worried 4 Suraj…!!!

  2. Nice episode ?and yeah i think chakor is dreaming about suraj shot scene bcoz suraj will only harmed in diwali party and yeah chakor will save suraj in diwali party? she will dress in western outfit so that nobody can recognized her u can check meera deosthale new pic on instagram where she is wearing that blue dress with mask realy cnt wait to,see suraj expression when he see chakor in that dress??

    1. You’re right Angel, Chakor comes in with the dancers http://www.tellychakkar.com/tv/tv-news/kamal-plots-kill-sooraj-the-diwali-party-colors-udann-161026

      I wonder if Ragini will succeed in getting them divorced, didn’t the lawyer say that both Chakor and Suraj need to be present to submit the papers?

  3. I think suraj getting shot is chakor’s dream.loved d scene when sukor said 2 dialogues together.

  4. Might be Chakor’s imagination… new spoilers say Vivaan will save Suraj, KN will get Suraj drunk at the Diwali function to kill him.

  5. chakor gets worried for suraj nice but how could she reveal the truth.

    1. But i think that was her imagination but as per as about her revealing the truth she was concern for those village people as the way sooraj was beating them to prove loyalty towards Kn so, that moment it slipped out from her mouth…Infact after revealing it she was also repenting on it….

  6. Today’s episode was gud….I luved the way chakor was thinking of the village people’s words n worrying for sooraj….

  7. Whats going on,i can’t understand,what will happen to suraj,can anyone tell me?

  8. Nice epi…

  9. Nice epi…

  10. I think it was chakors dream… as there are latest spoilers and pictures of diwali party and suraj being there… love you sukor…♡♡♡♡

  11. I dont think its real it’s chakor dream she really worried for sooraj guys it’s just a dream

  12. Guys I want to share breaking news about sooraj ka vijendra he bcom father of baby girl i want congratulate vijenra ?‍?‍??? If u want congratulate u can reply….

    1. congratulate Vijayendra Kumeria. God Bless you and your familly.

    2. I m confirm it was a dream

    3. Congratz Vijendra for becoming a father of a baby….n lucky to have a baby girl….

  13. Chakor dancing in diwali party

  14. good episode

  15. ohhhhhh….can’t wait 4 next epiiiii……sooooo…exciteddddd…..

  16. Wow gr8…n I want to see sooraj’s reaction when he will see chakor in western dress…n I must say she is lookin pretty in that blue gown….

  17. chakor escapes suraj from kn…uhh thank god…how will be the next scene after that

  18. actually who is imilys babys father?

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