Udaan 25th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Udaan 25th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Suraj and Chakor hearing the Kaal bhairov puja sound. She says I think the place is close. Imli gets Chakor’s call. Vivaan goes. Ranjana sees them and says Vivaan has gone, I will see what to do of Imli. Chakor tells Imli that they reached the place. Imli says its good thing that you both reached Bhaiya ji’s place. Ranjana locks Imli in the room. Imli knocks door and shouts open the door. Ranjana says now Kamal ji can do Kaal bhairav puja with peace and pray for enemies destruction. Chakor says Suraj, there are guards, how to get inside. He says I will divert their attention, you go inside. She says we will be trapped if we fall in trouble, see that fire, it will show us the way now.

The man tells Bhaiya ji that by this puja, his enemies and problems will end. Bhaiya

ji prays for Suraj’s destruction. Ranjana and Bhaiya ji do the puja. Imli hears the puja sound and says something bad is going to happen, who locked me like this, did they catch Suraj and Chakor. Suraj shouts fire, someone blow it off. The men run. Chakor enters the house. She sees Ragini. A man goes to hit Chakor. Suraj stops the man and hits him. Chakor sees Suraj. She says Ragini is here, maybe this glass is one sided she did not see me. He says we came at right place. She says we will find way to enter the house. Suraj says how to open this lock. She says I have a way and opens lock by hairpin. He says great, from where did you learn this. She says I know a lot, you will learn if you be with me. He says you will not stay with me always, when you leave me after sending Bhaiya ji to jail, don’t come to my room like this, don’t know what will you steal. She says what do you have except wine bottles. They enter the house.

They see Ragini talking to Yogesh and hide. Ragini says you have helped me a lot, but you did not take revenge from Suraj. Chakor says it means Ragini knows we are coming here. Suraj says Ragini maybe waiting for us here. Chakor says we should find jailer first, I can’t hear anything. Ragini sees them going and tells Yogesh that her plan succeeded, they have come here, when they go to jailer’s room, they will become prey. Bhaiya ji prays that Ragini catches Suraj, then he will fulfill his wish. Ragini says I will give Suraj’s dead body as gift to Papa, he will be proud of me.

Suraj says maybe jailer and his family are detained here. Chakor says then Ragini would have made her men guard here. He says yes, maybe they went to find us. They hear a sound and go to see. They get shocked seeing jailer Yadav. Yadav shouts don’t killer me. Chakor says we did not come to kill you, we came to free you, you are jailer Yadav right. He says yes. She asks where is your family. He says they killed my family, they are dangerous. Chakor says I regret to know this, where is the inspector. He says they killed him too. They free Yadav. Suraj asks him to come fast. Chakor says we came to help you, you are safe, come. They get shocked seeing Ragini at the door.

Ragini smiles and aims gun at them. Vivaan comes home. Servants stop him. Vivaan asks are you mad. Servant says its Bhaiya ji’s order. Vivaan thinks something is going on, Imli is inside, I have to go by back door. He goes to Imli and sees her locked. He opens the door. She hugs him and says I m fine. He asks whats happening. She says I m getting puja sounds, Bhaiya ji is doing wrong, we have to see.

Ragini says welcome Suraj, I was waiting for you, this was my plan to trap both of you, I will kill you, then Bhaiya ji will make me the heir. Chakor says you can’t do anything to Suraj. Ragini asks her to stop if she has courage. Ranjana coughs by smoke. Bhaiya ji does puja. Imli thinks this havan can’t be for anything good. She gets water for Ranjana and gives her. Ranjana says you….. Imli throws water in the havan kund and blows off fire. Bhaiya ji and Ranjana get shocked. Bhaiya ji gets fuming. He asks Imli what did you do, you have put water in havan kund. Imli says sorry, I was just helping Ranjana. He asks her to get lost. The man says its abshagun, the kaal bhairav puja will now have reverse effect, may Lord protect you. He goes. Bhaiya ji shouts to Imli and asks her to go. Imli and Vivaan smile and leave. Ragini aims at Suraj. Chakor takes gun from Suraj and shoots at Ragini.

Ragini falls down. Chakor asks Yadav to come. They run away. Bhaiya ji holds Chakor’s neck and suffocates her. Suraj, Imli and Vivaan ask him to leave Chakor and try to free Chakor

Update Credit to: Amena


    • Sia

      At starting I also thought that he will be paired with chakor n also there gonna be a luv triangle btwn aditya-chakor-vivan but glad it doesn’t happened n my sukor, they rock it…n day by day sukor scenes r making me crazy by their cute nok jhok….

  1. janu

    nice episode!!!waiting for monday!!.sukor scenes r awesome like always ..today episode is totally on sukor side .there nok-joke is the best,arguing ,and fighting r interesting to watch.sukor rocks as always..

  2. Angel

    No romantic sukor scene but still like it😘 and vimli is so boring😥.,guys u notice one thing imli hates to do make up 😑,she hates to wear any make up even first time she did make up when chakor makes her ready for her sangeet😉 but now she is in so much make up ready, a girl who dnt know how to read or write and do makeup😓 suddenly know everything after marriage 😕,sometimes i find this things so silly 😂😂even vivaan who was drug addict who never went out of his room suddenly becomes so genious in studies😝 but suraj and chakor they are same as always😘😘

  3. sia

    Chakor (Meera Deosthale) injured in firing round with Ragini so as to protect Suraj (Vijayendra Kumeria) in Udaan

    In the upcoming episode there will be lots of high voltage dramatic situations seen amid Suraj and Chakor in the daily soap.

    Chakor gets very much protective when the matter comes to Suraj as Chakor has started loving Suraj.

    Chakor is very well aware about Ragini’s intentions of killing Suraj and this makes Chakor even more tensed.

    Now, it so happens that as soon as Ragini is about to fire Suraj, Chakor gets in middle and takes the bullet on self so as to save Suraj.

    Suraj’s heart start crying eyeing Chakor

    In the upcoming episode there will be lots of tragic situations seen amid Chakor and Suraj in the ongoing serial.

    As soon as Suraj eyes Chakor’s bad and dying state Suraj’s heart starts crying out loud for Chakor’s pain.

    It would be very interesting to watch as to how would Suraj confess his love for Chakor eyeing Chakor’s injury?

  4. sia

    Ya angel imli don’t know how to read and write but talks with Vivaan using smartphone 😅😅😅 and I feel Suraj was right when he said dialogue”kal Ki nasheebaaz aaj Ki business tycoon????”how can he became a ceo or anything without going to school or college as teju made him drug addict.bhagwan jane in sawalon ka javaab kyunki ye hamare bas Ki baat nahi😅😅😅😅

  5. Angel

    From the entry of suraj in udaan i was sure that he will be paired opposite chakor as he is the son of kn and heir of haveli😎 but after marriage of kn and ranjana i thought it won’t happen as now vivaan is also kn son 😥but still sukor scenes from starting has much impact ,interesting and stronger than vikor scenes 😍and everything happened in this show is only to unite sukor 😘 like its was imp for imli to pregnant bcoz if she was not than chakor won’t do bride swap drama 😌and than suraj realize his feelings for imli only bcoz he also should. know what is the pain of love 😞and understand chakor pain😢than imli love for vivaan started😍 and her miscarriage was imp😨 bcoz if that child has borned😓 than sukor will never come close to each other 😖than vivaan suddenly emerges love for imli was also bcoz if he wont love imli than he will be with chakor😤 and finally he leaves her and kn entry 😇and hatred for suraj 😜bring sukor again close 😍and they are still together😘 so every twist of this show is to unite sukor and to start there love story
    Sorry guys 😄i know i carried it away but when it comes to sukor i cnt control my emotions my feelings from starting almost from 2 years since there childhood 😇i pray for sukor and now its happening😘😘

  6. Angel

    Sia vivaan went to schul suraj and vivaan study in elite school but vivaan never went colledge but suraj did as he has his colledge friends and yeah raunak is vivaan schul frnd

  7. ankur

    Really satisfied with ur comment angel.I thought the same.After the writer also wanted to pair of them only.They just made few twist and turns to make the viewers engrossed.Sukors chemistry is far better than vikor.I mean vikor had simple routine love story but sukor have tashanwala relation from the first day…

  8. Neema

    Heyyyy…Angel that sukor hater name is deepikaaa….I think u didn’t see that last 2 commentsss…as itz deleted…in that she said sorry 4her bad wordssss…especially 2 uuuuu…as she hurtd u alottt….nd she did this to test our sukor luv nd she is a sukor fannnn….guyyzzzz…..actually I don’t undrstnd herrr???she is good or bad……. anywyz juz leave ittt… LUV U MY SUKORY KIDDIESSSSS…UMMAHHH!!!!😙😘😚💘💝💞

  9. Sia

    But Neema if she has done that bad thing to test our luv towards sukor then also she shouldn’t have said those bad comments about u n Angel….Her comments shows that she is a negative person in real…n I hope she won’t come back to this page…

  10. Team Udaan

    Dear, Udaan Fans Hope You Had Liked Today’s Episode. And We Had Also Readed Yours Comments, We Are So Happy That You Guys Are Showing Intrest In Our Show. And Dear Angel We Had Looked Yours Previous Comments And We Had Worked At That. We Had Told Telly Updates Team To Delete It. Hope Now You Have No Problems About It. And We Also Wanna Request Some Peoples Not To Copy-paste News. It’s An Illegal So If U Wanna A Inform Yours Friends Then U Cant Paste Like But Pasting Everthing Written Others Is Not Good. So Please Be Honest!
    -Team Udaan

  11. Angel

    Neema u r inconent she is not deepikaaa or any girl he is man and when i ask him about his address and number than he give us this excuse and ran away like a hippo and sia if it is a girl than she must think 1000 times before what she said only a man can say that rubbish i mean no girl can talk that baddddd

  12. sia

    Angel for school I meant was secondary high school.

    If this is a fake spoiler what about Suraj becoming bandua one angel

  13. Angel

    It was still suspence but i only know that jailer yadav will gojng to shoot suraj may be suraj will got injured on that place where chakor and suraj hide him

  14. sia

    Aditi dear it have been ages since Aditya left udaan and no guarantee that he may come back bcz the actor who plays Aditya role is busy in sasural simar ka and he is 2nd male lead

  15. Athu

    Earlier,before the leap I strangely see 1 or 2 comments in udaan page.Now look how many comments,that’s the power of sukor.I have no words to say about them.I have seen many other Jodis,but now I think sukor is the best as they are different from all others.I don’t know whether I will comment here everyday,but I will come here once a week for sure.A big hai to all sukor fans who are supporting sukor by ur valuable comments.Thank u for reading my comment
    Love udaan and sukor

  16. Deepika

    Angel Its Really Me..I M Deepika Baral.. If U Have Dout Then U Can Check Me Asking Any Questin..And Team Udaan I M Sorry For telling Sukor Bad..Plz Dont Block My Sim Card..Sterday I Got Msg That Due To My Wrong Comnt At Udaan T.U Team Udaan Are Going File Case On Me..Plz Team Udaan Dont Do It To Me..If My Parents Know Abt It Then They Will Kill Me..Plz..Help Mee! I Am Sorry Team Udaan And All Fans Plz Dont Block My Sim..

  17. Angel

    Deepika i dnt get it how a girl can talk soo rubish i even dnt have a word to describe what u did., u even know what u write us and especially me again n again u r writing bad and abusive about me, u said moronic bad about me and also insult a family values a relation of husband wife and also a pure relation of father daughter

    Guys u decide whether we should forgive her or not plsss bcoz i dnt want to think anything about this matter

  18. Deepika

    F.U.C.K Off You Al5 Ideots.. Like A Mad I M Asking Urs Forgiveness But U Guys R Talking So Rudly Abt My Charter..Blood.Y Kutti Kaminis! Sali.. Mother.F.U.C.K.E.R.S Huh! Nd U Team Udaan Go And Block My Sim I Dont Care! Huh..

    • Sia

      Shut up u idiot….u know what I don’t have any abusive words to describe u nor I will bcz if I use those abusive n bad words which u used it then it will be insult for those words ….n GET LOST n never ever dare to come back to this udaan family…Got it stupid …

    • Kalika

      Haha, such a douche just ignore this person, they’re just trolling you and feeding off your rage. Laugh at this sad person and go on with life. Don’t even respond

  19. Athu

    I Have also seen that comments.Are u not ashamed to say such creep things.Guys but I have seen 2 dps for sukor haters, so she must have used 2 email ids

  20. nisha

    Nice episode. Their searching and working together for against kn is really awesome. They are looking made for each other. Eagerly waiting for next episodes and their love

  21. Angel

    Right athu she is using 3 ids such a weird girl this how she is testing our love for sukor by saying nonsence and by abusing us

  22. Angel

    Sia as i said chakor wont take bullet for suraj its was fake spoiler and its true that jailor yadav will going to shoot suraj on this feet and when he is again trying to shoot suraj vivaan comes to his rescue as chakor sends vivaan

  23. Team Udaan

    We Had Blocked Mr Sajan Singh. The Sim Was Registered By This Name..And We Are Trying To Track Him And We Soon We Get Him Down! Chill Down Udaan Fans, We Are Happy You Had Shared Yours Problems To Us. But We Be More Happy If You All Guys Will Share Yours Problem Related To Our Show. So Guys Guys Tell Us If You Have Any Problems With Our Show Because We Are Here Only For It And To Help You. Thank You For Watching Udaan!
    -Team Udaan

    • Sia

      @Team Udaan, Thank u Guyz for helping us by blocking that so called person….N I don’t have any complaint related to this as the current track is going awesome….N one more Thank u for fulfilling our dream by making sukor as a pair…n j hope this show Udaan gets no.1 position in trp rate…..

    • Megha

      I just want 2 kill her how someone can utter such nuisance being a girl i also think that she is not a girl…Now i will burst of anger.Leave it…Team udaan i want 2 ask,when is suraj going 2 realise his love 4 chakor?

    • Amrutha


      |Registered Member

      Great , I think ur the first team that are quickly responding to the problems and comments.thank u. Love you sukor. Waiting for more thasan 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  24. Riya

    Angle I think their parents are unaware what she is doing and Mr sajan may be his father or husband or yourself truly I think when her no. Was block then she started apologies yeh us ki chal ha now again she has started using foul language and I think he is nala man because official man do not have time to comment and if she is a girl than I am not at all ready to say that a girl a can such a dirty foul language . First a fall she or he told her name as sukor hater the she said I am Deepika when her is block she requested team Udaan to not block her no. Then is said. My father will kill me .man Lata ha ki he she is saying true than what is the need to share her personal matter that he uses foul language to her wife and daughter if he is checking how much we love sukor and no father can use a foul language for her daughter and no wife can tolerate that his husband is using a foul language for her she just leave her and a live eg she had and she told us .and I am dam sure she is a me because now when she is apologise she got angry very soon and generally a man specially a naval men do so dam and disappointing Beauvoir .it my PoV what do u think

    • Sia

      I think u r rite….I too also feels that but whatever after his exit from this page it feels lyk dust has been cleaned from this page….n feeling relieved….

  25. Anu

    Hi guys i m anu and I too m a sukor fan…so can I join ur group….btw yesterday’s episode was fab…very interesting n loved sukor scene even though it was short….

  26. sia

    Vijayendra Kumeria is living in a happy’ space on the personal front as well as professional front. As the man enjoys parenthood after welcoming his new born, he is pretty excited about the new tracks opening up in Colors’ Udann (Guruodev Bhalla and Dhaval Gada).

    The ongoing track which brings about cute moments as well as tashan’ between his character Sooraj and Chakor (Meera Deosthale) have been well-received by the audience, and the recent high in numbers are indication to that.

    Says Vijayendra, “From the beginning, the scenes of Sooraj and Chakor were being liked. And now, the different situations that the two are put into are bringing out some interesting sequences. I have been getting a positive response from viewers.”

    Considering the fact that Vijayendra started off as a ruthless and negative character in the show, his character has undergone a lot of transformation. However, even when the character has mellowed down now, Vijayendra cannot alter much with the characteristics of the man. “The character has been liked by all. We have reached a stage where nothing much can be altered about him. Now that he has gotten positive, he will continue to have the same gestures and way of talk. The stylization will be the same, but will come with a bit of mellowing down in terms of aggressiveness. At the same time, Sooraj can never be made a chocolate hero. So it is all about going with the flow in terms of the screenplay,” states the actor.

    Ask him about the charm that he and Meera bring in to the chemistry of the duo and he states, “It is not a difficult job when your writing is proper. As an actor, it is easier to enact in such a scenario. We know very well that we are not the typical lovey-dovey couple. However, at this stage, we have a soft corner for each other and show it in the way of helping each other. But both of them have ego running in their attitude and will not accept the fact that they are in love. Both Sooraj and Chakor are complex characters and nobody will give in; this is the beauty of the Jodi.”

    On the expectations of the fans, Vijayendra avers, “Fans like our tashan at the moment. We are getting a very positive feedback. The loyal followers of the show are looking forward to our love story now. But considering the story we are in, it is too early to get into that.”

    Vijayendra as an actor will have his task cut out with his character Sooraj becoming a bandhua’ in the coming plot. And the actor in him is very much looking forward to this phase of story. “I am looking forward to this new challenge. It will be fun as an actor to play it. For an actor, growth in character is essential. I am expecting a lot from the bandhua track, and I am waiting for the brief to happen.”

    Vijayendra, we wish you all the luck!!

  27. Angel

    U r right riya i m saying and sure that he is a man bcoz he stop commenting when i ask him his no and address than he make excuse that she is a girl and apologize than he sees no one is intrested he burst out😂and again abused us as he know he is going to be blocked😈😏😏
    Tejaswini😄 i also feel same thing that sukor must have there own song😍 some sukorianz said that bolna is perfect for them but i dnt think so😞 bcoz at chakor and vivaan sangeet vikor dance on bolna song 😑soo it shouldnt be sukor song😐 well there is a song which i daily listen which is nazar layena from raanjana movie (sonam kapoor and dharmesh movie )whenever i listen that song i felt it would be perfect song for sukor😘 i think all should listen it once as it lyrics suits there role (meetha meetha tu( chakor) khara khara main(suraj) tera sara main)😇

    Guys i think now we all should suggest a song for sukor and which one will be most suggested we will request team udaan for that song what say guys😄😄

    • Athira

      Whenever I heard a song from the film Naanum rowdy thaan(Tamil film), song- Ennai mattrum kaadhale, I will remember sukor.Guys please listen to the song.But I know they will not keep as it’s a Tamil song.however angel tell me how’s my selection.please hear it once

    • Amrutha


      |Registered Member

      Great , I think ur the first team that are quickly responding to the problems and comments.thank u. Love you sukor. Waiting for more thasan 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  28. Team Udaan

    Thank You For Yours Sugestions And Comments. Will Fix It Soon. Thank You For Watching Udaan!
    -Team Udaan

  29. sonu

    Man I m waiting eagerly for something big.. that will make suraj realize his love for chakor!! I wonder when that will b….N I wud HONESTLY like it if the villagers trust chakor more than KN!!
    Angel maaaan u r hardcore fan of sukor😏 but I must admit…I too like love-hate relationships like sukor..
    N I m shocked at this sukor hater…I wonder wat kinda a family she/he grew up in to use such bad language n plus she/he is not in the least sorry😡😡 I hope that person is adequately punished…
    Team udaan…the current track is awesome…no complaints wat-so-ever…I hope chakor remains a strong lady as she is now rather than turning into a damsel in distress😒 like in most of the tv series’s actress…that is all I wud like to request😃

  30. Anu

    I feel that raunak should come closer to chakor which would make suraj jealous and posessive about chakor…..😍

  31. Athira

    Ennai mattrum kaadhale song from the tamil film Naanum rowdy thaan suits sukor best.this is my opinion.guys please hear it.it’s my request

  32. Angel

    Sia dear dnt paste the info like this team udaan has requested us bcoz sometimes they are fake spoilers okk and if u want yo share some news with us just write it by urself ok.😄
    I suggest nazar laye na song from raanjana to be official song .,everyone plss suggest ur song too plss😄
    Athira that is tamil song how can it be used in hindi show i think it wont happen so if u know other hindi song do suggest it okk😄
    Thanku sonu😇😄

  33. Angel

    Athira i have listen it but i dnt get it bcoz i m hindu rajput and a delhite sorry but really i didnt get it
    I hope others also suggest some songs than whichever song was much suggested we all will request team udaan for it
    Guys pls suggest some songs sia,ankur,riya,anu,megha,tejaswi,urooj,amrutha,aditi,janu,nisi,trisha,shabhnam and everyone whoever i forget

  34. Tejaswiteju


    |Registered Member

    Ha its true know angel.every Jodi in every show has a special love song. But our sukor Jodi has no song,there is a song for Viktor.now Viktor Jodi is no more.lets see for suitable songs

  35. Tejaswiteju


    |Registered Member

    Movie: Paraanthe Wali Gali
    Song Name: Tere Bin Ho Na Sakega Gujaara
    Singer: K.K.
    Music: Vasundhara Das
    Lyricist: Vipin Mishra & Viraj Mishra

    Tere bin ho na sakega guzaara
    Mil bhi gaye to bhi tay hai kinaara
    Na doori, na nazdiki..
    Na doori, na nazdiki..

    It is not possible to manage without you
    Even if we meet, we are far
    There is no distances, no closeness

    Hai agar tujhse juda hona kismat meri
    Hai agar tanhaaiyaan hi sohbat meri
    To lo ho gaye, juda tujhse
    Khafa khud se
    Ab na milenge tujhe hum kabhi

    If it is my destiny to be far from you
    If loneliness is my association
    Then see, I am far from you
    Angry from me
    Now I’ll never meet you

    Ab na milenge, tujhe hum kabhi
    Hum kabhi, hum kabhi..

    Dhoop mein yoon hi main jalta tha
    Firta main rahta tha, dar badar
    Tu mila, ishq ki chhanv mein
    Mujhko panah mili, kuchh pahar

    I used to burn in the sun just like this
    I used to wander from here to there
    You met me, it was the shadow of love
    I was under the shelter for sometime

    Sukoon yoon mila
    Ki lagne laga, tu hai wo duaa
    Abke milega mujhe rab yaheen..
    Abke milega mujhe rab yaheen..

    It was rest..
    That it seemed as you were my wish
    God will meet me here only

    Abke ke milega mujhe rab yaheen..
    Rab yaheen, rab yaheen..

    [Oh yeah..
    Oh yeah, yeah yeah yeah..
    Oh yeah..
    Oh yeah, yeah yeah yeah..]

    Tu subah andheri raaton ke
    Baad ki pahli fazar..
    Tu junoon, dil mein chhupa tha jo
    Khul ke wo aaya hai nazar

    You are the morning
    You are the dawn after the dark nights
    You are passion, which was hidden in the heart
    Now it is totally open..

    Kismat se gila, nahi ab raha
    Falak mil gaya
    Dil ko mili hai dhadkan abhi..
    Dil ko mili hai dhadkan abhi..
    Dhadkan abhi..

    There is no regret from luck now..
    I have got my heaven
    My heart has got its beats just now..

    Tere bin ho na sakega guzara
    Mil bhi gaye to bhi tay hai kinara
    Na doori, na nazdeeki..
    Na doori, na nazdeeki..
    Just see the song.i not confirmed it but words are nice

  36. Dipta

    Or We Can use Udud Dabagang Dabag. Or there must be bg song like party tho banti hai or muna bhai mbbs or Dhatting Nach or Oh Bhangada Pa or Tukur Tukur or Rock On or Hil Ke Nacho or Lets Nacho or Yeh Shyam Shandaar. I Think this must be sukor bg song,

    • Tejaswiteju


      |Registered Member

      Ha obviously Subi, there will be some caring,kidding.and Suraj heart melts.i have seen in Korean dramas like this situation. But udaan writers are thinking in different ways.awesome. let’s see and enjoy.max our expectations will be ckt,to together sukor

  37. Anu

    Tuhi junoon from dhoom 3 is a gud song for cute sukor…..vimli must be sent away from the show….soo boring vimli

  38. ankur

    It should be humdard or channa mereya for their bg song and if they would separates for some reason(I wonder it would not happen in future)then it will be tum jo mile from the latest movie saasein😭😭😭😭😭😭😭.Guys listen this song u will definitely like it….

  39. Aarhoi

    Hey guys Pt lz Look At My Love- Sukor commnt that same sukor hater wrote such a bad commnt to her as name angel..just shame on her! and i thing there must be song “Wajha Tum Ho” Or “Kaun Tuje” Or “Mai Tuj Se Ishq Karne Ki Izajat Rab Se Laya Hu” how is my suggested song tell it angel,sia,anu,nema,tejswini,atrya and Others whome i had forgeted.

  40. Aarhoi

    Hey guys Plz Look At My Love- Sukor commnt that same sukor hater wrote such a bad commnt to her as name angel..just shame on her! and i thing there must be song “Wajha Tum Ho” Or “Kaun Tuje” Or “Mai Tuj Se Ishq Karne Ki Izajat Rab Se Laya Hu” how is my suggested song tell it angel,sia,anu,nema,tejswini,atrya and Others whome i had forgeted.

  41. Aarohi

    Hey guys Plz Look At My Love- Sukor commnt that same sukor hater wrote such a bad commnt to her as name angel..just shame on her! and i thing there must be song “Wajha Tum Ho” Or “Kaun Tuje” Or “Mai Tuj Se Ishq Karne Ki Izajat Rab Se Laya Hu” how is my suggested song tell it angel,sia,anu,nema,tejswini,atrya and Others whome i had forgeted.

  42. Aarohi

    Opps Its my 1st Commt but was of lots of writting error actually i dont kno to commnt in TELLY UPDATES i am new her and angel,sia,nema,tejswini,athrya,anu and all can i join urs udaan fans groups?

  43. Angel

    I think if they will do couple dance than wajah tum jo will be perfect song for them aarohi as suraj ki jeene ki wajah chakor hi hai warna kn usse maar deta or tejaswi my dil goes and soch na sake our also good😄😄 i also want to suggest two more song that is saibo from shor in the city and ae dil hai mushkil from adhm😇
    Lets see some more suggested songs think everyone think

  44. Megha

    The followings r my choice…Channa mereya from A.D.H.M,sukoon mila from mary kom,wajah tum ho from wajah tum ho….I will try 2 find more songs

  45. Angel

    Guys i think channa mereya should not be there song bcoz it is the song of pain and a love confession song which should be played when they are separting not when they romancing correct me if i m wrong

  46. Amrutha


    |Registered Member

    If chakor realize her love first,then’agar thum Saath ho ‘ is the best song. Or ‘tere sang yaara’ is the best song.
    I don’t know much About hindi songs, I suggested as per my knowledge.
    And during their sad time ‘humari adhuri kahani’ is the best one . Moh moh ke dhaghe is also best song.

  47. Lalli

    Wow I loved the ongoing track of udaan and I sujjest the song should be Agar tum saath hoo it really suits for them

  48. Sukanya

    I think sub tera song from bhaagi will suit for them. I don’t have that much of knowledge in Hindi songs. So I selected this one.

  49. Angel

    Tejaswi,megha,and me are voting same song which are saibo,soch na sake lets see if others also agree on this song

  50. Tejaswiteju


    |Registered Member

    But frnds angel,ankur,amrutha,megha,Rakhi,riya,Abu,sukanya,Subi and remaining frnds. i think special ost song for Jodi means the writer s only think and write a special song for sukor know.in middle some times they will play a movie song.special ost song like tuhi Bata Mola song from ipknd show like that.but we to can try our best as a udaan fan family.lets suggest songs

  51. Sia

    My other suggections r Ishq bulaava Jane kab aave, mane na Mann mera from table no.21, Tu jaane na….what u guyz think??plz do let me know…..

  52. Tejaswiteju


    |Registered Member

    But angel ,ankur,riya,amrutha,megha,Anu ,arohi and remaining frnds i have small doubt ra.special ost song means the writer s only write a special song for sukor know. Like in other shows.and movie songs will play in sometimes.is vikor song movie or special song ah.but we to can try our best.lets suggest.

  53. Sia

    Anyways Guyz Congratulations as we crossed above 100 comments for the first tym in our udaan family…..Feeling happy for this….

  54. Angel

    Sia nice song but that is sad song so when they will separate its perfect for them but sia pls suggest a romantic song which will be played when they romance or there official song

  55. Angel

    Sia maan mera from table 21 is good and other one kaise batauu tujhe main dil mera kya keh rha from 3g i also suggest it
    Tehawi every serial has its own song and udaan has its song which is hosloon ki udaan hai so i dnt think there will be other song for show so may be they use movie song for sukor

  56. Angel

    Sooo many songs now i think tomorrow we will see which one will win .,well for now saibo,soch na sake ,maan mera are leading

  57. Angel

    Guys kaise btau tujhe main dil mera kya keh rha song from 3g movie is perfect for sukor plsss its my humble request pls do listen it i think whenever sukor come close it will be perfect song pls sia,teju,megha,anu,athira,sukanya,lali,aarohi,riya plss listen it my frnds otherwise we all will get confuse with songs

  58. Anu

    Hey guys in spoiler I got to know that chakor n suraj gind evidence against kn n chakor leaves with that evidence leaving suraj with jailer n he tries yo shoot suraj that time Vivan saves suraj from jailer n suraj gets shot on the leg….n chqkor gets emotional seeing this…..in the coming episodes sukor will come closer to each other😍😗😙😘😋

  59. megha

    as sia said manchala and ishq bulava can work but i was thinking about aye dil bata from ishq actually and aafreen from coke studio

  60. sia

    Guys I feel agar tum sath Ho for now and after confession it should be soch na sake or bolna mahi or CVs should make a special song for sukor

  61. sia

    Ok Angel from now I will write the information but I really wanted to share VJ’s interview with you all

    Yipee we reached 100+for the first time…..congratulations to all members of udaan family 😊😊

  62. ankur

    Guys if u remember vikor had a special bg music but there is no music for sukor.Rabta from agent vinod or dhoka dhadi from r rajkumar or jaavedan hai from 1920 evil returns.What u say guys

  63. Anu

    Hey guys in spoiler chakor n suraj finds evidence against kn n chakor s A away taking the evidence leaving j with jailer n jailer tries to shoot suraj n shoots his leg that time Vulcan comes n saves suraj…seeing suraj hurt chakor gets emotional….in the upcoming episode sukor come closer😘😙😗😋😍😚

  64. dil dhanushi

    Evn im new to here, evn i feel agar tum saath ho fr nw n after confession – soch na sake bt if its nt matching sry cz im nt gd in hindi

  65. Team Udaan

    Hello Everyone First Of All We Wanna Congrats Udaan T.U Family For Crossing 100+ Comments! And Sia Its Welcome, We Just Wanted All Udaan Fans Safe Form Copywrite Crime So We Told You About It And Thanks For Understanding It. And Udaan Fans The Shooting Of Upcoming Episodes Had Already Done So After Some Gaps We Will Play Sukor Background Song! And We Will Show All Of Urs Comments About Sukor Song To Our Writers And Soon You Guys Will Get Yours Sukor Background Song.Thanks For Watching Udaan!
    -Team Udaan

  66. priya

    Team udaan that sukor hater again started his nuisance in “sukor my love”ff please block that person there ;the worst thing is that person is using angel’s name to comment 😠😠

    Plz plz block that person

  67. Amrutha


    |Registered Member

    Sorry it is 1947 love story poolu poolu vela song is best for my sukor.I am dedicating this song for my sukor from all Telugu fans.

  68. Angel

    Its soo good news team udaan i think that girl nonsence help us to reach here😝😜 and also with my request people are suggesting songs so yeah i think by tomorrow it will cross 150 mark😇 team udaan i m suggesting kaise batauu song from 3 g movie and saibo song from shor in the city for sukor background song i hope we will hear and sing a good heart touching song on sukor

  69. Neema

    Hey…guyzzz…watt abt ths songgg??? Mere… haath…mein… In FANAA… really guyz….itz evry lins r deeply touchd with deep luv…bt I don’t knw hw mch it suits 4 sukor luv track…

  70. Angel

    Megha if u also want kaise btauu song to be there background song pls write to team udaan and request that song like i did in my above comment

  71. Angel

    Thanks sukanya u also can request and comment team udaan about kaise btauu song from 3 g like i did and megha also going to..

  72. Lalli

    Hmm Agar tum saath Ho will suitable for sukor as per ongoing track it will makes perfect bcas they always finding way to helping each other I love my sukor

  73. Angel

    Aarohi thats not me .,That girl is soo cheap she is using my name to make me a culprit in sukor ff pls guys dnt believe her u know she is fake i m having puple colour box and she is having green plss team udaan help me and block her

  74. Nitha

    I love this serial. And i feel happy when i can watch it in one television chanel in Indonesia. But after one week, this serial gone. Again. I feel sad for that.

    I hope Chakor can help more bandhua. Not only bandhua from her village. I hope one day, Suraj can support her. I feel happy and sad in same time when i read that Suraj will become bandhua. I sad but happy because this chalange can make Suraj understand the pain of bandhua.
    So he will have true empaty for them. He will help more bandhua because he want to do it, not because he hate his father or because he have feeling for Chakor.

    Suraj hearth will be similiar like Chakor hearth.

    Bandhua is world problem, not only in India. But many country can hide it. I hate Bandhua system so much.

    I feel happy when one day Suraj can support Chakor become minister. Who knows..

  75. Angel

    Wlcm lali and if u like to that song pls request and comment to team udaan for the song we all are all suggesting our fav to team udaan

  76. Sia

    Honestly Angel both the songs r which u suggested ( kaise bataun n saibo) but I luved saibo the most…its so heart touching song….

  77. Sia

    Honestly Angel both the songs r gud which u suggested ( kaise bataun n saibo) but I luved saibo the most…its so heart touching song….both the songs will suits for sukor….

  78. Angel

    Sia thanks and for that song pls request and comment to team udaan for the song we all are all suggesting our fav to team udaan

  79. Kalika

    Wow… I missed soooo much while I was on Vaca…. Super drugged up genius boy Wonder Vivaan makes me channel surf the moment he comes on the screen. I’m really loving the way SuKor holds hands each time they run away from danger or sneak around…. It’s so awwwdorable!!!!

  80. Angel

    @TEAM UDAAN many sukorians of this page wants to suggest kaise batauu and saibo song for sukor backgroung song😄 and also congrats for 150+ comments for the very first time on udaan page😇

  81. priya

    @Team udaan u can request directors to make a special BG song for sukor like haya (shakti) have tu hi mera kuda and shivika(ishqbaaz) have oh jaana

  82. Anu

    Krause bataun is gud but it is not for official song it is wen they r angry or separate from each other I feel….saibo or agar tum swath hi suits as the official song for sukor

  83. Angel

    Good choice sia if u want that song u can suggest it to team udaan they will going to meet writers and will show them the songs we choose than its upto writers which one they will find suitable for sukor

  84. Angel

    But sia kaise btauu is perfect bcoz its lyrics are totally perfect for them(kaise batuu tujhe main dil mera kya keh rha) as they are in love but still dnt know what to say and how to tell bcoz theg dnt know what r tgere feelings (rhe na fasle yeh jo hai apne darmiyaan )they want to look eachother whole day and want to say close but still cant say.,they both want to come closer to each other but both think that other one wont accept it(tere kareeb main ho saku dede tu apni razza) as suraj always loves to flips chakor hair (yeh zulf sawaru) suraj loves to hold and carry chakor in arms (bahoo main lele tujhe) soo all these lines totally match and are fully suitable for them .,plss team udaan pls request writers to make this song there background song plss

  85. sia

    Ya I agree with you it suits perfectly even I too voted for kaise batuun

    But saiyaara is very heart touching ❤

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.