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The Episode starts with Imli telling Kasturi about Bhaiya ji celebrating Chakor’s birthday in haveli. Kasturi gets glad. Girja makes Chunni ready. Vivaan and Chakor look on and say her fate is so good, cake is also coming. Ranjana asks the man to keep cake in her room, as Vivaan will not cut cake with bandhua Chakor. Laali takes the box. The man says now he has to get another cake for Chakor. Vivaan and Chakor hear this and smile saying second cake.

Ranjana wishes happy birthday to Vivaan and says he is a prince. Manohar says I m king Manohar, and wishes Vivaan happy birthday. They ask him to cut cake.Vivaan says he is waiting for Choka. Chakor comes and wishes him. Vivaan cuts cake with them. They all sing happy birthday. Vivaan was making Chakor eat cake. Ranjana stops him and asks him to make

Manohar eat cake. Vivaan makes them eat the cake and then Choka. Vivaan and Chakor smile. Vivaan asks for gifts. Manohar says sure, and goes to bring. Ranjana says I will bring halwa and goes. Vivaan tells his plan to Chakor.

Chunni comes downstairs wearing beautiful red dress. Kasturi, Imli, Dadi and everyone get surprised seeing her. Kasturi says my Chakor looks a princess. Chakor says not so much. Dadi says she does not look my Chakor and leaves crying. Chakor goes after Dadi. Bhuvan wishes happy birthday to Chunni. Dadi cries in village. She hugs Chakor’s clothes.

She tells about Chakor’s twin. Chakor hears this and says twin… Dadi sees her and is shocked. Chakor asks Dadi what is she saying, is that girl Chakor’s twin sister. Dadi asks what are you doing here. Chakor says I heard everything, tell me, else I will ask others. Dadi says no one knows this, and they should not know. Chakor says trust me, I will not tell anyone, your burden on heart will get less. Dadi says I have kept Kasturi away from her daughter, I did big sin, the truth is that girl is my granddaughter, Chakor’s twin sister. Chakor is shocked. She asks you mean she is Chakor’s real sister like Imli. Dadi says yes, they all are Bhuvan and Kasturi’s daughters. Chakor moves back.

Chakor recalls Chunni. She asks Dadi why did she send her away. Dadi says because I wanted to save one girl and send her away, Chakor was becoming Bhaiya ji’s bandhua, I did not wish both to become bandhua.

Vivaan gets cow dung and tells Chagan and Billu about his plan, to fill cowdung in balloon, when Chunni cuts this cake, all cow dung will be on her. They laugh. Dadi tells Chakor that Lord had sent Chakor’s sister back and cries. Chakor hugs Dadi and thinks Chunni is her twin sister.

Vivaan tells Chakor that their plan will succeed. Chunni is about to cut cake. Chakor runs to stop her as Chunni is her sister.

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