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The Episode starts with Bhuvan and Kasturi crying and arguing about getting back Chakor to save Imli or let her be in Lucknow. Bhuvan says Imli is weak, she will die there, we have to call Chakor, atleast they can be alive here in haveli. She says she will not ruin Chakor’s future. Bhuvan asks her to think about saving Imli if they give Chakor to haveli, atleast Imli can come back home. He says else we will lose both daughters. He says let me go, if my daughters are not here, this house will kill us. Kasturi cries and allows him. Chale Chakori Chand ko choone……………plays…………. They cry. Suraj sees Imli crying and asks Lovely to give her old clothes to Imli, as she is stinking. Lovely says she will give her if Imli asks for it. Suraj asks Imli to ask for clothes.

Lovely says she

won’t give her costly clothes till she asks her. Ragini comes and asks her not to trouble her, else she will tell mum. She says Girja is making food for her. Lovely asks Suraj to come as she is afraid of Tejaswini. Imli cries. Arjun asks Chakor to take rest after running. He teaches her how to relax, breathe in and out. He meditates. She packs her bag to leave. He asks her to sit. She sits and meditates. Arjun scolds her to breathe slowly and not get tired. She says there is difference in sitting and standing to study. He says he understands, but first relaxing exercise and then home. Arjun smiles seeing her. Bhaiya ji thanks Girdhari lal ji and talks about his party doing well. He asks about Ranjana, is she still annoyed. He says its fine, give blessings to Ranjana and Vivaan.

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The inspector comes and greets Bhaiya ji. He says he did as he told her, and reads the FIR that Ishwar has kidnapped Chakor, and Bhuvan is afraid that Ishwar can sell her to someone. Bhuvan comes and tells his decision. Bhaiya ji says if you want to see both daughters well, then go to Lucknow with inspector. Tejaswini says she spoke to Girdhari lal for giving his servant quarter. Bhuvan says he wants to meet Imli. Tejaswini says she is fine, and playing with my daughter. Bhuvan agrees to go and leaves. Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini smile.

Chakor brings Aditya downstairs. Ishwar asks Chakor to start. Abha says Chakor is saying A-Z. Ishwar says with words. Abha says she thought he taught her, Chakor went to just practice run. Chakor says Arjun Sir has taught her. She says she will wait till Prabhakar and Soumya come. Abha says Soumya went to temple and Prabhakar is in his room, he can’t come, he is working. Chakor says its Sunday and he can’t work, I will get him. She goes to call him. Ishwar says he won’t come and her heart will break. Abha says how can anyone learm abcd with words in one day. Aditya says she can do anything, she knows to do impossible possible. Chakor brings Prabhakar. Ishwar says yes, she can really do it and smiles.

Prabhakar says he did not read paper because of her. Chakor says she will read it in few days. Chakor starts saying abcd with many words, as Arjun taught him. Prabhakar is stunned. She tells till Z. (Muted) Abha, Ishwar and Aditya smile. Chakor tells multiple words and meanings too. They all are surprised. Chakor sees them staring with shock and asks what happened, did she say anything wrong. She says I think Arjun did not say right. Prabhakar claps for her, shocking Ishwar and Abha. They all clap for her and smile. Chakor smiles seeing them clap for her.

Chakor writes her name in Ishwar’s shirt. Ishwar and Aditya call her educated now. She sees her stamp and says its still there. Ishwar says you have to study well and make your name to erase it.

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