Udaan 25th May 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Suraj and Chakor taking Imli to hospital. Doctor checks Imli. Suraj asks how is she. Doctor says she is fine, she just got scared by fall. Suraj makes Imli sit and asks is she fine. Doctor asks who is baby’s father, he has to sign the form. Suraj takes the form. He says I m child’s father, I m Suraj Rajvanshi. Chakor looks at him. Doctor asks him to take care of his wife, why did you let her go alone, she needs extra care, take her out, keep her happy. Chakor cries and goes. He asks her to stop.

Pakhi comes to Chakor. She scares Chakor and smiles. Chakor reads Suraj’s letter. He writes he can’t live without her. Pakhi says Suraj has torn 20 papers to write two lines, if he saw movie, he would have sung song Hume tumse pyaar hai, I will tell Suraj you read his letter. Chakor

asks her not to tell anything to Suraj. Bhuvan says I can’t see you like this, you know when you were born, you did not cry like other kids, you always used to smile, when I see tears in your eyes, I feel bad.

Chakor says yes, I trusted Suraj, now I have nothing, Suraj gave his name as Imli’s child’s father in hospital, I did a lot for Suraj, I felt alone, I feel like this is a bad dream, truth will be something else. He says this is not dream, its truth, you are special, Lord will reward you some day.

Vivaan’s servant takes the truck. Police stops them at checkpost. Inspector Ajay Khurana is already inside the truck. Servant asks how did you get inside, who are you. Ajay kicks the crate. The guns fall down. Ajay aims gun at goons and introduces himself as Ajay Khurana, people call him Ak 47.

Vivaan says our clients will get the guns made by you, none can stop us from succeeding. Ragini asks them to have sweets. Vivaan says its all for you, we got books for kids as well, I promised Suraj to make school for kids. Villagers get happy. Vivaan says I will make this village a gun making centre and smiles. Ajay asks who has made the guns, I should clap for such good work. He scares the goons.

Servant says you don’t know with whom we work. Ajay kicks him. He says I have broken many bones and beats him. He shoots other goon. Goon runs. Chakor stops everyone from having sweets. She says they are giving the books in gift, see what’s written, its manual to make guns. She tears the book and throws. She scolds Ragini and Vivaan.

Goon comes and tells Vivaan that police has seized the truck. Ragini asks who dared to do this. Goon says AK 47. Vivaan says whoever he is, we have to transfer him, come to police station. Chakor asks them to have sweets, their destruction started. They leave. Chakor thinks did this man come with some reward for villagers, I feel he will free this village from slavery, I will see who is this honest inspector. Suraj says I always get far from Chakor, she left from clinic, I have to meet and explain her.

Suraj asks Chakor where is she going. She says you are not my husband. He says I m in your heart, else you would have wiped your sindoor, you did not do this, you still love me. Mahiya…..plays….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I felt so sorry for chakor hopefully this is tge last imraj scene cvs do and bhavan was right i also get sad wen i see suraj with imli wow the new inspector is here cant wait to see jealous suraj know and guys suraj aint quitting ajay is just here to make suraj jealous yes he will fall for chakor but sukor love each other no matter what ajay is here for this track i read that suraj is gonna go on a mini break as he is not needed much for the beginning of the track

  2. Thanks for the update. ok episode, liked the action filled introduction of ajay, but there were no Sukor scenes, I missed suraj too. My favorite scene was Pakhi’s, she is so sweet, I hope we see more of her.

  3. Sukorian

    Again imli no words… Paakhi is so sweet the best ?. Vivaan n Ragini r gone fall n suraj will get very jealouse its abt the CV how they will go with this track. Chakor read the letter n asked paakhi to keep quite.

    1. Guys i like pakhi she would make a perfect child for sukor

      1. Sukorian

        absolutely right

  4. ak47 and chakor……………..maybe

  5. ..i liked the episode…was a relief from the usual sadness..actually i felt quite happy seeing the episode..a positive vibe…sehban made a good entry…liked the precap…

  6. Guys after watching the epsiode bhavan said that there is somthing special for chakor and chakor thinks ajay is that somthing speical but for the villagers i hope cvs to wreck this track up il be happy to see chakor working with ajay but just as a friend and ajay falling for chakor which will make suraj jealous i think thats wen suraj will realise the pain of seeing ur loved one with some1 else

  7. Guys i had time to write a final ff before my final exam plz check it out and share your thoughts

  8. Well no Suraj no Udaan for me . So if Suraj on a break then it is.bye bye to Udaan for now.

    1. It hasn’t been confirmed he’s on a break, don’t believe everything that’s written. Many articles contain false information.

  9. Sukorian

    hey Nithya
    i couldn’t find anything that Suraj is leaving or taking a break from the show. I think He will be shown a bit lesser coz the factor of the new character Inspector.

    1. It’s natural, he’ll have less screen time but I hope he isn’t reduced to cameos that don’t affect the path of the track.

  10. The precap was nice, it’s good seeing suraj wooing chakor, but i hope it’s not the only thing he does during this track. We may see him with pakkhi, but I also want to see him helping the villagers in one way or another, or finding a job or helping the inspector and chakor in their fight against raavan or trying to reconcile with his mother.
    If he only runs after chakor for a month, it will be boring. I hope VJ is not taking a break, I can’t watch the show without Suraj.

  11. I’ve just watched a video where ravaan try to bribe ajay and he arrests them and chakor comes while they’re being arrested.
    I’m not sure they’ll stay in jail but if they do, it means KN will miss his injections and get back to normal, hope this happens.

  12. Shreya.

    Hii guys…Yaa it is ok ok episode….I really felt very bad for chakor’s state…chakor hurted by suraj’s behaviour…hope Suraj will understand d pain of chakor when he c chakor nd ajay’s closeness….friendship only…i think dis is d best punishment for Suraj…bt I DNT want chakor to move on her life…nd I dnt want cvs to drag dis track…if they drag dis trackv will miss our sukor scenes…as u told na bcz of dis track Suraj character need some time break in d beginning..I really don’t want dis break for Suraj….ND guys vj replied in insta “guys relax dnt panic?” so in my pov he is nt quitting dis show….

    Thn in dis episode I loved pakhi nd chakor’s conversation??…both r Soo cute??…they stoles my heart??…v always used to c Suraj nd pakhi’s closeness bt in dis episode they showed chakor nd pakhi…even I loved chakor nd pakhi’s bonding also????…nd finally they shows wat was written in tat letter??…

    I loved bhuvan Kaka nd chakor’s conversation nd also hug…nyc father daughter bonding….loved them both ??

    Even I loved when chakor gives d sweets to vivaan nd ragini for their destruction….she gives d tight slap to tat stupid vivaan nd ragini….loved chakor’s behaviour allllooot??…

    In last scene chakor thinks to meet d inspector nd Suraj thinks to meet chakor…sad??…even in today’s episode I missed sukor nd Suraj??

    I loved sehbans entry…first tym I saw his performance nd he did really very well…I loved d name AK47 more than Ajay khurana…hope he won’t play negative role….nd d goon said vivaan ND ragini vo AK47 I loved dis too…

    Guys if anyone knows any new information kindly share with us…love u all…

  13. Thanks for this much needed change in track!am going to start watching the show again!Hope the makers will take the plot back to the theme that has made it unique in the first place-one girl’s journey to free people of Azadganj from slavery!That’s the main course of the show,romance is side dish-not the other way around!

  14. Guys new spolier ak47 and chakor work together and catch ragini and vivaan in tbe jungil i think they went to do somthing illegal and they get arrsteted

  15. Shreya.

    Thank u Soo much for d link nd upcoming information sukorian, nemo nd tippu….I think ravaan will came out of d jail…y I told dis na few days back only dis track started na…or ragini came out of d jail nd vivaan stayed in tat jail..dnt know bt I just think lyk dis..

    Nowadays I miss Sia,janani,aanya,tapa,Zoya,mama,Dil d,Divya,aria,aqua….guys plzz came back soon yaar…

  16. Nice entry by AK47.. Hope this time ragini and vivaan get punished for their doings. I totally agree with noor I want udaan 1st season it was really inspiring. But on the other hand I want to see suraj getting jealous of ak. I don’t want this imraj scenes becoz imli is too irritating character. She neither deserves suraj nor vivaan. I think chagan is good for her

    1. Not Chagan,only Shikhu is good for imli!

  17. It was a OK episode for me.my favourite scene was pakhi and Chakors talk.. Finally ak47 was arrived.. And will unite with chakor to protect aazandgunj…but I really miss suraj here.I want him also in their mission…when chakor came to know the truth about vivaan??will she regret for mistrust suraj??waiting for that moment
    And yeah I’m so happy that vj is not leaving the show.. If he is not there,I will not watch udaan

    1. I want to see suraj involved too.

  18. Sukorian

    yeah thats true

    1. Sukorian

      this was a reply ro noor yes Shikhu is gud for her

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