Udaan 25th May 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Tejaswini and Vivaan have an argument. She tries to blackmail him, but he tells her that he has won Bhaiya ji’s trust, its true he used to take drugs, but Bhaiya ji does not know what Tejaswini has done till now. He warns her and asks her to think about herself. Imli breaks the truth to Chakor about Rathod joining hands with Bhaiya ji, and giving her some steroids by which she will be disqualified from the marathon and her career would end. Chakor gets shocked. Chakor doubts on Imli and says Rathod Sir can’t do this, its you who is trying to make me lose by this plan, you are doing this on Suraj’s saying.

Imli gets shocked. She says I m saying truth. Chakor scolds her and says Suraj can’t see me progressing, but you are my sister, you are support Suraj, I reached here

by much difficulty, I will not let you succeed. Imli asks do you think I m with Suraj. Chakor says yes, whatever you did, I can’t trust you. Imli feels bad. Chakor says if you can’t do good to me, then don’t do bad. Imli cries and says I came to alert you, fine do anything, you understand what you want, I tried to tell truth being your sister, I don’t care, you lose or win. She leaves.

Later, Chakor greets Rathod. He says I feel you like the energy drinks. She says yes, I feel I got feathers in my feet. She takes a drink. He says no, this is not yours, you came late so take this one. Tina says Chakor feels entire camp is hers. Chakor says sorry, I did mistake. She goes. She checks the drink bottle and finds some sign on it. She recalls Imli’s words and thinks was Imli saying right…

She sees other bottles and thinks why is this sign just on my bottle. Rathod asks her to drink and increase her speed. She thinks whats all this, was Imli saying true.

Imli is angry and asks servants to work well, else sit at home. The lady apologizes. Imli grinds the chillies and thinks of Chakor’s words. She thinks I should have not helped Chakor, I went against Suraj. Suraj finds her angry and goes to her. He holds her. She pushes him and the chillies fall. He says you got our loss. She apologizes. He asks who will pay for this loss. She says I will do it. He asks her to focus on work and goes.

Chakor thinks if Imli is saying true, is coach with Bhaiya ji, who else is with them, Tina, what will they do. Vivaan pulls her inside Tina’s car and says Tina has gone to city’s spa. She asks what will we do here. He says we will talk about love and work. She says we have less time, we will first talk about work and then love. He says no, first love talk and holds her close. He says we don’t get such chances often, you can tell aloud. She asks what. He says those three words. She smiles.

He says if you don’t say, Tina is ready to say. She gets annoyed and pushes him. She asks him to get his head massage done by Tina. He says I worry for your feet more than my head. She shows the aerodynamic shoes and says I will make you wear these shoes. She asks will you touch my feet. He says sweet lines and makes her wear the shoes. They smile.

She walks and says great, I feel very free. She tells him that coach is not like they think. He asks what do you mean. She says I think coach is mixing steroids in my energy drink. He gets shocked and asks what are you saying. He says I don’t know how Imli got love for me, she told me that coach and Bhaiya ji are together, I have one bottle, here it is. He says if Imli told this, it will be true, she is your sister afterall, don’t worry, I will send bottle for lab tests, I will meet you near water tank tomorrow. She thanks him. He says thanks won’t be enough. She smiles and runs. Driver asks Vivaan why is he here. Vivaan says yes, I came to meet Tina, she is not here so I m leaving.

Its night, Chakor says it all depends on these shoes, Vivaan got this by love, I have to see my speed now, my win is dependent on this shoes now. She starts running. She gets glad seeing less time and thanks Vivaan for getting such great shoes for her. She smiles. Udaan hai….plays…………

Chakor argues with Tina. Tina is about to drink Chakor’s energy drink, and Rathod stops Tina, shouting all the truth. Chakor gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ooo great rahod says all the truth…

  2. I love the precep.. nice..Tina anjanesehi chakor ki help karrahihe..ek taraf Tina ke bahanece vivan chakor se mil pata hea ur ab ye..

  3. thnkgod…… 🙂 chakor knows truth now…… chavi’ part was so cute ….I luv u both .. 🙂

  4. bt i feel so sorry 4 tina uske saat galat ho raha hain u vivan se pyar krti hain use to dhoka milega na…..btw vikor is awesome….

  5. Hai frnds……i m big fan of chakor i’ll miss so many epd so guys plzz share about our show……..

  6. kaha se nahi dekha hain tumhne follow ds instagram a/c sare vedio upload kiya jata hain…..

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