Udaan 25th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Chakor learns the threat

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The Episode starts with Chakor coming to Imli. Imli asks her to free her hands, she wants to die. Chakor says fine, I will help you in dying, answer me, how did you get this gun, those men caught Suraj, I have to find Suraj. Imli talks like army men. Chakor asks what are you saying. Imli takes the gun and says Jai hind. She presses the trigger and says what’s this, this gun has no bullet, you lied to me. Chakor says yes, don’t know how is Suraj. She cries. She goes to Vivaan and says Imli marched like army and spoke about patriots, she didn’t tell about the gun, where shall I find Suraj. She gets Suraj’s call and asks where are you, how did you go without telling us. Suraj says I m coming to you soon, I will tell you everything, I m in Sundergunj.

The man ends the call. Chakor says Vivaan we

have to go and get Suraj. Suraj sees the call and says what’s this misbehavior, you were digging my grave. The man asks were you talking to police. Suraj says no, why would I talk to police, are you scared, don’t worry, I didn’t tell anyone about Colonel. The man says I saved your life. Suraj says you buried me alive. The man says I have the papers to Colonel to prove you are Imli’s aide. Suraj says you want to trap me again. The man says this is your phone, it was sent on the way, I got this so that you can talk to your wife and family. Suraj says yes, its my phone. The man says you won’t get it. Suraj asks what do you want.

The man says nothing, I just want to talk. Suraj asks who are you. The man says I want to know Colonel’s real truth, I m related to RAW. Suraj gets shocked and asks RAW? Vivaan and Chakor are on the way. Chakor asks him to hurry up, they reached Sundergunj. She calls Suraj and says once he answers, we can know where he is stuck. Suraj says colonel is planning something big, I can’t help you. The man says try to understand, Colonel trusts you, he praised your courage, we got to know he is planning something deadly, we have to stop him, help me, you can be with Colonel and get info for us. Suraj says no, I have a family, a young daughter, my brother, my villagers, you choose some skilled person for this. Suraj says nothing will happen to you, we will secure you. Suraj gets angry on him. The man asks him to have a calm mind. Suraj gets Chakor’s call and asks her to come at the bus stop. She says I m coming. She asks Vivaan to drive faster. The man gives his card and says let me know if you change your decision. Suraj comes to Chakor. She cries.

Mahiya…..plays…. They hug. She asks is this a way to leave, forgive me, you got upset with me. He says I wasn’t upset. She asks about his wound, whom did he fight with. Vivaan smiles seeing their love. Suraj says I will tell everything, but at home. Vivaan says I think someone is watching us. He runs to see. Chakor asks who is it. Suraj says I will tell everything, lets leave from here. They leave. The man looks on.

At home, Suraj tells everything. He says whatever I have seen there, I couldn’t believe it. Raw agent told me that Colonel is planning something that could be dangerous for the country, I can’t express how I got saved, it was the horrible day for me. Vivaan says you showed much bravery and got saved, I m proud of you. Chakor says thank Lord you are safe, if anything happened to you today, we would have not lived without you. Suraj hugs her and says but nothing happened to me, I told that raw agent, even if the danger is big, my family comes first for me. Chakor says I feel scared, if that agent is saying true, there would be a danger for the country. Suraj says no, our country’s security won’t let anything happen. She asks why did they ask your help, try to understand. He says I won’t let my family come in problem, its enough now. He goes.

Little Chakor says I m asking you to help the agent to save the country. Chakor says I understood what I should do. She calls the agent to meet. The family picture breaks.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sukor ❤️️
    Liked Suraj’s encounter with the agent, and he figured Suraj out, his temper is a big problem. I still believe that’s Suraj who’ll go on the mission, Chakor just wants to help the officer convince Suraj.

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