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The Episode starts with Manohar explaining Vivaan that this gun is toy for me, I did not keep this to kill anyone, I was given this since childhood. He says he did not go in school like him and cries. He says he wants to change, but he trusts that they will change him soon. He apologizes to Vivaan. Chakor says Manohar is hiding something, trust me. Vivaan asks her to stop it. Manohar cries and says that’s why I said don’t bring me out of jail, I tried hard and they still don’t believe him. She still says the same. Vivaan gets annoyed and says dad does not need to explain anything. He leaves with Manohar. Chakor asks Vivaan to listen to him. Bhuvan and Kasturi look at her.

Kasturi cries and says I know you love the haveli people, but you can’t stay here, your life is with us. Kasturi asks her

to come. Chakor says she will say bye to everyone. Imli jokes and they laugh. Chakor asks Baa to take medicines on time. Baa asks her not to come back, as she is free now, Bhagya and kids are here to take care of her. Vivaan turns and stays annoyed. Chakor looks at him. She holds Bhagya’s hand. Bhagya says she likes her. Chakor says its great she learnt talking. Laali says she will miss Chakor. Girja asks Laali to take nail polish from market. Laali says she does not have money. Chakor says now she will get salary at every month end. Laali asks really. Girja says its all by Chakor.

Chakor says she can get ready well and come to meet me in my village. Laali gets glad. Chakor gets a muffler and says she knows Girja has made this. She hugs her. Girja cries. Chakor thanks her and asks all servants to take care. Kasturi says we will leave now, everyone is waiting in village. Chakor sees Vivaan and thinks she has to apologize to Vivaan. Chakor apologizes to Vivaan and he says she has hurt her. He says he trusts his dad. She says fine, even I trust him, but take care of Baa and Bhagya. He says he promised me, if he does anything, I will not call him dad. She says I trust you, I will go now.

She makes him smile and asks him to take care. Chakor comes to her family and smiles. Bhagya cries and Chakor asks her to smile. Chakor recalls how she was brought to the haveli and her journey. Mutti me hawa me………….udaan hai…………..plays……………. Chakor smiles and goes out of the gate with her family. Her journey of hardships is shown in FB. Chakor sees the stable and recalls the caged life. She smiles. Dheere dheere…………..plays……….. She comes out and looks at the haveli and breaths in fresh free air. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai……………plays………….

Manohar meets Bhaiya ji and asks what to do about Chakor, she is after him, he wishes to kill her. Bhaiya ji asks him not to do anything, he will do something, he will give bad life to her. Chakor is happy to be with Kasturi and rests in her lap under the sky. Bhaiya ji says let her be in peace for some days.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ok epd bcoz where is my arjun i am waiting for him

  2. I’m happy for chakor…. Good episode

  3. Arjun is missing from two episodes… Before bomb blast please show some happy moments of the villagers, chakor and don’t miss to show arghya scenes… Both are really sweet… Please directors unite arghya before bhaiyaji is out of jail..

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