Udaan 25th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Suraj assists Chakor

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The Episode starts with Deva getting the device. He asks what’s this. Colonel checks and says it seems a bluetooth connected device, something is wrong, we have to find out. Deva says I will find out. Bua comes and says no need to call anyone, I don’t like to interfere, I don’t like Suraj, it won’t be good to doubt on guests. Colonel says fine, but we have to find out about this. Chakor looks on shocked. Colonel takes the device. He goes. Chakor says I made a big mistake. Abhay says I heard it, we have to snatch that device. She says I will get it back. She goes out of the room.

She thinks how to get the device. Suraj goes to her. She says Colonel has the device, I have to get it back. He asks did you get mad, how will you go in study. She says I have to take this risk. A man comes and asks what’s

happening, are you flirting with this girl, she is a hot waitress, you got engaged. Suraj asks who are you. Chakor says its nothing like that, I was apologizing for giving wrong drink. The man says apologize to me too. Suraj asks him to get lost. The man goes to Naina. He holds Naina. Suraj gets angry. Chakor says just think how to get the device. Suraj says it will be easy for you to get it, if I divert everyone’s attention. She asks how will you do this.

Imli shouts to them to open the door. She hits her head to the door and cries. Doctor comes. Imli says thanks for allowing me to go. The lady says we can’t let you go if Chakor doesn’t come. Imli says maybe she died, think of my life, let me go. Doctor says Chakor told us about your criminal background. Imli says sorry, I m not a criminal. He says but you have hurt yourself, we have to start treatment again by tearing old reports. Imli says don’t do this, call Vivaan, he will come to take me. She says Chakor, why are you telling everyone about my life. She throws things.

Suraj goes to the man and punches his face. Everyone gets shocked. Chakor thinks so this was his way to divert everyone. Chakor goes. Suraj says how dare you eye my love in a wrong way, you were trying to touch Naina. Naina says he is my cousin brother, he can’t think of anything wrong. Suraj says sorry, I had a misunderstanding. The man says you have punched me, its fine. Bua says Suraj is a good, what did you like in him. Colonel says Suraj knows to respect his would be wife, he is protecting Naina, I m happy. He goes to Suraj and asks him to drink less. Suraj says sorry. Colonel says enjoy the party. Suraj says sorry, I didn’t know he is your cousin. Naina says your hand got hurt. Suraj says my heart will get hurt if you don’t forgive me. She asks him to come and get the aid. He wishes Chakor succeeds to take the device. Chakor looks for device. Naina says I m glad to know that you love me so much. She says I will go and get medicine. Suraj says its fine. She finds the device. Chakor says I got it.

Udaan hai….plays…. She goes and sees Naina coming. Suraj stops Naina and signs Chakor to go. Naina says I will get medicines. Suraj stops her again and holds her close. Chakor cries seeing them close. Mahiya…..plays….. Suraj says you are too innocent, I m not suitable for you. Naina stops him. Bua comes and stops their romance. Suraj thinks I got saved. Bua scolds Suraj. Suraj apologizes. Naina says nothing wrong happened. Bua says I wish you and Colonel get some sense and stop this marriage. Suraj gets glad. He says I didn’t feel bad of your words. He asks Naina to come, everyone is waiting in the party. Naina says you are misunderstanding Suraj. Chakor thinks of Suraj and Naina. She cries. She informs Abhay that she got the device. Abhay gets happy to know and says now we can fail Colonel’s intentions. Suraj hugs the man. The man says I think you have beaten me because of that waitress, I can get beaten many times for her. Suraj makes him fall. He asks him to change, how much will he fall. Naina asks what happened. Suraj says I didn’t like him. Naina asks where did dad go. Colonel sees device missing. He stops everyone and says a precious thing is stolen from my home, you all can’t go out till we find the thief. Chakor worries.

Chakor hurts herself and says let me go. Deva threatens her. Suraj gets shocked seeing Chakor. Chakor gets caught.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Good episode, lots of drama, it would’ve been great without the unnecessary Suraj-Naina scenes.
    So Naina tried to take advantage of Suraj twice ?
    I should’ve guessed it was to fulfill the weekly quota of Chakor crying scenes.
    I like bua, she’ll do her best to stop the wedding.
    I don’t like the cousin, hope I don’t see him again.

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