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The Episode starts with Vivaan hugging Imli and saying I m just loving you. She says my baby does not like anyone teasing me. He hugs her and says baby is annoyed with me, he is kicking me. Tejaswini and Ranjana come and see Vivaan talking to baby. Tejaswini says its right change, we were thinking to keep Imli’s godh bharai rasam tonight. Vivaan says sure, tell me what to do. Tejaswini says we are enough to work, you can talk lovely things with your wife and child. They go. Vivaan says I feel its like a good dream, tell me what gift you want. Imli hugs him and says I want a small gift, you come back in this room. He says I will come forever. They hug.

Chakor meets Suraj and asks why did you call me. He says we will go for movie. She says its Imli’s godh bharai, we can’t go. He says Vivaan is becoming

father, and my sehra flowers did not grow, shame shame shame. You are zero in romance. She asks where did my pic go. He says maybe Bijli moved it. She says why will she move it. He asks her to ask Bijli and goes. She says who can do this. She sees her pic torn and thinks who can torn it.

Its night, everyone come in godh bharai rasam and bless Imli. Suraj and Chakor come. Tejaswini asks everyone to say something good to Imli so that baby gets good qualities. Chakor says I will say a lot. Suraj says I will say Chakor is right.

Bhaiya ji sees Chakor and says I have to make her realize her status. Tejaswini and Bhaiya ji bless Imli and give her gifts. Ranjana does the rasam next. Kasturi gives her an idol. Everyone does the ritual. Vivaan goes to Imli and says hurry me, I want more 10 kids. Imli smiles. She asks him about her gift. He says I will just get it.

Tejaswini asks Suraj and Chakor to do rasam. Bhaiya ji says stop, they are not husband and wife. Suraj say but we will marry soon. Bhaiya ji says no, all people here are married couples. Lady says yes, any abshagun can happen. Chakor says its fine, I don’t want any abshagun. Bhaiya ji gets a call and goes. Vivaan hears Bhaiya ji talking. He thinks maybe Ragini will come back to take revenge, I have to be alert and inform Chakor, but its Imli’s function today, I will not spoil anyone’s mood.

Suraj defends Bhaiya ji. Chakor shows the torn pics. He says bhaiya ji would have not done this. She says then who can hate us. Bhaiya ji comes and asks why so much thinking for an old pic, think for having new pic. He goes and asks everyone to dance. Chakor thinks what will he do next.

Vivaan gifts jewelry to Imli. Chakor and everyone dances on Main bani teri radha….. Bhaiya ji gets a call and goes. Servant shows the papers and says you asked for this, it will be fun now. Chakor says Bhaiya ji is making some plan again. Bhaiya ji says a storm will come and laughs. Chakor looks on and thinks he did not change, I will tell Suraj. She drops a vase and goes. Bhaiya ji says Chakor was here, I know she is listening, I want her to tell everything to Suraj.

Chakor comes and sees Suraj talking to Vivaan. She thinks to call him aside. Imli shows the toys. Chakor says its good. She makes excuse and takes Suraj. Imli says Chakor looks worried. Vivaan says no, she is just tired. Chakor tells everything to Suraj. Suraj says we will go and see. They come and see Bhaiya ji swearing good things. He says I have to announce something, come. He asks Chakor to lift the curtain. Chakor gets shocked seeing her pic. He praises Chakor and says kids will be given training and then we can have one more Chakor. Suraj says its great, he is praising you. Chakor fears truth is something else. Bhaiya ji says kids have to leave tomorrow morning. She thinks to find Bhaiya ji’s real intentions, I will do something alone. Suraj asks what are you thinking, I want you to come in this haveli soon. She says we will talk later, I will go now. She goes. He says she always has work. Tejaswini asks him to take Chakor on lunch. He says she has gone, but you can help me. He smiles.

Kids attend the training camp. Bhaiya ji says let kidds reach Delhi once, then you won’t have any idea about my plan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Loved the episode: Vimli scene, the baby shower, Sukor talk, Suraj-Teju, but the highlight was Chakor vs. KN. Suraj’s smile at the end was adorable.

    I’m disappointed that Suraj doesn’t doubt KN. All he’s thinking of is getting married. I don’t know if Vivaan’s fear of Ragini will work in Chakor’s favor or against her.

  2. Would have liked more sukor absolutely love kamal acting this week its so good and i too want vimli to help sukor with thier love poor chakor she cant enjoy anything cuz of her fear and ik suraj only cares bout the remarriage but how can anyone from rajvnashi haveli trust that man ragini was right wen kamal came bk from jail no1 believed chakor and they all suffered and the same will happen again ik there will be a seperation track but cvs should have done it now instead of doing it in the buchua track and yesterday episode i felt sorry for chakor wen she didnt feel part of rajvnashi family but love how suraj cares for chakor and i wanna see more sukor but kamal is runining chakor happiness

    1. Yes, this track is far better than the last one. There was no need for the last separation if they’ll follow up with another one.

  3. Just seen new pics from vidhi story theres another function in haveli and many predict its sukor engagement…

  4. Kamal is showing chakor the truth but a lie to every1 else who i believe are so dumb for believing kamal is a changed good man watching the epsiode kamal hates sukor equally and he is jus gonna use suraj for his motives i can see in kamal plan that he wants every1 to be against chakor no1 is taking notice of kamal just as how no one was about ragini plans wen she first came only chakor felt somthing suspicious was going on and the same is happening again every1 seems happy but poor chakor is depressed and cant enjoy her remarrige talks i think by the end of week chakor will leave suraj but the only problem is that chakor jas been trapped by kamal who planned this from the start and will get what he wanted and i really liked seeing suraj in a more sutle role his new role seems lowzy apart from his romance from chakor suraj suits a more bolder character and i really want chakor to focus on her career again that was destroyed by kamal and how can suraj not take revenge after all kamal did to him… i expected a big face between kamal and suraj but then again suraj only cares abour chakor and thier marrige after kamal plan succeedes only then suraj will start noticing what his plan was….

  5. Acha tha epi. Spcly dance. Suraj Chakor pr vishwas kyu nhi kr rahe. Jb gdbd ho jati hai phir akl aati hai unhe or gaon walon ko. Feeling sad for Chakor.
    Chodo sb. Arey sb kitne sundr lg rahe the. Ye choose krna kitna muskil tha kon sbse jyada Acha hai. Right gys.
    Acha lg Raha hai spcl epi. K saath.

  6. @nemo di iss baar dekhte hai TRP kya hoga. Episodes r toooooooooooo good na.

    1. Hi aanya, I hope TRP increases last week and this week are very good. TRPs are out tomorrow

  7. Really Suraj was going blind in his remarriage preparations that he can’t see that what kn is actually doing,really discussing and Suraj is changing soo much now and in the.current track chakor is the only one who knows kn really motives except her everyone is believing kn like Ragini when she first came to the haveli.I thought after the misunderstandings cleared we get to watch more sukor scenes and no seperation track but recently how CVs r taking this story it is soooo confussing for me??

    1. Yes, it’s similar to when Ragini came back, but at least then nobody knew that Ragini was evil while they all know KN very well.

  8. New olv sukor get engaged tippu u were right but after the ring exchange chakor leaves for important work and suraj gets really angry and feels chakor doesn’t care for her he was gonna smash thier photo’s but vimli try to explain to suraj that they think chakor is in a problem and has been tensed for some days and in interview chakor explains that suraj will remain as her husband meaning thier will be no bridal swap etc

    1. Thanks, it’s good that the engagement will happen. I think KN will offer Chakor the deal after the engagement.

  9. Hope Suraj will handle everything in Asadgan when chakor leaves, or vimli and Suraj will realize the truth. I can’t tolerate misunderstanding more. For me Udaan isn’t usual series that the main problem is focusing in misunderstanding between the leads. I always expect more than that, that’s way I was really dissatisfied with Bachua track. But I tried to think that cvs want to make sukor relationship stronger by that track. I want their relationship not only about love, but also about fight together, they will believe and know what each other think even without talking like what seolmate always do. But, why Suraj get angry when chakor leave, he has to think something weird with her action. Why he doesn’t suspicious with kn, even just little. Hua, I really understand kn is his father but….

    1. I thought Suraj’s reaction is over the top, the only thing he’s thinking of is getting married. Don’t worry vimli will convince to go and look for Chakor to see if she needs help. The problem is the condition that KN will give her if she wants the kids to be safe.

  10. Hey guys I’m back. I couldn’t watch this epi but I will later. Eagerly waiting 4 d dance performance. KN is purposely showing something to Chakr and something else to the family. I cant believe that the family r trusting KN after all that he has done to them. @ Piyal di thnx 4 the info about the interview. I’m glad that they will get married. @Didu, thnx for the links. Before it was Surj proving his love 4 Chakr but now its time 4 Chakr 2 prove her love 4 Surj. At least now Chakr will know what Surj went through during the 1st seperation track. Last time Surj saved Imi cuz he knows that Chakr loves her but now Chakr will save the basti children as she knows that Surj loves the kids alot especially Paaki. We will see everything from the protagonist’s point of view. Its back 2 Chakr now.

    1. Hey Sunny,
      Yes, in the last track Chakor learnt to trust Suraj’s love and this time it’s his turn to learn that. I’s prefer no separation, but it seems it will happen.

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