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The Episode starts with Tejaswini asking Ranjana to help her. She says we can fight later, but now we have to support each other. Ranjana refuses to help. Kasturi cries seeing Imli’s childhood clothes and says she kept this for Imli’s child, now its of no use. She asks Bhuvan to burn the clothes. Vivaan and Imli come home. Vivaan asks Kasturi not to burn clothes, but make more. Imli hugs Kasturi. Kasturi asks her did her abortion happen. Imli says no, my baby is fine, Vivaan stopped me. Bhuvan asks why. Vivaan says it was happening wrong. Bhuvan says Imli was facing insult here in village. Vivaan says no one will tell anything, Imli’s husband is with her, I m not giving divorce to her, don’t worry, I will take care of her in haveli, no one can point finger at her and her child. Kasturi says I knew

Lord gets born in human avatar, and thanks him. He says Imli and I can spend life as good friends. They smile.

Chakor recalls Vivaan’s words and cries. She says I can’t bear such pain now, its all over. Suraj comes and says maybe for you, everything is over, but for me, my dreams are just beginning, stop crying, get up, you have to go in inauguration function, you will get 5 lakhs. She refuses. He says you have to come, even if Imli does not come, pack clothes, we may need to stay there at night. She wishes Imli and Vivaan come soon. Suraj asks her to come soon. She says we will wait, Vivaan would get Imli. He asks her to sit fast. They leave in his car, and Vivaan and Imli reach haveli. Ranjana sees them and calls Vivaan. He says I came back home. She says I know, I can see you, I have some imp work, do that. She tells some work and he agrees. He leaves in his car.

Chakor tells Suraj that she did not have invitation card. Suraj asks how did she not pick it. She says you wanted to earn money, you should have picked it. Suraj gets angry and takes u turn to go back home. Ranjana stops Imli and scolds her for trapping Vivaan to get his name for her illegitimate child. Suraj stops car near the entrance and asks Chakor to get invitation card fast. Imli says I did not do anything. Ranjana scolds her. Chakor comes and defends Imli. Ranjana says I will make Imli leave from here. Chakor says Imli is innocent, you can ask your son. Ranjana says Vivaan is not here, I will decide will Vivaan stay here or not. Chakor says wait, and calls Vivaan.

He does not answer. Chakor thinks I know he does not want to talk to me, but answer the call. Tejaswini stops Chakor and scolds her for fooling them. Chakor asks Ranjana to leave Imli. Ranjana asks Imli to get lost and pushes her. Vivaan comes and holds Imli. Vivaan reminds Ranjana that Imli is pregnant, what if she fell down. Tejaswini says your mum is doing good work for the first time, let her do this, bandhua girls trapped our sons. Vivaan says Imli is my wife, she will stay with me. Suraj comes there and looks on. Chakor smiles.

Ranjana tells Vivaan that Imli has Suraj’s child in her womb. Suraj says I did not tell her to give birth to baby. Chakor asks Imli is she fine. Vivaan says no need to worry, I m with Imli to care for her, Imli is not alone, her baby’s father is still alive, I m that father, not Suraj. Imli cries. Tejaswini asks how can you say this, the child will be of Suraj, Imli can’t stay here. Suraj says who I m to stop you, Vivaan and Imli will solve it. Vivaan asks Imli to go to her room. Ranjana says Imli can’t go, and stops her. Vivaan asks Imli to go. He holds Imli’s hand and asks Ranajna to move from their way. He takes Imli with him. Tejaswini taunts Ranjana that Vivaan does not listen to you. Suraj says we got late and now we can’t go, we lost 5 lakhs, do something to get 10 lakhs, else…. Chakor goes.

Later, Suraj goes to Chakor and says we got 15 lakhs, you have to go Lucknow for a function, you don’t get late tomorrow, just earn for me and Imli will be free. She says fine, stop threatening me. She acts to get dizzy. He asks what happened, take rest, we have to leave tomorrow. He goes. Chakor says I will not go out of haveli, till I m sure Ranjana and Tejaswini won’t try to make Imli leave form haveli, I won’t go Lucknow with you.

Suraj says you are acting as you don’t want to come with me. She says no. he asks her to have food, and aims gun at her.

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