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The Episode starts with Manohar asking Babu to think where did Chakor go. Babu calms down and asks him not to tell anything, no one should know the girl is in the car. Manohar says he wants the car, what will he answer Bhaiya ji, she is alive, I want her. Babu asks him to keep quiet, he understands the problems, its his big loss, when Bhaiya ji knows this, he will shoot me and cancel the contract, we will get Chakor, I promise. Manohar asks him to think fast, where did the car do. Babu takes out the gun and asks everyone about the car. The man says the group of youngsters took it. Babu tells Manohar that he will get them.

The youngsters are at the garage in Mumbai. The mechanic says there is dead body in the car and asks them to go before police comes. They deny to know about it, and leave. Imli pray

for Chakor and talks to the Lord. The gang sees Chakor in the car and get shocked.

They think why did the men roam with this girl, why did we take this car, and think to bury the girl and sell the car. The girl says its not easy, we will complain in police. Chakor opens her eyes. They run saying ghost. Chakor gets up and comes out of the car. She faints. They all stop and go to her. The girl says she is not a ghost, she is alive. They do toss to decide to help the girl or not. She says its head, and we will stay here.

Kishori and Kasturi talk about Chakor. Kasturi says I m sure nothing happened to Chakor, don’t know where Imli went. She sees Imli near the Lord idol and hugs her. She asks where did she go, is she fine, she was so worried and scared, the villagers said Chakor is killed by crocodile. Imli says Chakor is fine, she will come back, see this chunri. Kasturi cries and recalls Chakor. Imli says the chunri was in the lake. Kasturi says I knew Chakor is fine, I have belief and hugs her. Imli thanks the Lord and asks to send Chakor.

Bhaiya ji and his goons look for Bhagya and Arjun in Abha’s home. Lakhan says they are not here. Bhaiya ji asks Abha where did she hide his fake son in law. Abha asks them to go, and tells Bhaiya ji that Prabhakar has files petition in court, that if anything happens to me or my son, police will arrest him, as she has life risk from him and his goons, he can’t do anything now. Bhaiya ji says your memory is weak, he has sent Ishwar to Lord when he was in jail, you and your son are little thing, police and court can’t do anything.

He says about that Arjun, I will find him, even if anyone hids him. He leaves with his goons. Abha cries and hugs Aditya. Bhuvan, Kasturti and Imli pray for Chakor. Bhuvan says they have to do something for Chakor. Kasturi says nothing happened to Chakor, she is alive. He says if everyone is saying crocodile has killed Chakor, why don’t you believe so. Imli thinks to tell them that there is no crocodile in lake, and she will go and stand in the lake to prove them.

Ranjana says she made Vivaan’s fav food and makes him have it. Bhaiya ji looks on. He says all mothers are like monkeys and stick their children, I told Babu that I will send 20 kids, but how will I, if anyone gets less, then Babu will expose me. Lakhan comes to him and says about crocodile fear, that no one is going to the lake, they have to do something. Bhaiya ji says use your mind for such things, fear is biggest weapon, make it real fear and put real crocodile in the lake. Lakhan says fine and goes.

The gang gets Chakor to their shade and sprinkle water. Chakor wakes up and asks them not to show knives. She says she does not know how she came here and recalls how she was kidnapped. She tells them. The girl says tell us who are you and from where, why did you do acting to die. Chakor says I don’t know how I came in that car, return this car and I will know who kidnapped me. The man says you want to make us get caught. The girl says fine, you don’t know, but where is your house. Chakor says Aazaadgunj. The girl says I think its outside of Mumbai. Chakor is shocked and says Mumbai, am I in Mumbai? The girl says yes, so what? Chakor looks on.

The villagers get shocked seeing the crocodile. Chakor calls Abha and her phone falls in the lake. Chakor says what to do now, the call is not connecting.

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