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The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji asking Manohar to shoot Chakor. Ranjana says yes to get punished for this crime. Chakor faints and everyone worry. Baa says she will see her, and Chakor winks saying she is fine. She says mum gets worried so soon. Bhuvan asks is she feeling dizzy. Chakor says no, I was seeing how dizziness comes. Kasturi cries and says I felt mu daughter fainted, don’t do this again. Chakor says I m doing this to make everyone smile. Vivaan and Imli say it was not funny. Baa says tell me, did you really feel dizzy. Chakor asks how does she know it. Baa says I did not make hair white in sunlight, and our inspiration is came, and looks at Bapu’s pic.

Ranjana says police will arrest Manohar if he kills Chakor. Bhaiya ji says fine, I will kill Chakor. Lakhan says till I m alive,

no need to make your hands dirty, I m loyal and can die for you too. He takes the gun and says I will kill Chakor that no one knows who shot her. Bhaiya ji says this is real loyalty, your wife is against us, but you are with us even today, great. Lakhan leaves. Ranjana taunts Tejaswini as her plan was ruined, as she wanted to ruin Manohar. Tejaswini says don’t worry, his loved ones will ruin him.

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The media gives news updates about Bhaiya ji not bending to the demands, and the protest is not getting any support. More villagers come to support them. Baa smiles The reporter says they are from other villages, and looks like they also want education and freedom from bonded labor. Baa says we will surely win now. Lakhan and Manohar come there. Lakhan says the landlord’s goons look like villagers, no one will doubt on them. Manohar asks how did they come so soon, without meeting me.

He says they are not goons, they are real villagers. Lakhan sees them and says it means they really came to support Chakor. Manohar says its good, many people and our message to reach so far. Tejaswini tells Bhaiya ji that it was good to teach Manohar a lesson, but Ranjana ruined our plan. Bhaiya ji says if Manohar killed Chakor, no one would have spared Manohar. They see the news about many villagers asking for education and supporting Chakor. Baa thanks them for coming, and asks them to sit peacefully and not make any scene. The man says we came to support you. They all say Vande Mataram.

The postman sees the goons going in van and says they are goons in labor’s disguise, I should tell this to Ishwar soon. Baa sings the bhajan. Manohar says they have come now. The goons greet Manohar. Manohar asks them to go village and join the villagers, no one should doubt on them. Lakhan says create a big scene that we get ease. Manohar says my son Vivaan is also there, he should not get any scratch. The postman rushes to inform Ishwar.

The postman calls Ishwar and tells about goons coming to create a scene in the peaceful protest, the goons are going in villager’s disguise, I know them. Ishwar says what and says he will drive the car back to Aazaadgunj. The goons reach the place and stop the car far so that they can go by walk and no one doubts on them. Baa smiles seeing more people joining them and says she is glad that they are with them in this protest. Chakor asks Aditya how did he like their Sitapur. Aditya says I have see it. Vivaan asks about his book. Aditya says he has to write about hunger strike in it. Lakhan signs the goon and the goon says I feel the kids got very hungry and they can die, till when will this go on.

He says our kids will die, when they are not alive, who will go to school, what education then, Bhaiya ji is not doing anything. Baa asks them to calm down. The man says we will go to haveli to meet Bhaiya ji. The inspector stops them, and the goon pushes him down. Baa asks them to stop it, and a big fight starts between villagers and police. Ishwar comes and stops them. Manohar and Lakhan see Ishwar. Ishwar says the fight shows they are goons, as I got this news. Chakor is shocked.

The people create chaos. Manohar aims at Chakor. Baa sees him and is shocked. She shouts Chakor and everyone is shocked.

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