Udaan 25th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Raghav supports Chakor

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The Episode starts with Chakor beating Akash and bringing him downstairs. He says Akash had raped Rajjo, he tried to kill Anjor. They get shocked. Akash says Chakor is lying, why will I do this. Chakor says you are lying, you are a fraud, I have saved my daughter, else his planning was solid. Tejaswini says he can’t do this. Chakor says just forget the relations and then see his truth. Tejaswini says stop giving me lecture, I m elder of this house, I know keeping respect in relations. Chakor and Tejaswini argue. Rohit and everyone stand with Tejaswini.

Chakor asks what are you doing. Tejaswini says my family is with me. Chakor asks Girja to explain Tejaswini and support her. Girja also joins Tejaswini. Chakor asks Leela to understand her and support her in this fight. Leela says I know, but Akash

didn’t do anything wrong, his crime isn’t proved yet. She joins Tejaswini. Rajjo stands by Chakor. Jyoti says I didn’t know there will be a line drawn between this family, there is still time, Chakor question Akash but don’t blame him, he is a nice man, he can’t do anything wrong. Chakor says I will expose Akash and then you all will regret to believe him. Leela says its the blackmailer’s call. Tejaswini asks Chakor to answer on speaker. Chakor answers. Someone threatens her. Akash winks to Chakor. Chakor and Rajjo get shocked. Tejaswini scolds Chakor for blaming Akash and hurting their heart.

She says Rajjo’s culprit is still on loose, you are blaming Akash, you are standing alone, just look at yourself. Raghav comes and says who says madam is standing alone, I m with madam. Tejaswini says that doesn’t matter, you are an imposter, you have no relation with this house. Raghav says I know, but Rajjo is like my sister, I will get justice for her, Akash thinks this is his protective circle, one day they will not leave you Akash.

Inspector asks Imli to sign the papers. He scares her. She stays still. Inspector says you have broken the bail rules, you are involved in Anjor’s kidnapping, just accept the kidnapping crime. Imli says what crime, I know everything. Raghav, Rajjo and Chakor come there. Raghav says you don’t know anything, Imli isn’t a criminal. Chakor says yes inspector, Imli has done many bad things, but she isn’t after Anjor’s kidnapping, someone else is behind it. Raghav says you are going to do the same mistake again. Inspector asks who is the culprit. Chakor says Akash. She tells everything. Imli says even if you try to make me away, I will come back to you, we have blood relations, this relation can never break. She smiles seeing Chakor.

Tejaswini asks Girja why is she scared. Girja says I m worried for this family, Leela said that Chakor and Raghav have gone to complaint against Akash. Akash says this will defame our family. Tejaswini asks him not to worry. Akash threatens to cut his nerve and die. They all stop him. Jyoti says you couldn’t stop Chakor. Tejaswini says yes, but I can stop someone else.

Imli says Akash would be planning something big, just file the report against him. Chakor says don’t explain me what to do, just go, you are free now. Imli refuses to go. She scolds inspector for arresting her without any proof and compelling her to accept the charges. She gets angry on him. She says I will sit here and enjoy the tea, I will see this case’s proceedings. She gets seated there.

Raghav asks Chakor to file report fast. Inspector gets minister’s call. He answers the call. Imli laughs. Chakor asks is there any game going on here. Imli says minister has called the inspector, think why did minister call, I will tell you in some time. Inspector comes. He says minister is saying that he has big vote bank in Aazaadgunj, haveli people will get upset if they arrest Akash, report can’t be lodged against Akash. They get shocked.

Chakor says I have hidden something from you, Suraj isn’t alive, Raghav is here. Chakor and Anjor come to Tejaswini.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. On seeing new promo,I guess Akash will kill Rajjo.They are doing all these to give more ss to imli.hopefully they show Raghav is Suraj while exposing Akash.This fickle minded teju is irritating.

  2. CVs never learn, you can’t sideline and the male lead, story becomes boring.
    Chakor-Teju scene went on forever.
    Imli know it all attitude is boring, she isn’t needed in this track.
    I know you they want to slow the narrative but they can show Raghav-Anjor scenes, Chakor-Anjor, Chakor Rajjo, Teju with her nephews and niece, Teju with Anjor, Teju remembering Suraj, Chakor-Raghav, not everything should be dramatic, add depth to characters.
    They’re going too far in showing everyone against Chakor, Teju’s attitude is indefensible, how can she trust someone she only recently meant over Chakor? how can she believe that Chakor is lying?
    How is Teju more influential than Chakor? Chakor is more famous and more respected and is also part of haveli.
    I wish Chakor tried to answer back to the phone call, I suspect that it was a recording played by some sidekick of Akash.

  3. I request the writers of this show to bring back vivaan or suraj. Bcoz they showing raghav imli scenes more than sukor scenes don’t know that imli is changed or not. And the way she speaking to raghav😠😠😠😠.

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