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The Episode starts with Chakor saying Arjun Sir….. Arjun asks Chakor where is she, from where is she calling, I was telling Bhagya about you. Chakor says I have seen you yesterday. He asks where, why did you not call me, why are you talking like this, are you fine. She says yes. A goon sees Arjun and drives the car. Arjun asks Chamor where is she and gets knocked down by the car. He screams. Chakor hears this and shouts Arjun Sir…. The car goes. The people see Arjun wounded and gather around. The storekeeper looks at Chakor. Amma asks Chakor what happened.

Chakor recalls Ishwar’s death. She says he died like my Mausa ji died. Amma asks what. Chakor says yes, he was talking and then he screamed, he died, I will call ahgain. Amma takes her and leaves. The storekeeper doubts on them. Babu looks

on and informs Vaibhavi about Arjuns accident. She says fine, leave him and follow Rocky, Chakor will meet Rocky. He says fine.

Chakor says Arjun Sir died. Amma says don’t say this, if Ishwar died, it does not mean Arjun died. Sunny asks her to think positive. Amma says recall what Billu said about Kasturi, her mum had trust that you are alive, you are fine here alone. She asks her to change her mindset and say nothing happened to Arjun Sir. They all say nothing happened to Arjun. Chakor says Arjun Sir is fine, nothing happened to him, and smiles.

Sunny says we will find your Arjun Sir, don’t worry. Soham says yes, even I will find him. Chakor says we will find him everywhere. They try finding Arjun. They see the crowd there and go to see what happened. Chakor says Arjun is not here, where would he be. Sunny says accident did not happen here. Rocky comes across Arjun and sees him wounded. He asks the men to put Arjun in his car and takes him to the hospital. Chakor and her friends come there. They see Rocky and Chakor calls out Rocky. Sunny runs to stop Chakor.

They stop Chakor. Sunny asks Chakor is she mad. Chakor says she knows he is Rocky. Sunny says if anyone knows you are Chakor, then you are gone. Soham says she came 4 days ago and made brother, sister and everything here. Chakor says fine, see my looks, that’s why Rocky did not identify me. Sunny asks do you want to find Rocky or Arjun? Chakor says they will find Arjun, as Rocky won’t identify me in day time.

Bhagya does puja and the call rings. She gets Vaibhavi’s call and gets shocked knowing about Arjun’s accident. Vaibhavi says your husband will never call you now. Bhagya drops the phone. Vivaan asks what happened. Bhaiya ji comes and asks Vivaan whose call was it. He takes the phone and talks to Vaibhavi. She says I was telling Bhagya that her husband met with an accident. He asks what. She says she is your daughter, she is in shock, manage her. He says fine, what about Chakor.

She laughs and asks him not to worry, she will find Chakor. Chakor does not find Arjun and gets upset. They all come home. Chakor says she will find her Arjun Sir. Amma says she feels the goons have done Arjun’s accident, it means they are dangerous, they have to free kids first. Chakor asks what to do now. Amma says maybe Arjun is taken to hospital. Chakor thinks to find Arjun and the kids.

Rocky gets a call and says he does not know about the man, and tells inspector that its police work to inform the man’s family. Vaibhavi asks the client for the blood group as her staff is finding the rare blood group. She asks Rocky to have food and go. He leaves. She says maybe the blood will be arranged today and calls Babu asking him to follow Rocky. Chakor is sad. The kids are sad too and cry.

The client offers much money to Vaibhavi. Amma ji asks Sunny about Chakor.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ohh no chakor
    be positive baby
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  3. Does rocky know his mom’s cruel acts or not…….

  4. Does rocky know his mom’s cruel acts….

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