Udaan 25th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Udaan 25th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Bhavani coming and greeting Bhaiya ji. Tejaswini asks is it anything imp, and says she will not be hurdle in their talk as its about puja and leaves. Bhaiya ji gets angry and asks did she come to have money. Bhavani says no, I came to say Devi Maa has gone missing. He is shocked. He asks her to find her. She says she could not find her and asks her to find him as he has much contacts here. He says shut up, and scolds her. He asks her to leave.

Chakor comes and says Kaki came to say Bhagya is not in temple. He asks how does she know. She says as Bhagya is in haveli. He says what and is shocked. She says yes. He asks how did she come. She says she swears on Lord, she did not bring her, Bhagya came herself. He asks her to find her, before anyone sees her, take her out. He says

he will not let her run in race if she fails, and scares her. Tejaswini asks why is he sending her, to find whom. He gets tensed.

Bhagya is in room. He says I lost my watch. Tejaswini says you are wearing it. He laughs and says not this one, my ancestral watch, its like blessing for me. She asks why is he sending her. He says it happened because of her. Chakor says I did not do this. He says you did this. Chakor says she forgot where she kept the watch. He says when time goes, it does not come back. Chakor and Bhaiya ji look for Bhagya.

Bhaiya ji sees her in the room and is shocked. He says she is Devi Maa, and that too in my room. Bhagya sees bangles and smiles. She sees Bhaiya ji’s pic and says Pita. Bhaiya ji comes to her and shows Tejaswini as her mum. She kisses their pic. He says sorry, you are Devi Maa avatar and you should not have any inclination towards family, she is born to make world better. Tejaswini comes and he gets tensed. Chakor says there will be some way. He says no, the 18 year old secret will be out. She says I will do something, wait here.

Chakor tells Tejaswini that Bhaiya ji for the watch. Bhaiya ji asks Bhagya to help her and please save her. Tejaswini comes and the power goes. Chakor switches off the lights and says thanks Suraj, he did this in my exam and I came to know of this switch. Chakor tells Bhaiya ji that she will take Bhagya. She leaves. Tejaswini asks who is it.

Bhagya bumps into her and Chakor says its her. Tejaswini questions her and Bhaiya ji sends her. Bhaiya ji asks Tejaswini to come and diverts her mind. Tejaswini says but I m saying truth, it was someone else who bumped to my shoulder. The power comes. Chakor brings Bhagya out and asks her why did she come there. Bhagya cries. Chakor asks why is she crying. She apologizes. Bhagya drops the album. Chakor sees it and looks at her.

Chakor asks Bhagya is Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini her parents. Bhagya says Pita and Maa and Chakor gets stunned.

Update Credit to: Amena

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