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The Episode starts with Chakor telling the media about Vaibhavi’s organ racket. The media asks the names of Vaibhavi’s supporters. Laali asks Bhaiya ji to come fast and see the news, Chakor is talking against him. Bhaiya ji sees the news. Chakor says Bhaiya ji is involved in kidnapping. She tells everything. He gets angry. Chakor names Babu also. Abha sees the news and calls Arjun. The guard tells Bhaiya ji about media at the door. Arjun says its big problem, don’t worry, I have come to Mumbai, I m going to juvenile court and meet Chakor, nothing will happen to her, she did not do any crime. Abha cries.

Amma asks who is Nayantara. Dadi asks is she not Nayantara, who is she then. Amma says I m Amma ji, I got kids from Mumbai. Amma says since I came here, I feel I know this place. Lakhan thanks

Amma ji for bringing the kids and regard her as Lord, and invites her to stay with them. Kasturi asks Amma ji to stay with them, and asks about Chakor and Imli. Amma says they are fine, you have give smartness and values to Chakor. Nanu cries and says he can’t believe Vaibhavi was running organ rackets. Rocky says we took time to understand, kids understood Vaibhavi,

Arjun comes to court and hears the media. Chakor will be kept in children home, since the decision will be taken. Chakor hugs Imli. Imli cries and asks whats happening. Chakor says they are my new friends. Imli says I m not fool, I know they are catching you. Chakor asks her to promise she will not tell this to mum and dad. Arjun says this is not jail, but children home. Imli promises Chakor and cries.

Chakor says Imli will keep parents happy. Imli asks Arjun and Rocky to save Chakor. Rocky says he will get best judge and save Chakor. Chakor asks Imli to go to their parents. Chakor hugs her and gives her Ganpati. Imli gets the chunri and ties on her hand. Arjun takes Imli and leaves. Chakor asks Soham, Sunnu and Tamasha to go. Soham and Sunny say they will wait here, till she comes back. The inspector says enough of love, take her now.

Bhaiya ji denies to know Vaibhavi infront of media. The police comes and asks media not to trouble Bhaiya ji. The inspector clears Bhaiya ji’s name. Bhaiya ji says opposition has made Chakor name me to use this situation, I m true, Lord knows the truth. Chakor is brought to children detention centre. She meets Kusum. Kusum takes the chunri and asks her to race with her to get the chunri back. She asks what is Chakor thinking and runs. Chakor holds her hand and stops her.

Chakor and Kusum have a talk. Kusum tries scaring her by getting a frog and trouble her.

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