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The Episode starts with Suraj and Chakor coming to Dhaba. The man says we have all the dishes. Suraj asks him to get food later. The man says I think you are newly weds and its first Karwachauth. Chakor asks why did you not say we are divorced. Suraj says legally, we are still husband and wife, divorce did not happen. She asks what, you were in hurry that day, then what happened. He says yes, I was in hurry but…

She says Ragini’s goons kidnapped you. He says yes. She says it means we are still husband and wife, I did not free of you, it means we will not get divorced till we submit papers in court, where are papers. He says its in my jeep. The man gets the food. Suraj asks her to eat, food is tasty. She eats food fast. He looks at her and smiles. He says you were really hungry, shall I order

anything else, pulao is good here. He asks man to get pulao and malai kofta. Someone takes divorce papers from Suraj’s jeep.

Suraj asks Chakor to have the pulao and koftas. Chakor eats fast. Suraj smiles. She asks what are you looking at me, have your food. He says yes, don’t know why I feel, you kept Karwachauth fast for me, you said you did not eat food because of village trouble, it looks a lie. She says I will never keep fast for you. He calls her Jhuti and says you can’t stay hungry for 2 days, you kept 2 days fast, you want to get me for 14 births, great wife. She says my mum says if wife keeps 2 days fast, bad things happen with husband, he goes blind. He asks what nonsense, you are joking, I don’t believe this, does this happen really. She laughs.

He says you were joking, my mummy says if you joke bad with one who feeds you, stomach gets bad. They laugh. He says we are great enemies, if we were friends, our friendship would have been great. She says friendship with you never. He asks why, whats bad in me. She says there are many bad things, you dance with dancers, you drink wine, what do you get by wine. He says heavenly peace. She asks him to have Rabdi to get peace. He asks the man to get more Rabdi. Suraj adds wine in her drinks glass. She asks why are you smiling Suraj.

She drinks juice. He says no, I m not. She asks did you eat gulab jamun with Rabdi, its tasty. He says your age is less, you would have not eaten. She says you are very stubborn, you don’t listen to me, I told you to have this. He murmurs she got drunk soon. She acts to get drunk and says I will make you have this. She makes him eat sweets. He says I did big mistake, I wanted to show her heaven, she is showing me hell. She laughs. He asks why are you laughing. She says did you feel I m so foolish, and you are so smart that I won’t know if you add wine in my drink, see I had drunk another one. She recalls she has thrown wine. He says you are sharp minded, very few people can trick me.

Bhaiya ji and Ranjana come there. She gets shocked seeing Bhaiya ji and Ranjana. She tells Suraj that his dad is here. He asks what to do, if he sees me with you, he will understand I m not with him. She says there is just one exit way. He asks her to think fast. She hides under the table. He turns to hide face. Ranjana sees him and says Suraj. Suraj says Papa you…. Bhaiya ji says you here. Suraj says I came here to avoid Karwachauth and all. Ranjana says but there was food served for two here. Suraj says yes, my servant was with me.

Bhaiya ji asks where is he. Suraj says he was here, his sister got ill, so he had to leave, see time is going bad, there is no one to support me. Bhaiya ji says Ranjana, we will sit on this table, Suraj did good work, we will make him have sweets. Chakor gets tensed. Suraj sits with them. Bhaiya ji feeds sweets to Suraj. Chakor is sitting under table. Suraj says mosquitoes are bothering me, shall we sit near the fan, come. He takes them to other table. Bhaiya ji asks for menu. Suraj says I know what are good dishes here, I will go and order.

He explains the man. He signs Chakor to leave. Chakor runs away silently. Suraj gets relieved. He tells Bhaiya ji that I will leave now, you both celebrate Karwachauth. He leaves.

Its morning, Vivaan and Chakor are on the way. She says we will get proof from jail. They go to jail and meet prisoners, jailer. They don’t get any info. Vivaan says what will we do now. A tea vendor says I know Kamal Narayan, I can tell you, but I want money for family. Vivaan pays him money. The man says jailer and inspector knew about bhaiya ji, both are missing now, jailer Yadav was a good man, I wish he is fine. Vivaan says if we get those policemen, we can get proof. Chakor says yes, lawyer told me Yadav changed statement in court by some pressure, we have to find Yadav. Imli calls Vivaan and says I got info that Bhaiya ji and Ragini are announcing something in factory, inform Chakor. She ends call. Vivaan informs Chakor. She says don’t know, what new plan he made now to ruin us.

Bhaiya ji comes to Ragini. He says I got milkshake for you, and tries to end her anger. She gets angry and says I got you free from jail, how did you accept Suraj, he tried to kill you. He says calm down, who said I will forgive Suraj, I made all this plan in jail. She asks what do you mean. He says I will say. Tejaswini gives tickets and asks Suraj to go away, Bhaiya ji will not forgive you, I think he is planning something dangerous against you. He says I know, but will you stay alone. She says I will also come with you. Bhaiya ji says I did not know Suraj’s reaction, I got friendly with Suraj to know his weakness, so that I get chance to attack on him. Ragini smiles and says Suraj does not know he is going to die.

Suraj says I know there is danger, but I m not a coward to run away, you go, I will not have worry. She says no, you know parents can’t leave children in danger, I can’t leave you alone. He says don’t worry, I know the danger, I will not die being unaware.

Ragini asks when will Suraj die. He says Diwali night, I m raising snake in sleeve since 25 years, Suraj cheated me, I will kill him first. He asks did Suraj and Chakor get divorced. She says they both signed, but papers did not get submitted in court, I have the papers and will submit soon. She recalls how she sent her goon to steal divorce papers. She says if Chakor does anything, we can proof Chakor is not Suraj’s wife, we know they both hate each other, Chakor can’t think to come back to haveli. Bhaiya ji says you are my daughter and gets glad. She says Vivaan can be beneficial for us, he is very sharp, we can use him, person gets needy and weak for family.

Vivaan and Chakor are on the way back home. He says Imli and I have seen many dreams of future, what will happen. Chakor says you are educated and smart, you will get any job. He says yes, I should work. Ragini says Vivaan knows to pull money, now he has no money, so we will find job, I want he does not get job anywhere, and we can use his talent. He says don’t worry, I won’t let Vivaan do work anywhere, I m going to village to make big announcement. Chakor asks Vivaan to drive faster. They reach village.

Bhaiya ji talks to everyone. He says Vivaan is foolish, but he is my family blood. He asks Imli to get Vivaan. He says he wants to gift all villagers for Diwali. They all get one rupee coins. Chakor asks one rupee? Bhaiya ji smiles.

Imli asks Chakor to focus on goal. Chakor says we have to focus to send Bhaiya ji and his helpers to jail. Suraj, Chakor, Imli and Vivaan join hands. Suraj says now we are together, we have more smartness and courage, we will win. Udaan hai….plays…………..

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wow once again a nice episode with sukor cute n funny scene….it was awesome when sooraj looked at chakor while she was eating….but can anyone say that sooraj a.k.a vijendra is really will not be gonna seen in udaan for few episodes???if its true then how can I see udaan without sooraj….

    1. I thinks it’s true sooraj can’t see in udaan for someday because sooraj aka vijendra going to becoming father i don’t know which month but her wife bcom pregnant

      1. It’s try VK’s wife gave birth to a baby girl a few days ago so VK will be going on paternity leave

  2. Wow sukor scene was soo nice and cute and loved the way how suraj look at chakor and also his chal jhooti dialogue but chakor feelings stilll vry confusing hope after suraj accident chakor felling will changed for him and she will come back to haveli

  3. Udaan...meeta

    Hummm no interesting story…wanted badly sukor love story…had to wait for lobg time

  4. sukor scene…… Amazing……

  5. Amazing sukor scenes yaar…thanks writers and loved the way suraj was staring at chakor while she was eating…

  6. nice epi and sukor scenes

  7. suraj became father on 21st october

  8. Vijendran became a father of baby girl yesterday before (sunday).his wife and baby was fine.

  9. They’ll probably get a body double to lie in a hospital bed as Suraj for a few days. Going to miss Sukor

  10. surajjjjj…..plzzzzzzzz…….don’t gooooo……I don’t want to miss sukor scenesssss…..surajjj… without u udaan will b toooo…boringgggg…….

    1. Agree with u…..

  11. Wow nice episode but cgakor and vivan’s jodi is the best and cute

  12. In the new spoiler video there will be a diwali party in haveli and he will drink…after that suraj will be surrounded by many goons with guns on their hands..Vijayendra also says that it will be the climax of their cold war..

  13. Wow Suraj was staring at chakor,how cute

  14. Is Oing to die?

  15. plz update today’s epi

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