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The Episode starts with Amma asking Bhaiya ji to tell her. He says he has to go, he will talk later. She says she will shoot herself. Bhaiya ji stops her and says what is she doing, he is her brother and loves her a lot. He says he will tell her about Satya, don’t tell me I snatched your happiness. She says no, just tell me everything. He says you are nearly 19 year old, and I was 25 year old, our dad died suddenly and this haveli business came on my shoulders, I came to know you are in love with bandhua labor. She says his name was Satya.

FB shows Nayantara and Satya talking about their love. She makes him wear a chain and says they will have love relation from now on and hugs him. Bhaiya ji comes there and shouts Nayantara….. Amma sees the chain in her hand. She says you have punished Satya,

you killed him. Bhaiya ji says I wanted to do this, but my love for my sister stopped me. Girja looks on. Bhaiya ji says he was decorating haveli, he was making her get married to Satya. She asks really? FB shows Nayantara and Satya getting married by Bhaiya ji’s blessings.

Bhaiya ji says but I came to know Satya works for a dacoit group. She gets shocked. Chakor gets in between. Bhaiya ji pushes her. He says Satya wanted to enter the haveli by trapping Nayantara in love and wanted to loot this haveli. GB shows the marriage happening. Few goons come there and stop the marriage. Satya apologizes to the man and says I want freedom from bad life. The man asks him to give safe keys. Nayantara asks him to leave Satya.

Satya says I can’t cheat Nayantara, I love her. Nayantara asks do you know him. The man laughs and says Satya works for us. Satya runs from there and the dacoits catch him and Nayantara. Satya does not give the keys. The man throws him down the cliff. Nayantara cries and says I can’t live without you, I m coming and jumps down. FB ends. Bhaiya ji says till I reached there, Karma did his work and run away. He smiles fooling her.

Amma cries. Bhaiya ji lies to her and says I had hope that my sister will come back, you came back, I did not wish to tell you, to spoil your happiness, I was worried for you. He asks her to forget the past. He goes. Chakor says Girja, seeing you I feel you don’t believe Bhaiya ji. Girja asks her to stop nonsense and go. Chakor says there is something fishy.

A man comes to Bhaiya ji and says Bhagya and Arjun were meeting in garden, I have seen them, Bhaiya ji gets shocked. Bhagya comes to haveli happily. Amma says she will not stay here now, she wants to go, why did she get survived after her husband’s death, I don’t remember anything. Sunny says we came here to get justice for Chakor. Amma apologizes to Chakor and says she will go. Chakor says Bhaiya ji is big liar, he can do anything for his profit. Amma says I can’t hear anything against him. They hear Bhaiya ji shouting.

Bhaiya ji drags Bhagya and says I told you not to meet Arjun. Bhagya says Arjun is my husband. He scolds her and asks her to shut up. He says he never forgives if someone makes mistake. The family comes there and looks on. Bhaiya ji says Tejaswini, my wife, she was in jail, I did not bail her out, as she did not listen to me. He reminds her jail days. He says I did not forgive my real mum, who is that Arjun for me then. Bhagya shouts and takes a Trishul pointing at him. They all get shocked. Bhagya calls him Devil and says Arjun is my husband, no one can stop her from meeting him.

He says great and claps. He laughs and says the man who made her Devi, she is pointing trishul at that man. He says you said you will meet Arjun, and who will stop you. He says I will stop you. She says I will meet Arjun. He asks her to say again. She says I will go to meet Arjun. He asks her to think, he can go to any extent. She says I will go and shouts. He fums and gets his gun. He aims gun at Bhagya. Amma looks on. Chakor thinks to help Bhagya by doing something.

Bhaiya ji opens cupboard and gets shocked seeing Chakor. Chakor asks who has killed Satya, Ishwar and me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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