Udaan 24th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Udaan 24th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Yogesh asking Suraj and Chakor to kiss. Suraj says what to do, we can’t do this. She says yes, never, maybe he is lying to take revenge. He says he hates me, how did he agree so soon, I have to find some way. She says yes, some other way. Vivaan asks Imli whats the problem of girls, you rejected them, and chose two guys for secretary post. She says no, I know they can’t do work. He smiles and says you are jealous thinking the girl will be with me in my cabin. She says no, I will not leave her. She asks don’t you trust me. She says I trust you, I have seen in movies, secretary makes wife out of home.

He laughs and says its imp, my work will end soon and I can come to you soon. She asks can’t male secretary work. He says girls work more harder than guys, Raunak can

sent them. He jokes you know about my job. She says I did not meet Raunak before and worries. He says fine, I had doubt that Raunak knows you and you got this job for me, if you saying you did not do this, I trust you, I just asked as I don’t want anyone’s favor. He goes to pay bill. She prays that Vivaan never knows this, else he will never work.

The men say Suraj and Chakor are lying, they are not kissing despite being husband and wife. Suraj says if Yogesh is saying true, we want proof against Bhaiya ji and Ragini, if we have to kiss, its fine, we should kiss, many people will get freedom. She says why don’t you say straight that you want to kiss me. Suraj says what nonsense, talk slowly, none should know. Yogesh says why so much talk for a kiss, you have to do this for address and to leave alive. Suraj says I m ready to kiss. Chakor says I m not ready.

Suraj asks her does she have any plan, else kiss and leave. She says I have no plan, just Yogesh can help. Suraj says then its decided, kiss, take address and leave. She says but you won’t say anyone else… he says are you mad, I care for my respect, if anyone knows I kissed you, my respect will be ruined. She says fine, I m going. Yogesh stops them and shoots. Suraj says I was joking, I m lucky to kiss you, our names will be written in history. She asks do you have such big expectations.

Suraj holds her to kiss. She tries to stop. Suraj says everyone is here, so…. I will kiss her. Chakor says we will close eyes and kiss, they will get what they want. He holds her to kiss. Police comes around. They hear the siren and stop. Yogesh and the men run away. Suraj gets the address and leaves with Chakor.

Imli tells Vivaan that she has made his fav food, its his prize as he has come after work. He likes the food and feeds her also. She thinks to tell truth to Vivaan and says forgive me. He asks why, you made good food. She says I went to meet Raunak to get job for you, sorry to hide this from you. He gets shocked. She apologizes and says sorry. He kisses her and consoles her. He thanks her for helping him. He says you did good work to end Raunak’s fear, have food now.

Bhaiya ji and Ranjana look on. He says I don’t want them here, you said Ragini is targeting Suraj, its good, I will go Kaal bhairav havan, enemy will end by it, Suraj is my biggest enemy. She says I m sure Ragini will win, Suraj’s destruction is definite. Suraj and Chakor ask for the address. The man tells them about Kaal bhairav puja and shows the way. Suraj says I will get car. Chakor says we will go by walk, your age and stamina will get high. She asks him to come. He sees Yogesh’s men. The men catch Suraj and Chakor. A girl informs Ragini and asks shall I kill them.

Chakor says maybe she is talking to Ragini. Suraj beats the men and runs with Chakor. Its night, Suraj and Chakor run. She gets hurt. The men look for them. Suraj and Chakor hide and have an eyelock. He asks did you understand why I stopped you from coming to Yogesh. She says yes you got me as shield, I did not know you hate me so much, why, what did I do, you wanted to kill me and got Yogesh’s goons. Suraj says I did not hate you so much as he said. She asks why did you hate me. He says listen to me, a father got away from a son because of you, you may not understand this, Bhaiya ji used to just think of you, he forgot he had a son who needs his love, I wanted to kill you so that I get my family back. She says you will kill me if you get chance now. He says no, I m not a kid, you are not so bad as Bhaiya ji said. She asks are you saying this as I saved your life. He says think what you want.

She says if I did not save you, Yogesh would have killed you. He says fine, think this and get happy. She says I got to know you are pretender.

Chakor asks are you jailer Yadav, we have come to help you. Bhaiya ji prays to Kaal bhairav to ruin Suraj. Ragini aims gun at Suraj and Chakor, and asks how did you like my plan to trap you.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Angel

    As expected they wont kiss😥 but that eyelock 😍is beautiful there eyes😍 full of love for each other😘 and i love how suraj hold chakor and talk to him a its so intense😍 and yeah its obvious suraj is a kid and his father always pay attention to chakor anyone would feel jealous 😞and when he turn bad like his father than only he got his father love and attention anyone would do that😔 but i love today epi only bcoz of sukor 😘😘

  2. ankur

    Superb episode.Another best one.She loves him so much thats why she cant tolerate his hatred..😢😢😢😢😢

  3. Nisha

    lovely episode sukor was asually awesome. Their fight is so cute and nice. Waiting for their love realization.

  4. janu

    nice episode!!!sukor scenes r really awesome with nok-jokes,eyelock,fighting romance etc…..i really enjoyed the episode!! its totally a amazing episode!!. now chakor will think suraj is the prentender???? what will happen now???i can’t understand that.

  5. Neema

    oooopppssss….nothng happnd😕😕😕anywys I’m sooo….sooo…sooo…happy😊😊😊😄😄😄 with today’s sukor scenesss…luv u my sukory babiessssssss💑👫💑👫😍😙😘😚

  6. Kalika

    Dear CVs we don’t want to see ViMli anymore, we want our Sukor and KN cat and mouse game, vivaan is useless, he has no track he ans his wife should be written off send them overseas or something.

  7. Tarn 💜

    Incredible episode. Especially the part where Suraj confessed to Chakor why he wanted to kill her, when they were younger. It was so raw and heartfelt. He finally expressed how he felt to her. Not the feelings we want him to express, but we’ll have to take what we can get 😉. Anyways in that moment they were finally able to see eye to eye. It was like a moment of undestanding between them. And then they went back to their normal selves. Arguing again 😂. But that’s why we all love them 😍.

  8. Neema

    Yupppp….Sanjana thy r our supb kiduuuu’sss…..😎😎😎😎😎avar thagarkkummm…. sureeee….👍👍👍

  9. Neema

    Angelllll…..👍👍👍👌👌👌😙 sukor hatersss if v get uuu…4 1tim surrr…v vll finish uuu…..🔫🔫🔫🔪🔪🔪🔫🔫🔫🔪🔪🔪 itzzz sukor luvrsss….areaaa…….💓💘💝💞 …nt htrsssss….😝💔 undrstnd??? 👈👈👈U idiotttzzzzzz?????……🐴🐴🐴

  10. sia

    As I was busy yesterday I couldn’t comment,anyway

    Super episode,angel hamamara sapna sach Hua the jungle scenes 😍😍😍.
    We were expecting sukor kiss and we got vimli kiss😭😭😭😭

    Runak please transfer vivaan to abroad and send imli with him,jindagi bar hum tumhari issan nehi bulengi

  11. Ileeana

    Hi Angel, How R U I M Siclent Reader Of Udaan And I Love Sukor Chemistry Very Much So Can I Join In Urs Sukor FC, Plz..And Dear Sukor Hater I U Hate Sukor Then Its Ok We Cant Force U Guys To Love It But Atleast Dont Pass Such A Negative Comments..Plz Its A Huge Reqst

  12. sukor fan

    Get lost u sukor hater and don’t spread negitivity here and don’t spoil our mood.if u hate them then don’t watch udaan nor sukor for god sake.no one is begging you to watch udaan here u idiot.

    Stay away from udaan and its fandom understand u fool and how dare you to bad mouth angel and neema????same reflects u back donkey

  13. Riya

    Sukor haters pls do not use foul language keep your point of view to u only and dare u use foul language I love sukor

  14. Neema

    🙈🙉🙊…..ohhhh…my mahathmajiiii….. itzzz….realllyyyy trueeee….today I hurtly realizd it from a commenttttt…😦😢…that words… really hurtsss…🔪😭

  15. Angel

    Ok i got it u r guy who hates handsome people like suraj and u hate chakor bcoz u r jealous she romance with suraj or may be u should go and check wheather u r gay i got it ur love for suraj us making you hate sukor as there chemistry is rocking and sizzling as hell we got it mr sukor hater

  16. priya

    If ur hating them so much what’s the need to watch udaan waste ur time none is begging u to watch udaan aur jabaan samhal ke Baath karna!!!!!warning ⚠ from sukorians.if u bad mouth them it reflects back to you

    Don’t ever visit this sight again and spoil our mood

  17. H.K. Udaan

    Hope You Guys Had Enjoyed Our Show! We Are Happy That You Guys Are Liking It.. So If U Have Any Complains Then Comment Us Down..If Yours Comments Are Logical Then We Will Try To Fix It!
    -Team H.K.Udaan

  18. Angel

    Guys all sukorians plz dnt get hurt by his words as he is suffering from homos*xuality these type of people are very disturbed so they want to disturb other people soo ignore him dnt waste ur time on him .,so MR GAY we can now understand ur feelings and ur hatred for sukor ,hate them we wont say anything good bye…

  19. priya

    Agree with you angel really can’t believe they are hating Suraj such a handsome and hot personality,think they don’t have any taste and having bad fate so that they are hating Suraj and chakor is so cute and sweet and think they can’t tolerate sweetness ,hassi aa rahi hai tumhari upar aur tumhari ghatiya soch ke upae😅😅😅

  20. sia

    Ya angel I ignored them so I didn’t feel to reply them back.
    Let’s enjoy udaan and our sukor😍😍😍

  21. Angel

    You r right sia why i m wasting my time on him forget him and just enjoy udaan and sukor., love sukor to moon and back

  22. Sukanya

    Haaaa Angel ignore that Sukorrrr haterrr. He don’t have manners. Even he don’t no how to talk with girls so ignore him. We all are sukor lovers. We always love Sukorrrr alottt.

  23. Trisha

    My god who is this person….mind your own buisness…. who the hell are you to speak in such rude way…we love sukor and their onscreen chemistry and whats wrong in that I dont undurstand…if you want to comment over here then improve your language….

  24. Angel

    Guys vj new insta post where the jailer yadav is shooting suraj and in real life vj got hurt with some fake bullet or something like little bomb which hurt his head

  25. Neema

    Thank uuu…guyzzz…4 ur support…Luv u all……nd deepika itz okkk bttttt….I hav 1 requstttt plzzz don’t use tht kind of words 2 anyone again….bcozzz itz really hurts usss…that’s y I’m tellng uuu….b a good girl okkkkkk…..aftrall…. Gud 2knw tht u r sukor fannn….

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