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The Episode starts with Chakor scaring Chunnu showing the bill. She asks her to imagine how everyone will beat her when they know she is not Chakor. Chunni imagines and gets scared. Chakor asks her to leave from here. Dadi cries and talks to Lord, saying its not Chakor, its her sister, who came like Chakor, which means Chakor had died, what shall I do, shall I cry for Chakor’s death or get glad that her sister has come. She recalls Chakor’s twin’s birth. She asks the lady not to tell this to anyone, else Tejaswini will make both girls bandhua.

She asks her to give promise, no one should know this, we all are bandhua, save this girl from becoming bandhua. The lady agrees. FB ends. Dadi cries and prays. Bhuvan looks for money. Kasturi says he won’t get money to drink wine. She gets vegs and

says she ended all money. He asks what is festival today. She reminds its Chakor’s birthday, its festival for her. She will call entire villagers for feast today. Imli dances.

Dadi cries and thinks how to tell them that Chakor is dead and this girl is her twin sister. Vivaan smiles seeing Manohar and Ranjana bringing balloons for him. He says they want his happiness. Vivaan says its Chakor’s birthday too. Manohar asks what gift he wants. Vivaan asks them to be happy, that’s his gift. He says he is going to wish Chakor. Ranjana gets irked. Manohar says he will know she is not real Chakor. She asks what do you mean. He says nothing.

Chakor talks to Vivaan. He says its Chakor’s birthday, I wanted to give this to her. He wishes her happy birthday and shakes hands. She thanks him. She gifts him a cap and they have a talk. They laugh happily and go high five. Imli comes there and says she has come to wish Chakor. Chagan and Billu greet Chakor happy birthday. Vivaan says its my birthday too. Imli wishes him happy birthday and asks where is Didi. Chakor recalls Kasturi. FB shows Imli and Chakor singing. She asks Imli ti sing with her, as Chakor told her. Imli stops Choka and says she will sing with her sister.

Chunni comes and says I m here. Imli says she was waiting for her. She wishes her happy birthday and hugs her. Imli asks Chunni to sing. Chunni forgets. Chakor sings with Imli, and Chunni looks on. Chunni says she will sing and Imli says no need now. Bhaiya ji comes and gets to know its Chakor’s birthday. Imli says let me take her. Bhaiya ji says Amma made her part of this haveli, and its Vivaan’s birthday too, Imli tell everyone that we will celebrate Chakor’s birthday here in haveli. Imli happily goes. Chunni smiles. Chakor thinks what magic Chunni did, its fine, I will get chance to meet my parents.

Dadi tells Chakor about Chunni, who is Chakor’s twin sister. Chakor gets shocked knowing entire truth.

Update Credit to: Amena

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