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The Episode starts with Chakor being excited to go for race. She talks to Abha and leaves. Ishwar says I feel Arjun is like Chakor, he sees himself in Chakor. Abha asks what do you mean. Ishwar says I feel Arjun wants to get rid of some stamp on himself or his heart. Arjun asks Chakor to run faster and sees timer. Kasturi prays for Chakor. Baa prays and sees Imli fainting. She holds her. Chakor falls on the race ground. Arjun asks Chakor to get up. Imli talks about Chakor in half sense state. Kasturi asks Lord why is he punishing her by taking her two eyes Chakor and Imli. Arjun asks Chakor to focus on the goal and teaches her new words. Chakor starts running.

Baa calls Girja a devil as she did not spare Imli. Girja says I gave her food, but she is not eating. Baa says make her eat with love and

she will eat. Baa takes care of Imli and asks Girja does she have heart or not, as Imli is like dying. Tejaswini looks on. Chakor runs saying F for focus and G for goal. She covers the race ground in 14 secs. Arjun says its good technique and he got good way to make her run. Tejaswini asks Lakhan does he pity on Imli seeing her state. He asks what can I do. She says say anything, I promise I won’t say anything. Lakhan says yes, I pity on her a lot. Tejaswini smiles.

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Chakor asks Arjun for new words. Arjun says G for goat and says its Bakri. She says I think it comes by B. He asks why. She says nothing, what else. He says G for giant. She asks how can this be if they sound different. He says I don’t know. I did not make English language. She says teach me more then I will run. He says fine, if you complete ten rounds, I will give more 10 words. She starts bargaining. He says fine, 5 rounds for 10 words of G. She starts running. Baa makes Imli have Chana. Ragini comes and says Imli eats raw mangoes and made me eat a lot too. She says she is my friend and gives her some raw mangoes. Baa smiles and asks Imli to have food. She says thank Lord, someone in this house have a heart.

Tejaswini comes and stops Ragini, asking her to go to her room. Ragini leaves. Baa asks Tejaswini what did Imli do to them that she is making her die of hunger. Tejaswini says you find evil in all good things, and she is doing this on Bhaiya ji’s words, she does not have any problem with Imli, but her elder sister who has gone to Lucknow, Imli has to pay for it. Baa says enough, I hate your words. Baa says even I hate your words and says the way you work against us and speak against us, it gives courage to the bonded labor. She asks Imli to hide away from Baa and not let her pity reach her. Imli leaves. Baa angrily leaves.

Chakor runs in 10 secs this time. She asks for another word. He says take a break first. He says G for Gussa/anger. She says its not English word and smiles. Bhuvan thinks about Imli and in FB, shows Bhuvan keeping Imli away from all works. Imli laughs and Bhuvan smiles seeing her. He starts laughing in present scene. Lakhan comes to him and Bhuvan gets tensed seeing him. Bhuvan says I was going to field now. Lakhan says he did not come to take him to field. Bhuvan asks then what. Lakhan sits by his side and tells about Imli’s state in the haveli. He says he is also human and has a heart in his cheat, which aches seeing Imli like that. Bhuvan is shocked.

Lakhan says he is very worried for Imli, its like she can’t bear to do work there, she does not talk, does not eat food, just stay dull, I m afraid she can die. Bhuvan asks what is he saying. Lakhan says what will happen now, Tejaswini gave you one week time to get Chakor and take Imli, but I don’t think she can be alive till one week. Kasturi comes there and drops the plate hearing this. Lakhan asks Bhuvan to save Imli as its in his hands now. He leaves. Lakhan thinks how Tejaswini asked him to tell Imli’s state to her parents. Bhuvan tells Kasturi that they have to sacrifice Chakor’s dream and stop her flight to save Imli’s life. They hug and cry. Chakor is shown running in race ground and smiling.

Kasturi says she won’t bring Chakor here, and she will make her stay in Lucknow, is there no way, Bhuvan says no, Imli is weak, she will die. Kasturi says they will kill Chakor too. Chakor and Imli are shown. While Chakor runs happily, Imli is sad.

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