Udaan 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Chakor saying I want divorce from my husband. Mahiya….plays…. Judge asks Suraj. Suraj thinks how to explain Chakor, he saved her sister’s respect, not cheated her, she said love asks for sacrifice, so I m sacrificing my happiness. He says yes, I m also ready for divorce. Lawyer asks Chakor to say about alimony. Chakor says Suraj has hurt me a lot, I don’t want anything from him. Judge asks them to sign. Suraj signs on papers. Chakor says I love you a lot, but what you did, I can’t forgive you. She signs. Judge says they are no more husband and wife. Suraj gives her a note, asking her to read it. Chakor says I don’t want to listen or read anything. She throws note. He says fine, you do what you want. They go either ways. Mahiya…..plays….


comes back to the court and picks the note. She leaves. Doctor comes to meet Ragini. Ragini says I told you you will get money. Doctor says I risked my professional life, I was getting shot by Imli, I declared a healthy man impotent, if Vivaan knows he is fine and his wife has his child, he will hang me. Ragini asks him to shut up. She pays him money and warns him not to come again. He turns and sees Vivaan. They get shocked.

Vivaan asks what is this doctor doing here. Ragini thanks God that Vivaan did not hear anything. She says I was unwell and called hospital, they have sent him. She asks doctor to leave. Doctor goes. Vivaan says all preparations are done, now we will be successful. He goes. Ragini says I will get successful, I have taken work from you, when you get to know your child is born, it will be too late, I will succeed in my plans.

Chakor waits to take taxi. Suraj passes by in jeep and sees her. He asks shall I drop you. She says no thanks. He says you got divorce, what does it matter now. She asks him to go. A car passes by. Chakor takes lift. She asks the couple to go, she does not want to disturb them. The lady asks her to sit. The lady tells Chakor about their love story. Suraj’s jeep breaks down. Suraj also takes lift from them. Chakor says he is lying. Suraj asks how do you know, I m talking to them. The man asks him to sit. Suraj holds Chakor’s hand. They have an eyelock. Tujhme rahun mai…… Mahiya…..plays….. Suraj holds her face.

She asks him not to create a scene. He says you got what you wanted, if you sat in my jeep, we would have fixed board, just divorced. She asks him to leave her hand. He asks her to free her hand if she has courage. She says I will shout. He asks what will you say, who am I. The lady asks Chakor is there any trouble, does she know him. Chakor says yes, I know him. Suraj asks her to say truth, tell them I m the man who loves you a lot, who can never forget you, can you forget me. Suraj gets Imli’s call.

He asks Imli is she fine, where is she, I m reaching, take care. He asks the man to drive fast, there is an emergency. Chakor asks what happened to Imli. Vivaan asks the men to deliver the guns, let me think of checkpost, boxes should reach on time. Ragini gets laddoos and says Suraj and Chakor are getting divorced. He gets glad. She asks him to divorce Imli, throw her out of your life.

Vivaan says no, I can’t make her free, if she goes back to Suraj, it will be fun for her, I want to give her sorrow, she will be Suraj’s mistress, she won’t have any respect. Suraj and Chakor get shocked seeing Imli lying on the road. Suraj asks the man to stop the car. They run to Imli.

Police checks the truck. Inspector seizes the truck. Vivaan gets angry on being informed by his goon. Chakor smiles and thinks the inspector will get freedom for them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sukorian

    today im very very happy the old couple is back. Suraj car “broke down” was great n the nhok jhok ?????? holding her hand so tight. Vivaan is stupid instead of holding the doctor back to find out the truth he let hom go…?? when chakor had the conversation with ranjana he wanted to know to find out y they talked but here he is blind trusting ragini. Aaaa Imli y the hell she had to lie on the road ??? ruining all moments.


    new spoiler chakor gives mangarsutar bach.

    i submitted my FF hope u like it.
    thx for the update

  2. Oh god I know it will be a happy ending

    Sukor is coming close yes!!!

  3. The nok jhok was sooo cute.?????
    Just want them back together again.
    Imi said dat she’ll find shelter. And where did she find it? Again? ???
    Seriously, she ruined their moment.
    Y duznt vivan suspect Ragini? Y duznt he think dat if she can do anything to her father, mother and brother, y wouldn’t she hesitate to do anything wid her cuzin. ???????

  4. Wat did Surj write on d note?

    1. We don’t know, my guess is he said that he will never stop loving her and one day she’ll know why he said he’s the baby’s father.

  5. As exexpected vivan didn’t hear ragini… because the truth will come in front of chakor.. what chakor will do after knowing the truth?

  6. Nice episode, my favorite was the court scene, it was so emotional. I think suraj pretended that the car broke down to ride with chakor.
    How can vivaan believe that the hospital will send a doctor who treats male reproductive issues to treat ragini? still i’m glad that he won’t divorce imli, this means there won’t be any imraj wedding drama.
    I guess tomorrow we’ll see more of the inspector.

    Thanks sukorian for the link.

  7. Lovely episode.

  8. The episode was so emotional but suraj didnt need to sacrifice his love for imli he could have told chakor the truth instead of leaving the love of his life and finally we get to see sukor scenes after a full month and the new inspector will be chakor new friend but he will fall for chakor and suraj will get jealous cant wait to see suraj angry and jealous and i was so happy wen vivaan ses he wont divorce imli now there will only be a sukor remarriage but cvs cant be trusted cuz vivaan might feel ashamed he may also wanna remarry imli hopefully not i want imli not to forgive vivaan easily but then i want them to reunite quickly as i dont wanna see another long vimli track and im not sure if imli will lose her child but most likely she will and vivaan will suffer for the rest of his life as he could have prevented this i knew imli would spoil thier moment she always does first on the date she went with them wen suraj asked chakor out and even on the day of the love confession she ruined it by smacking chakor and crying about all her problmes i wont be surprised if ajay falls for imli instead? since vivaan chaggan and suraj fell for imli but i think suraj fell for her cuz of the child they were having together guys i know cvs brought ajay to make suraj jealous and insecure guys i think this will happen sukor will love each other ajay will love chakor and i think ragini will fall for ajay before i thought chaggan would but they stopped showing thier love scenes thats why i think in the suraj jealousy plot ragini will try to harm chakor cuz she wants ajay but will learn ajay wants chakor but chakor and suraj want each other and sukorian ur ff was amazing really enjoyed it

  9. Guts i read a new spolier sukor have a nok jok chakor says to suraj shes gonna thank the new inspector suraj gets jealous and questions chakor about her sindoor chakor says she does not love suraj and walks of suraj grabs chakor as she was gonna fall chakor gets up but suraj grabs her chakor steps on suraj foot and goes suraj says to chakor that she still loves him and chakor notices that suraj loves her alot on the way of meeting the inspector chakor sees ragini and finds out about vivaan and thinks that imli was right and suraj is innocent as he was protecting imli chakor does not understand what to do as she realises that divorcing suraj was a mistake

  10. I just loved todays episode….sukor is incredible….i just loved it…how imli landed up lying on the street…she should take care of her child…sehban azim is here…good entry…looking forward to tomorrow’s episode

  11. Sukorian

    does any1 of u know the mahiya maine tujhko hi mana khuda….? its not of the movie ishq click…

    here spoiler chakor will find out soon


    If this link was already here sorry

    1. Thanks for sharing

  12. Nice episode I was eagerly waiting for this episode. The way he held the hand of chakor. what the hell why this imly is coming between Suraj Chakor. I want CVS to kill her. Vivaan is really fool he is blindly trusting ragini….. And thanks sukorian for new spoiler

  13. The episode was too good. I liked all sukor moments.. The best part for me is the scene where chakor came back to the court room and took back the note.. What did suraj write on that note??I want to know that.. And yeah we got some old glimpses of old sukor moments,their nokjhokes???
    I want chakor to know the truth of ragini very soon.

    1. That court scene was my favorite too. I think it will take time for chakor to know the truth, meanwhile more focus will be given to the inspector.

  14. Aqua

    even thought sukor are divorced for now, i am happy angry Suraj babu is coming back hehe.

    i loved how he wouldn’t let her hands go in the car.

    uff that Imli always ready to ruin our sukor moments….out of all the roads, she HAD to drop front of sukor’s car argggggggggg!

  15. Sukorian

    jagaatmaata is also back


    hope link works

  16. Shreya.

    Hi guys…finally v got some sukor moments which makes us feel happy ryt guys….in dis episode I loved all d sukor scenes…nyc…??court scenes r emotional…both of their eyes clearly shows their pain…nd d nok-jokhs nd romances also simply superb??…nd I loved chakor came back to tat court room nd took d letter na…awesome??…nd I want to know wat did Suraj wrote in tat letter??…nd I loved d way Suraj held chakor’s hand??…nemo even am thinking suraj is lied tat his Jeep breakdown…may b he thinks to spend some tym with his lady love chakor….tats y he did lyk dis…

    Guys in bg they played mahiya song ryt at d same tym they played another music also…anyone notice tat….nd tat music also nyc…

    Nd d vivaan is stupid,idiot,brainless man…in dis episode I really hates him….he is happy for sukor divorce?? nd already he gives Soo much pain to imli nd sukor??…still he thinks to hurt imli…sometimes I think if he really loves imli r not??..vivaan shud regret for his behaviour..he must pay for his mistakes….plzz cvs don’t show imli forgive vivaan easily.. dnt show lyk tat nd dnt ruin d character of imli…nd one more thing show imli hv some self respects…..every girls hv self respects na….

    Nd guys I agree once again imli came between our sukor….so sad??

    Thanks for d link nd upcoming information sukorian nd tippu….

  17. Trp decreased to 3809 (1.73) in 13th position.

  18. Sharon George

    Guys is it true vj is quitting d show

  19. I don’t think so sharon.

  20. Blueish_green

    Huye please say is it true VJ is quitting udaan??

  21. Guys please say na is really VJ quitting udaan??

  22. Guys suraj is not quitting he is the male lead of the show cuz of the new track we will see less of him in at the beginning of this track as cvs wanna show chakor trying to move on with life and will befriend ajay but he will fall in love with chakor as chakor only loves suraj i read that suraj will go on a break as he is not needed much for now but suraj will be back for his love chakor and will fight for her

    1. The rumor started from this article, which itself may not be true.

  23. Where did u get this information guys??
    I hope this information is fake. Without vj there is no udaan

  24. Why don’t someone naam the writer or enter a comment on instagram on vj’s account.if he’ll quit there’s no chance between chakor and the new entry.

  25. If someone can confirm with the writer or comment on vj’s post on instagram,id he’s quitting if he’s not there in the show it wouldn’t work out.

  26. Thanks sukorian and tippu for the spoilers.

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