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The Episode starts with Rathod giving the kits to all the girls. She asks them to have their energy drinks. Chakor drinks. Rathod says now you blood will show steroids taken, and you will be disqualified, Bhaiya ji will be happy knowing you won’t be able to run in the marathon. Vivaan goes to Chakor’s house in postman’s disguise and gives her a letter.

She identifies him and thanks him, asking him to leave. He holds her hand and asks her to give some tea or money. She asks are you not ashamed to ask for money, go now. She shuts door and thinks Vivaan is really going. She opens the door and he smiles. She pulls his moustache and he gets hurt. She applies ice to his face. He says his heart is aching too and holds her close. They have an eyelock. Bolna mahi bolna….plays……… they have a romantic


Suraj tells Imli that Bhaiya ji is arrested, and very soon police will arrest him too. She worries and asks him to say this is lie. He says its all true. She says I will come along. He says I can’t take you with me, I have to say something, I know what you feel for me, I want to say what I feel about you. He says I realized today that I also feel the same as you, there is love in my heart for you. She smiles happily. She hugs him. Her imagination ends.

Suraj asks her do I pay you to sleep here and dream, this is all because of you. Vivaan is making numbers infront of Papa. She says I finished all the work. He asks her to inform him all the plans Vivaan is making, did you do this work. She says sorry, I will focus on work. He scolds her and goes. She cries.

Chakor gives the food to Vivaan. He says you made tasty food. She asks really and tastes it. She says there is no salt in it. He says I did not know it. She asks whats happening. He says I m glad that you have no problem that we are together. She asks him to have juice. She tells him that she did not like energy drink’s taste. He says you will get habitual. She teases him.

Bhaiya ji asks Rathod did he do this work. Rathod says yes, I mixed steroids in Chakor’s energy drink, in few more doses, she will have high steroids in her blood, she will be banned from the marathon permanently. Bhaiya ji laughs and says its good news, your promotion is definite now, tell me what can I do for you. Rathod says you just send that drinks on time. Bhaiya ji says don’t worry. Rathod goes. Imli hears them and thinks Rathod is working for Bhaiya ji, they are planning to end Chakor’s career, what shall I do now.

Chakor comes to camp and recalls Vivaan. She smiles. Rathod mixes steroids in the drink. Chakor collides with him, as he comes out of the storeroom. He scolds her. She says sorry, what are you doing here, I will help you. He says I was counting the things, and locks the storeroom.

Imli is worried and thinks Rathod’s words. She thinks how can I go against Suraj, if I go against Bhaiya ji, it will be like cheating Suraj. She recalls Vivaan’s words and says I cheated Chakor once, she lost race to save me, I can’t let her lose in this marathon.

Its morning, Rathod asks Chakor to increase her speed. He says we have much hope from Tina. Chakor practices running on the treadmill and increases the speed. Vivaan comes there and sees Chakor. He stops her. She slips and he holds her. He asks what were you doing, do you want to break your leg again. She says I have to run and win. He says I have a solution. She asks what, tell me. He asks her to wait till evening. She resumes practice seeing Tina. Vivaan tells Tina that he was going to meet her. Chakor tells Tripti that Rathod gave such a good drink that I felt energetic. Tripti says I did not feel so. Chakor sees Imli there and asks what are you doing here. Imli says I came here for your sake. Chakor asks for me? Imli says yes.

Imli tells Chakor that coach Kabir Rathod is giving you drink with something mixed in it, which is not good for your body, you can be removed from marathon, your career will end, do something.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. loved this episode

  2. Thnx Imli u r doing lot fr ur sis first taking her out from the forest n now this

  3. thanx imil for informing chakor.but it’s a sad news she will not believe imili
    Hope imli tells vivan about this.thanks suraj love confession is only dreams of imili.but today episodes was lovely.vikor r fantastic couple.love u both.

    1. Asha how do u know that chakor will not belive imli??

  4. nice episode. …… chavi scene was super. ………hope chakor believe imli…….ur right asha imli should inform vivaan…….

  5. Hii plzz anybody write udaan ff plzplz

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