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The Episode starts with Vivaan stopping Chakor to apply colors to her. She runs and he runs after her to play holi. Bhaiya ji is doing arrangements for holi. Suraj blocks Ranjana’s way and says my mummy has told me everything. She says I will tell everything to Kamal ji. Suraj says everyone has some secrets. Ranjana says your mum tried to kill my son, I will tell this to Kamal ji. Suraj says then I have to tell Papa that you killed Manohar. She gets shocked and recalls Manohar’s death. Suraj says you think what will matter to Papa, Vivaan’s thing or Manohar’s murder truth.

Bhaiya ji asks Ranjana to come. Suraj says just I know this, if Papa knows this, what will happen. Ranjana asks why did you not tell this to your Papa then. He says I will tell him when I need to tell him, I will use this

secret on right time, I want my Papa to be happy, go to him. He leaves. Bhaiya ji asks Ranjana about arrangements. She says it will be according to your wish. He leaves.

Vivaan says you run so fast, even I have to become champion to catch your speed. He gets unwell and says I have breathing problem. She worries and cares for him. She says doctor did not say this… he asks what did doctor say, did you go to get medicines for me. She says nothing. He holds her hand and asks her to just say. She says I got to know that Tejaswini is giving you drugs. He scolds her and asks her to get away.

She tells him that she took a glass and gave for test, she got to know that milk has drugs. He says how dare you come to my house to steal, I thought you came to become my friend. She says Tejaswini is cheating you, I want your betterment. He raises hand to slap her and stops. He asks her to get lost and calls her a thief. She says fine, but I m saying truth, you are given drugs, I won’t let you die, I promise. He says I hate you and don’t want to see your face. He leaves. She says I will make you fine and get my Vivaan back.

Everyone in village burn holika dahan. Chakor prays and says many things changed in 10 years, Imli and Vivaan changed, I need strength to change them and fulfill my aim. Everyone pray.

Kasturi asks Chakor to sleep. Chakor says don’t you think I challenge my fate, I do a lot right. Kasturi asks her not to think much and sleep. Chakor sees Kasturi sleeping. She looks at the moon. Vivaan looks at the moon too. He sees the milk glass and recalls Chakor’s words. He throws the glass. Tejaswini comes there and looks on. She asks what happened. Vivaan asks for milk and hugs her. She says I will get it. He says you said right about Chakor, I can’t trust her. She asks why, did you meet her again. He says no, I just wanted to say Chakor is not nice girl, I don’t like her. She says I m glad you understood, I will get milk. She goes. He says I understood well, Chakor is not good, I don’t like her. He shuts the window. Chakor opens the window and says help me in bringing light in darkness. She smiles getting some idea. She gets holi colors and applies to Kasturi, Imli and Bhuvan.

Its morning, Kasturi wakes up Imli and Bhuvan. Imli laughs seeing Kasturi, and Kasturi laughs seeing Imli’s face with colors. Imli asks why are you laughing on me. Kasturi says after seeing your face. Imli sees her face in mirror and shows Kasturi her face. They laugh seeing Bhuvan’s face. Bhuvan asks them to see their face, what happened, did you eat any laughing tablet, do I look monkey. Chakor smiles seeing them laughing. Bhuvan says how did color come on my face, its holi, where is Chakor, she applied colors. Imli sees Chakor and gets upset.

Ranjana asks Chakor to change the medicine with Tejaswini’s medicine which she gives Vivaan, this will make Vivaan fine. Chakor goes to haveli and Imli stops her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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