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The Episode starts with Suraj and Tina dancing on Jhoom barabar jhoom…..Imli gets jealous seeing Tina with Suraj. Tina falls down suddenly. Suraj holds her. Tina says I can’t dance now. Chakor asks did she lose. Tina says no, we did not lose, the competition is not yet over, and asks Suraj to dance with Imli, I m sure she dances well. Suraj says fine, I will take Imli’s support to win. He asks Imli does she want him to lose to Vivaan. Imli says no. Suraj gives his hand and asks her to come. Chakor smiles and signs Imli. Imli holds Suraj’s hand and they dance on the same song. Tejaswini gets angry seeing them. Chakor and Vivaan also dance in the face off round. Chakor stumbles and holds Vivaan. Imli hugs Chakor and smiles. Chakor says you got what you wanted. Tina says Suraj, so cool, we won.


smiles thinking of Suraj and holds her feet. She wears those toe rings given by Suraj. Vivaan and Chakor go to her, and ask why is she sitting here, did anyone say something. Imli says no. Chakor says everyone is praising you, come with us, what are you hiding, is your feet hurt, show me what are you hiding. Imli shows the toe rings. Chakor says its beautiful, when did you buy. Imli says no, Suraj gifted this to me. Chakor and Vivaan get shocked. Imli smiles.

Chakor asks Vivaan to see, Suraj used to give chocolate, he has now given toe rings, do we need any other proof now, it means there is place for Imli in his heart. Vivaan says even then he is marrying Tina. Chakor says yes, he does not know he is doing mistake, can’t we explain him, why don’t you explain him, if he agrees to marry Imli, we don’t need to do this acting.

Suraj sees Bhaiya ji’s pic and says Papa, its double happiness for me, bless me, I m marrying Tina and getting her property, and you are going to die, just I will rule in Aazaadgunj. Vivaan goes to him. Suraj asks how did you come here. Vivaan says the toe rings are beautiful which you gave to Imli. Suraj says I gave her as she saved my life, don’t say you also want some prize. Vivaan says no, I want to say you should marry Imli. Suraj asks marriage. Vivaan says yes. Suraj says for saving me life? don’t you think this will be big price. Vivaan says I pity on you. Suraj asks what did you say. Vivaan says because you can’t see whats infront of your eyes, you did not see how much Imli loves you. Suraj says I know she is mad about me, I paid her always, I made her free of bandhua giri, she went and got my name tattooed on her name. Vivaan says don’t joke, you are unlucky to lose such love, you will regret later, you would be lucky to get her love, she can kill anyone for your life and can die too, you are going to marry the girl who hates you, just for money. Suraj thanks him for advice and says I can decide my future myself, you can leave from my room. Vivaan goes.

Vivaan calls Chakor. She asks did Suraj agree. He says no, come and meet me, we will decide plan again. Imli tells Kaka that she will decorate mandap, its Chakor’s marriage. Tina asks servant to get a glass of juice for her. Vivaan too sends the servant for some work. Chakor comes there and talks to Tina, Vivaan and Imli. She says we are meeting like this for the last time before marriage. Tina says I m scared, tell me plan again. Chakor says Vivaan’s baraat will reach haveli, till then Tina will get ready, he will keep ladder under the window, when everyone will be busy in welcoming Vivaan, Tina will go to that car, Imli will go to the room by that ladder and have long ghunghat. Vivaan asks her not to talk to anyone. Chakor says if everything goes well, Tina will get freedom and Imli will get Suraj. Tina asks Imli to think again, does she really want to marry Suraj. Imli says yes, I feel I m made for him. They all join hands and says we will win.

Its morning, Kasturi comes to haveli. Suraj taunts her about Chakor, she was bandhua and now she is becoming bahu, she did this work easily, she trapped a haveli guy and that’s it, she is very clever. She gets angry. He asks her to be in her limits. She says I won’t say anything, as Chakor is this house’s bahu, you are her Jethji, I can’t scold you, this is not our values, there can’t be bigger dowry than this. She goes.

Imli packs Chakor’s clothes. Chakor asks Imli to pack her bags. Imli asks why. Chakor says even you are going to your inlaws. Imli hugs her and says you are so good and caring. Imli cries and feels bad to hide this from Kasturi and Bhuvan. Chakor says tell them truth if you have courage. Imli asks really. Kasturi comes angrily and tells Chakor and Imli about the devil Suraj. They get shocked.

Kasturi says Suraj’s ego did not go after going to jail, if you were not marrying Vivaan, I would have not let you both go to haveli, Tina’s fate is bad, I pray Imli marries a good guy, not a useless guy like Suraj. Chakor calms her down. Kasturi asks them what were they going to tell her. Chakor says Imli wants to say something. Imli says nothing. Chakor asks Kasturi to give time to everything. Suraj will get fine. She wishes this happens, Imli’s life is at stake.

Suraj calls Deva and asks him to give good news fast. He laughs and says its great, did you give pain to that old man, come out of jail, I will pay double than I promised. He says Kamal Narayan, I wish Lord does not give your soul peace. He gets hurt by the ladder and shouts asking who kept ladder here. He calls the servants and is angry, asking them about ladder. Chakor and Vivaan get shocked. The man says I have seen Vivaan kept the ladder. Suraj asks them to go, and says why will Vivaan keep ladder there. He sees Vivaan and Chakor, and stops them. He calls them and asks about the ladder story.

Salman Khan asks Chakor why is she afraid when Sultan is with her. Everyone get shocked seeing Salman.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  3. Awesome episode. Great entry by Salman.

  4. Mona146

    I hate this unrealistic movie promotions in serial. Imli is pregnant right? Why is she dancing so much? Marriage episode is a CRAP!

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    But really i dont like vikor … The chemistry between sukor is really intrestimg … I guess

    1. Same thank god sukor is happening anyways????

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  8. Sukor k bech main konsi chemistry hai.. Mujh tu kbi dekhi hi nae..

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