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The Episode starts with Chakor asking Ragini to come with her if she wants. Suraj comes and takes Ragini. He scolds Chakor and asks her to be in her limit. He takes Ragini and leaves. Ishwar sees Chakor sad and asks her not to feel bad by Suraj’s words and pacifies her. He says Suraj has got this ego by his dad, it will go slowly, you go home now and enjoy with village kids. Chakor smiles. Kasturi thanks Ishwar for this big favor which she can’t repay. Chakor says she will tell Baa and Bhagya and just come.

Bhagya looks for Chakor in the haveli. Manohar drinks and talks to Lakhan. Lakhan asks him how did he change party so suddenly, did he change in Ranjana and Vivaan’s love. Manohar gets angry and says don’t forget I m your owner, you are my slave and scolds him. Lakhan says I

knew you will feel bad. Manohar laughs seeing him sad and asks him to drink wine. He says he is doing this drama on Bhaiya ji’s saying. Lakhan gets shocked. Manohar says I don’t know how Bhaiya ji gets these ideas.

He says he told me in lockup… FB shows Bhaiya ji telling Manohar to show them that he is against Bhaiya ji and then find where Ishwar has hidden the papers, else they can get jail term forever. Chakor asks Baa where is Bhagya. Baa says Bhagya has gone to find her. Chakor says now I have to find her. Manohar says don’t tell this to anyone, no one should know why are we acting, once we get the proof, then I will see Ishwar. Bhagya hears them and says proof…. Manohar and Lakhan get shocked seeing her. Lakhan says I think she heard everything.

Manohar goes to her and aims gun at her head, asking what did she say. She says proof. He asks what else did she hear. She says proof. He asks her to say true and scares her. Chakor comes there and gets shocked seeing Manohar aiming gun at Bhagya. Chakor hugs Bhagya and asks Manohar what was he doing. Lakhan laughs and claps, saying he lost bet, she is Devi. Manohar says yes, she is Devi and lies to Chakor saying about their bet. He shows gun to Chakor and says you got scared, but Devi did not. He apologizes to Bhagya. Chakor takes Bhagya and leaves from there. Lakhan says if she tells Chakor then… Manohar says did you not see what she said when we asked, she will not speak anything.

Chakor gives water to Bhagya and Bhagya shivers. Chakor asks not to be afraid, she is here with her. Bhagya drinks water. Chakor asks what did Manohar say. Bhagya says proof. Chakor asks whats proof. Bhagya says proof/sabut. Ishwar keeps proof in the box and tells Abha that its very valuable than my life, it has thousands people freedom. Vivaan says maybe dad said about pigeons. Bhagya says sabut. Chakor says I have seen Bhagya scared of Manohar, she does not talk anything much, and says any work by some reason. Vivaan says she over understands her.

Vivaan tells Chakor that she stopped Manohar from going to jail as she feels Manohar shot her and she wanted revenge. Chakor asks how can she tell this, she told Ishwar not to put Manohar in jail, she wants to know truth, why was Manohar putting gun on Bhagya’s head. He says fine, we will ask my dad, he will tell the truth, I will show you my dad is best, he is not like Bhaiya ji. Baa asks Bhagya not to worry about them, I m worried for you. She asks him to learn to talk, as people think the one who can’t talk is weak and exploit them. Bhagya says proof and Baa does not understand.

Manohar lies to Vivaan and says he will say the right matter. He says he was telling Lakhan that all proofs are against Bhaiya ji, now he got a second chance in his life to change, and before his sin pots fill, he should change. Vivaan says I told you Chakor, he has promised me. Manohar says yes. Chakor asks why did he show gun to Bhagya, I have seen it. Manohar says he has explained already. He explains them again and says everyone shows right color by the gun. He puts gun at Chakor’s head and Vivaan looks on shocked.

Manohar looks at Chakor and gets angry. Vivaan asks him what is he doing, he can’t shoot. Manohar keeps gun at Vivaan’s head and Chakor looks shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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