Udaan 24th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Suraj and Naina get engaged

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The Episode starts with Bua asking Colonel to talk. He says I need to talk as well. Bua asks Chakor who is she, whom is she serving when there are no guests here. He says let the poor girl go. Chakor goes. Bua asks do you think I m Naina’s enemy, I fixed her alliance in a big family, you don’t know anything about Suraj, ask your friends to get info about him, ask Anil to find out. He says not possible, I killed him just now. She asks did he cheat you. He says yes, so I had to kill him, Suraj can be trusted, he is Naina’s love, its better that you accept him.

Imli reads the newspaper. She asks what happened doctor. Doctor says we are glad to say that you are mentally fine now, you can leave soon. Imli asks why don’t you let me go now. He says we can’t send you till any family member comes and

gets satisfied. She says Chakor will come to pick me. He says yes, call her. Chakor comes to Suraj and says Naina’s Bua doesn’t like you, be careful. He says you do your work and leave fast, I don’t have to live here forever. She asks him to meet Naina’s friends. He goes to Naina. She says he has spread his magic on everyone. She sees Colonel keeping his phone and thinks this is the chance. Colonel asks Deva to send Anil’s dead body. Deva says it will be done. Chakor drops the glasses and apologizes. She keeps the device beside his phone. Data transfer begins. She asks Abhay to check is transfer is happening.

Abhay says yes, its happening, its half done. Naina asks Colonel not to talk about business today, my friends are saying the party is boring. Chakor says I need five mins more. Suraj comes in between and says don’t worry, I will make this party rocking. Colonel asks what will you do. Suraj says music, come on Naina. Suraj and Naina dance on Jhoom barabar……. Vivaan dances with them. Chakor sees the phone. Colonel takes his phone. The transfer stops. Abhay says damn it, we have to start it again. Imli calls Chakor and says her phone is off, even Suraj’s phone isn’t connecting, I can’t call mum, she won’t talk to me. The lady says you can’t go home today. Imli says why, take me out. Colonel asks Suraj and Naina to exchange rings. Chakor sees her ring and recalls Suraj’s words. She cries. Suraj makes Naina wear the ring. Everyone claps. Mahiya….plays…. Suraj forwards his hand. Colonel says the other hand. Suraj shows her bandage. Bua thinks how did he get hurt on engagement day. Suraj wears the ring in right hand. Everyone claps.

Chakor cries. Vivaan goes to her. Colonel hugs Naina. Vivaan says you started crying again, they will reach marriage mandap this way, did you come to see them or get contacts from Colonel’s phone. She says yes, but I need your help. Vivaan asks Suraj to speak a few words about Naina. Suraj says when I saw her for the first time, I felt like…. His phone rings. Vivaan says phone has snatched our peace, we will keep our phones away, waiter get a tray. Chakor gets a tray. Vivaan says everyone put your phones here, you can take it later. Suraj says its right. Everyone keeps their phones. Chakor sees Colonel. Vivaan says you also keep your phone, its matter of some time.

Naina asks him to give it. Colonel says fine anything to keep you happy. He gives his phone. Chakor goes. Vivaan says come on Suraj, start now. Suraj says when I saw Naina for the first time, I felt like my prayer has come in front of me. Chakor gets inside a room and begins data transfer. Suraj says I can’t see anyone else than Naina. Bua thinks something wrong is happening, so much love in two weeks. Vivaan says its Bua’s turn now. Colonel says its fine, we shall enjoy the party, I need my phone for urgent call. Vivaan worries. The girl returns all the phones. Colonel asks where is my phone. The data transfer completes. Abhay says our work is done, yes….. Colonel asks Deva to find his phone right away. Deva calls on his number. Chakor worries and drops the device. She looks for it. Colonel and Deva hear the ringtone and come there.

Bua scolds Suraj. Colonel and Deva get the device. Chakor hides. Colonel says something is wrong.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. You didn’t mention the controversial part in precap, all Sukorians must be thankful bua came at the right time.
    I think Imli will hate Chakor for leaving her in asylum, as if this nutcase needs an excuse to blame Chakor.
    The dance was nice and the episode was gripping.

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