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The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji coming to meet Imli. She says Vivaan does not stay here. He says I know, I came to meet you. She asks why. He says preparations for baby is good. I called Banaras and booked the ghat for bhog and havan when baby is born. She asks why did you come, tell me. He says I want your support Imli, my family went away from me by my bad behavior, I m regretting a lot, I want my family back, I always troubled you, but you supported me when I went mad. She says I m your bahu and its my duty to take care of you.

He says everyone is thinking for themselves, explain Vivaan what’s family bonding, I know Vivaan did wrong, but I m also responsible for it, Vivaan did that in Ragini’s saying, he is clean hearted, I request you to forgive him, I want to see my family together. She thinks

how to trust him, is this his new plan as Chakor said. He goes and says I will do anything to make this family my shield, then Suraj will step in politics, I have to turn their hatred in love.

Vivaan scolds Tejaswini. Tejaswini apologizes to him. She says Kamal ji asked me to apologize to you, so that I can repent for my bad deeds, you are like Suraj for me, please forgive me. Chakor thinks what’s Bhaiya ji doing by uniting everyone. Vivaan stops Tejaswini and apologizes to her. She thanks him and gets glad. She says I have no complains, Kamal ji has a wish that his entire family sits together and dine. Chakor thinks I think their annoyance is ending, but I feel there is something wrong.

Bhaiya ji says Suraj, your mummy came back here because of you, thanks. Suraj says no need to thank, I did this for my mummy. Bhaiya ji says I want to give you a watch, its my dada ji’s watch, you are Rajvanshi’s family’s son, this watch is imp for you, its good luck, all the family members will be on dining table at night, you come, I will be waiting. Suraj thanks him.

Bhaiya ji goes and calls. He says everyone would be on dining table, there are eight months for elections, Suraj’s win is certain. Chakor looks on and thinks I will make something good for dinner, none called me but its my duty to become part of their happiness. Imli says Chakor, Suraj and Bhaiya ji want me to forgive you. Vivaan says its good, why are you angry, just keep your mood good. She says what mood, your mood can also get bad, people always say about me. He hugs her. She says I will never forgive you. Vivaan says you just listen to me, I m just your Vivaan. She says fine, then give a test to get forgiveness, this is not toy, think this is our baby, he is crying a lot, calm him. Vivaan smiles. She says you baby is crying and you are smiling, you failed. He says no. He says baby calm down, I don’t like tears, you are very nice baby to listen to me, now tell your mummy to forgive me, I promise I will love your mummy more and prove that there can’t be a better Papa and husband than me. Imli cries and says why did you not support me, why did you not trust me, when everyone accused of molesting secretary, I always trusted you.

She says I m a very bad man. She says no, you are good, but you trust others easily, if you promise me that you will never doubt on me, I will forgive you. He promises to trust her. They hug and say I love you.

Chakor comes and sees everyone dining happily. She turns to go. Suraj holds her hand and stops her, asking why is she going back. He says Chakor, my life and my world has come. Imli asks why did you get late. Tejaswini asks her to sit, she taught me this dish. Chakor says I made your and Suraj’s fav dish. Tejaswini says we will have dish made by Chakor. Bhaiya ji looks on. Suraj stops everyone and says I have to make an announcement. Bhaiya ji says its late, let her go home, how will she go at night. Suraj says I m saying, she should stay here forever. Bhaiya ji asks how can this be. Suraj says she is part of our family, this family is incomplete without her. He gets on his knees and says Chakor, when happiness returned in this haveli, I want you to come back, marry me. Mahiya…..plays…… Everyone smiles.

Chakor says everyone is watching, get up. Suraj says let them see, I can’t live without you, you have to say yes. Tejaswini says say yes, what are you thinking. Imli says say yes. Vivaan says I will invite pandit, say yes. Imli says we will keep 8 day function. Suraj announces he will make Chakor his wife Chakor Rajvanshi again. They all clap. Chakor sees Bhaiya ji’s unhappy face and worries.

Chakor goes to shut window seeing the stormy rain and says don’t know where did mum and dad go. Suraj comes and applies her haldi. He says its good your mum and dad are not at home, we should also talk of love. She says no, I want to talk to you. He says let me apply haldi first, when we marry, I will not be around you, so I thought whenever we get time, we will do all rasams, this is first rasam. He applies haldi to her. Mahiya….plays…. She says you can do any rasam, but you have to wait for the kiss. He asks till honeymoon. She nods and hugs him. She recalls Bhaiya ji’s words and says I need to talk to you. Suraj says I won’t let anyone come between us.

Bhaiya ji sees Chakor and Suraj’s pic and gets angry. He breaks their pic. Suraj gets haldi applied to him by her cheek. She says you are not listening to me. He says I will never leave you for a second, I will always be with you, like shadow. Bhaiya ji recalls Suraj and Chakor’s words. He says Chakor will not let me get what I want by making Suraj a minister, I will separate them. He crushes their pic. Suraj asks Chakor what is she thinking. Chakor says I think Bhaiya ji is not happy with our relation, I know him, I have seen hatred in his eyes. Suraj says he said he wants to see his family happy, he knows you are imp part of that family, I know its not easy for you to trust him, but I feel he really changed, he wants his family to stay happy. They smile. Bhaiya ji tears their pic and laughs.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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    We hate sukor separation.. pls stop such drama..

  2. Todays episode was nice..but..
    We hate sukor separation.. pls stop such drama..

  3. Hi guys yesterday episode was awesome and the sukor scene was fab especially the haldi and the proposing scene but soo sad that Suraj did not believe Chakor about kn and there was a precap that chakor was dancing in Imli’s godbharai with the song radha from JHMS and teju was saying that their will be two good news for the Haveli one Imli’s godbharai and the other…..anyways over and all the episode was great including the kissing scene when Suraj kissed chakor on her face loved it!!? thanks for the update amena but plzzzz try to update soon…..

  4. Precap: baby shower ceremony, KN prevents Sukor from doing a ritual together as they’re not married any more.

  5. Nice episode. It’s good Vivaan and Teju apologized to each other, but why doesn’t Vivaan apologize to Chakor for trying to kill her. Vimli were cute.

    I’m disappointed Teju and Suraj are falling in KN’s trap, how can they forget what he did, I thought they were smarter than this.

    What was Ranjana thinking her hair was bad. Loved Suraj’s proposal and Sukor romance was magical. Suraj’s dialogue was awesome. Wish he payed attention to Chakor’s words.

    Today the episode is again 45 min. They’re in a hurry to start the track by the end of the week. I don’t want separation but what can we do about CVs who love it.

  6. Yesterday’s epi was amazing. Sukor scene was so cute. I loved Suraj’s dialogue when he said that he’ll never leave her when maybe in the end he will. ? Vimli scene was really funny. Imli’s mood swings and the way vivaan had to take care of that teddy. ?
    KN gave me the goosebumps when he threw the pic, ripped it and then started laughing. ?

  7. Nice precap. Waiting for their dance. Lvly episode. N don’t worry gys. Our Chakor ‘ll definitely do something. So just injoy tsn between sukor n kn ji.

  8. Becuase of the promo relesed the full week are 45 min episodes kamal finds a way to separate sukor for good and suraj is starting to conduct the marrige rituals but chakor is worried and kamal is sending all the children to delhi to make everychild bundua and chakor wants to go but kamal stops her kamal is gonna make it look like he is nice and that chakor is doubting him for no reason and i think chakor will choose the bassti over suraj cuz now every1 in rajvanshi haveli think kamal is a good man and cvs focusing on vimli love life wat the hell… vimli should be helping sukor and i still expect vimli to apologise for everything they did to sukor especially vivaan and cvs are splashing the budget on ranjana and vimli they have new look clothes and a stupid 3rd guhaatbari which was totally not needed instead they could have done a sukor engagement sukor wont get married i can see kamal plan working cuz chakor is worried and suraj will get angry anf will support kamal in anger which will uspet chakor and this will cause sukor misunderstandings but vimli will live happily if sukor separate then i want cvs to seperate vimli cuz sukor got divorced cuz of them so they should suffet to

  9. Yesterday epi was amazing. Loved sukor scenes. They were cute . I like imlis mood swing case, vimli a scene was good. I agree whn kn rip sukors pic , it gv me goosebumps. These days it’s getting interesting. Hope thy ll not mk us loose interest by Seperating sukor. Why there are less comments here? What happen to others?

    1. Yes, so few comments. Some are busy and don’t come as often as before, Some stopped coming. We are not as chatty as we used to be.

  10. Guys I want to ask, what is held ritual for? Like karvachut is for husband life, what about held? And what is Roka?

  11. Hey guys! I’ve posted my ff. ?

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