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The Episode starts with Arjun consoling Bhagya. He says we will get Chakor. She says she wants Chakor. He says don’t know where is she. Aditya says he searched on internet and he knows there are no crocodiles in the lake. Arjun says even I feel it, but maybe. Aditya says maybe its some other reason. Abha says no villager has seen crocodile there. The door bell rings and postmaster comes to them. He says there is parcel for Aditya Rawat. Abha asks Arjun to throw it, and not open it, it can have a bomb. Arjun says relax, don’t worry, I will open it. They get a letter in it. He reads that they will not use bomb to kill the son, they know many ways. Abha cries and tears the chit.

Abha says please go from here with Kangan, Aditya and Bhagya, I will fight alone. Prabhakar says no, we lost our son, and

don’t want to lose bahu. Abha says this is the motive of my life now, don’t snatch it from me, I have to fulfill promise given to Ishwar. Aditya promises he will be with her in all her fights. She worries and sees Ishwar’s pic.

Its night, Bhaiya ji scolds Girja for going against her and making sweets in Bhagya’s marriage. Girja says Bhagya was born infront of me, she is close to me. Bhaiya ji asks her to be in limits. He sees Vivaan and says you have our family blood in your veins, and still supported the enemies, your dad is ready to do anything for me, and you are having enmity with me, why so. He shouts and asks him why. Ranjana comes and reminds him that Vivaan is her son, he knows whats right and whats wrong. She says she is the one who taught him this, and asks him not to scare Vivaan from now on, else she will go Lucknow, and your brother will cry for me, and then he will not be of any use for you. Bhaiya ji asks with whom is she talking, he is Kamal Narayan Rajvanshi, he can make anyone work. She takes Vivaan and goes.

Bhaiya ji sees Ragini and says Ranjana saved Vivaan, whi will scare you. Baa holds Ragini and says its coward thing to scare kids, and scolds him. Bhaiya ji says I m glad you got fine before I came out of jail, else you were flying, everyone has come on the ground. Suraj says I did what you said, and you punished me by putting mum in jail. Bhaiya ji says even I m worried for her, she will come out soon, but let me deal with all of them first. He asks where is Bhagya, and shouts. He asks where is Arjun Khanna, I will do the same with them, what I did with Chakor.

Manohar and Babu drink at the bar and have a talk. Babu says we are near Mumbai and Manohar is glad. A girl comes there and does not pay for the wine. The group troubles the waiter. Babu and Manohar look on. A guy sees Manohar staring and argues. Manohar asks what did he say. The girl asks can’t he hear, get lost. Manohar gets angry and Babu stops him. He says they are just useless fellows, come sit here. Manohar drinks.

Kasturi cries more and Dadi asks where did Imli go. Kasturi calls her out and gets tensed. Imli and Sheru are at the lake and get Chakor’s Lord’s chunri. She shows it to Sheru and says we will get Chakor too. She says she went inside the water and crocodile did not eat her, it means its not here, where is Chakor.

Babu’s phone rings and he smiles seeing Bhaiya ji’s call. Bhaiya ji asks is Chakor alive or dead. He says she is in car’s trunk, they could not got money by selling the organs of the kids. He says they earn lakhs doing this. Manohar looks on. Bhaiya ji laughs and says he did not think about this, its great plan, you can sell anything, I promised I will send more kids, this is best way to take revenge. He laughs. Manohar and Babu leave from there and they don’t see their car. The group takes the car and gets cash in it. They laugh. Chakor is shown in the car unconscious.

Chakor talks to the girl and comes to know she is in Mumbai.

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