Udaan 24th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Suraj gets punished

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The Episode starts with Chakor saying very soon I will win and I will write your end, you all will hide your face, I will get Aazaadgunj freed, we will celebrate our freedom in real sense. Chagan says it will start with breaking the chains off Chakor’s idol. She says yes, we will break all the chains of bandhuagiri. Imli gets angry. Kasturi says I m proud of you, but I will not leave Suraj. Chakor says its not his mistake, he is not in his senses. Ranvijay asks why did Suraj not kill Chakor, I will kill him. Imli says stop, I want Suraj alive, I want to know how Chakor got saved. He goes. She shouts.

Kasturi asks Chakor to have food. Chakor recalls Suraj. Kasturi says I prayed a lot to get you back and you have come. Chakor recalls Suraj’s words. Ranvijay looks for Suraj. The man says Suraj is

here. Ranvijay goes to see. Chakor says Suraj has changed. Chagan says he won’t help us now. Kasturi says don’t have hope, else it will hurt your heart. Chakor says we can succeed in reviving his memory. Suraj is tied up to the tree. Ranvijay points gun at him and scolds.

The man says Imli called, she commanded to get Suraj alive to the haveli. Ranvijay asks how does she know that we found him, fine, take Suraj to Imli’s darbar. Bhuvan says we will try together to get his memory back, what can be better. Kishor says we are always with you. Pakhi says we are happy that Lord has shown you a ray of hope, but we have to stay alert, so that Imli and Ranvijay don’t see you two. Chakor says yes. Pakhi says we can burn the truck and make them busy. Chakor says no, the blame will come on villagers, I can’t let this happen, we have to think something that they don’t punish Suraj. She worries for Suraj. She sees Suraj taken by Imli’s men. She says they will kill Suraj. Mahiya….plays….

Suraj is tortured. Imli stops the man. She asks Suraj why did you leave her alone. Ranvijay says stop, I know how will he speak up, take this and beat him till he tells us. Imli goes to beat him. Chakor comes and stops Imli. She says you want to know how I got saved, one who is protected by Lord, none can harm such person, I have attacked Suraj, he didn’t lose and tried to kill me, you know me, I like playing hide and seek with death, I have beaten up so much and escaped, I can harm even Suraj for my freedom. Suraj says you… Chakor says no need to say anything, truth won’t change, why doesn’t he accept the truth that he lost to a girl.

Ranvijay says Chakor is a big liar, she is making a story. Imli says I know Chakor since childhood, she has drunk amrit, she didn’t die, she always cheated death, this won’t happen always, once elections end, I will kill you. Chakor says there is no use to live with fear. She taunts Imli. She turns to Suraj. Mahiya…..plays….. Chakor leaves. Imli says I don’t want to listen to anything now. Ranvijay holds Suraj’s neck and says Imli got mad, she is coming in Chakor’s words, my mind is still the same, I will keep an eye on you and Chakor from today. Chakor turns and sees Suraj.

Suraj says I will not lie to Imli and Ranvijay. Chakor says you won’t tell them anything, swear on me. They hide from Imli and Ranvijay. A pot falls. Chakor asks Suraj will you be my friend. Ranvijay turns to see.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ok episode, Chakor told the villagers that Suraj didn’t obey the orders to kill her and let her go free. I liked when Chakor told Imli that she defeated KN and Imli and RV are much easier to defeat. It’s time they start showing Suraj helping Chakor, stop showing him so helpless and always in need of rescue.

    1. I agree with the last part of your message!!!!

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