Udaan 24th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Imli saying I m ready to run. She says I can’t run faster like Chakor, but I will try my best, just tell me where to run. Vivaan packs his stuff in office. Raunak comes. Vivaan says I came to take my papers and salary. Raunak asks do you want money for defaming this company. Vivaan says I m asking salary for my hardwork. Raunak says you have raped Pooja and ruined our hardwork to make this company successful, you just leave. Vivaan cries and thinks how to get money for medical tests, I have to promised Imli.

Chakor asks Imli not to worry, I m with you, I will help you. Imli sees the machine. She starts running. Bhaiya ji tells Bhuvan that whoever has sympathy with Suraj will face problems, Bhuvan tell everyone to see Suraj’s state. Chakor asks Bhuvan to go, don’t worry,

we will manage. Bhuvan prays for his children and Suraj.

Imli runs faster. Chakor asks her not to stop running, else water will stop. The servant says I can make Chakor leave if you say. He asks Chakor to come. Chakor says leave me. Suraj asks servant how much will you fall. Servant says I m thinking for myself. Suraj scolds him.

Servant takes away Chakor. Vivaan recalls Pooja’s blame and thinks how to face this defamation, how can I be foolish to hire Pooja, I did not check even her papers. Pooja comes there. He scolds her and asks why did you trap me, answer me. She asks do you want me to take case back. He says yes, take case back. She says if you want me to say truth, you have to give me a price, 25 lakhs. He gets shocked. She says rape case is not small, you will get punished for 10 years. He says you think I will get scared of your threatening. She says your future is in your hands now. She goes. He says I won’t give her money.

Bhaiya ji laughs seeing Imli’s hurt foot and asks her to run. Imli runs and gets tired. She stops. Suraj says i think I have to stay thirsty today. Imli smiles seeing the water. Suraj says so much water. Chakor comes and gets shocked seeing water. Imli asks how did I get much water, you have run faster and did not get water. Servant tells Suraj that Chakor is teasing him and taking revenge. Chakor takes water for Suraj. She asks why are you looking at me like this, are you doubting on me and believing servant, I have done a lot for you, tell me if you doubt, I won’t come to get water for you. He says I did not say anything, you are fighting with me. He drinks water. Imli asks them not to fight. Chakor sees the goons changing machine settings. Imli says I think you understood something about water extraction. Chakor says I think there is some secret in this machine.

Its night, Chakor and Imli see Suraj. Suraj says there is no food and water, I will die here, Chakor do something, get me out of here. Imli says if anything happens to Suraj… Chakor says I don’t know what to do, how to give him water. Imli asks what’s the machine secret. Chakor says I think Bhaiya ji and Ragini changed machine settings to create misunderstandings between me and Suraj, by showing I got less water for him.

Bhaiya ji asks Ragini why did she give much water to Suraj now. Ragini says Chakor and Suraj will fight now, we want this to happen. Chakor says its Suraj and my tolerance test, Suraj is staying in this bad place, I have to take Suraj in fresh air and give him water, else he will go mad. She cries.

Ragini says we will take Suraj to Aazaadgunj. Bhaiya ji asks what will you do to hurt him. Ragini says when Suraj will be tied and see villagers getting food, cold water, juice and his fav things, then Suraj will get more hunger and thirst. He asks how will this happen. She says its Makar Sankranti, I will invite villagers and give them everything asking them to have food in front of him. He laughs and says you are surely my daughter, we will keep condition in front of Chakor, we will give her food for Suraj if she wins over you in game. She likes the idea. They see Chakor looking at them.

Chakor says I want to get Suraj out of stable, else something will happen to him. Ragini says I was thinking same, its Makar Sankranti, we thought to invite all villagers and celebrate, I want you all to attend the festival. Chakor says but you… Bhaiya ji asks why do you question always, we will celebrate happiness, you said its necessary to get Suraj out of stable, thank Ragini now, go and do preparations. They go. Chakor says Suraj can come out of stable, but what’s their secret to do this, I have to think how to help Suraj.

The goons throw water on Chakor. Suraj shouts Kamal Narayan and breaks the chains and pole. Bhaiya ji gets shocked. Suraj beats up the goons and covers Chakor with a shawl. He hugs Chakor, while she cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Siyarao

    Good episode and sukor scenes were nice
    Omg..precap..paisa vasool scene hai Suraj rocked loved how he broke the chains and shouts kamalnarayan
    Yaay my arrogant Suraj is back,I’m badly waiting for precap

    1. Siyarao

      Sukor hug ? ? loved it,such a ferocious hug,I’m damn exited

      Janu I too didn’t expect that their first meeting would be like this..i became more crazy for them when i watched the tashan scenes… U know janu I used to see shastri sisters before,I was not able to imagine that he is the same guy who played Rajat..(ooh my Rajat was so sweet)that too after seeing this scene I thought yeh tumhara Rajat nahi raha,beta Suraj Ki aadat dal de?
      So I always shipped sukor from beginning

      1. Janani9789

        yes i also first saw vj in shastri sisters!!! i liked his acting in that serial!!!but he is not angry young man in that serial!!but i watched only for rajat and anu love story!!!
        then i saw him in udaan.totally opposite rajat ..sia i also become sukor shipper!!! his character totally different from shastri sisters!!!
        sia when i saw their first meeting never imagined it would be like that!!its full of tashan!!!no sukor ever fogot this scene ever!!!!

      2. Siyarao

        I too watched for anuraj story only and I was fidha for his uniform look.Suraj is totally opposite of Rajat and kudos to VJ who patroyed these two different characters perfectly.I’m loving Suraj’s personality yaar??

        Janu and nitz u asked new spoiler na

        Guys kn Ragini are giving Suraj’s clothes to basti people for 1 rupee??

      3. Janani9789

        thank you sia for the link!!!!
        when this kn and ragini torture will end can able to tolerate them!!!want to smash on their face

    2. Janani9789

      nice dp sia!!! vj!!!

      1. Siyarao

        Thank you Janu!!!

  2. can any father do this with his own son?..disgusting..i hate this..kk u are a’kalank’ on the name of a father.

  3. The precap ws awesome eagerly waiting 4 the epi love sukor and I eas talking abt u tapaswini nt d fake tapa nd thnx a lot guys for including me in ur group

    1. ammu I was just kidding
      episode was ok ok no torture on suraj …in precap dabang suraj is back
      guys anyone noticed raginis hair style in precap looks like 440volt ka jhatka laga hai usse

  4. Janani9789

    can’t describe this episode!!! totally a sad episode!!!! that pooja is also irritating like ragini!!!!.poor vivaan..feel bad for him!!
    imli i like her now a days!!!iam so happy she helped her sister!! for her sister happiness for first time ever!!!
    the only happiness is suraj gets more water to drink!!!
    suraj saying pani pani!!!making me cry!!!
    uff!!!kn is cruel villan father means this ragini getting on my nerves!!!! she and her idiotic plan!!! wish sukor to slap her hard one day!!! ragini now a days irritating more and more!!! can’t able to tolerate her!!!
    finally chakor realised about that cheating machine!!!!
    ragini planned cruelly!!!in makar sankranti!!!
    chakor worries for suraj increasing day by day!!!when can’t even tolerate the thinking of whether suraj will doubt her!!! but its sad that suraj can’t able to fight equally with chakor!!! in this state!!! all he needs food and water!!!now.
    tomorrow iam happy that kn and ragini plan will fail!!even though they didn’t food to suraj!!! our suraj babu will be back for his wife help and save her!!!! only eagerly waiting for that only!!!
    when this bandhua torture on suraj will end!!! can’t able to tolerate this time!!make some twist!!don’t want chakor and suraj to be helpless..pls team udaan make some interesting twist…

  5. M back guys, actually was having xams, nd dn had to attend a marriage ceremony.. well wondeeful epi, suraj was too good!!! Love to see sukor bonding.. they trust each other so much!!! Love it.. in precap i guess frst the kite fight ll be there.. nd the precap ll be day after tomorrow..??????
    Waiting eagerly!!!

  6. Wonderful precap… waiting for the episode that our suraj babu in his angry avatar… And fighting for chakor..
    We need this type of suraj who can do anything for his love .we love the angry young man.. He’s thirsty and hungry since 3days but when he see his chakor humiliates in front of the whole village he cannot control his anger and broke all the chain and roaring like a lion .. Wow its fabulous…
    Guys did anyone knew what will happen next when suraj refused to drink water and say chakor to get out of haveli .

  7. this was the best sukor hug till now…..omg suraj..loved the precap a million times…..vj nailed the act….cant wait for tomorrow’s episode

  8. So sweet epi… especially the sukor scene,but feeling sad for suraj i cant see him so helpless…eargerly waiting for precap…Love u sukor!

  9. Sharon George

    Precap is good.

  10. Nitz

    Sia I’m registered

  11. Siyarao

    Congo nitz?!!

  12. Aqua

    I was waiting for this episode since last week. I just loved it how Chakor wiped his face…awwwwww i was going all gaga over that scene… hehe

    anyway, if any of you watch Ishqbaaz… please check out my Ishqbaaz FF Her rise and His Fall Ch5 “I am yours. Do not give myself Back to me” once it has been uploaded.

    Thanks. With love,


  13. Aqua

    its great to see so many of you guys have finally registered 🙂

  14. Dinithi perera

    Amazing precap!… omg suraj Damn he is strong enough to break the chain for chakor❤❤❤ cant wait for the next episode.

  15. Hi friends, that was Nice Episdode, sukor scenes were awsome, in precap oh my god their chemistry and love superb, waiting for today’s episode.

  16. They can fight in every bitter situation and the precap is superb.

  17. Janani9789


    guys new segment link!!!
    where suraj things are saled by kn and ragini for one rupees….villagers are buying that infornt of suraj!!!
    suraj seeing helplessly…
    chakor sent her parents to buy suraj things…..

    can’t able to tolerate this anymore…guys anybody should talk with team udaan to end this torture…angel,sia….
    should ask when this torture should end…

    1. Hi janani dear, what is this new twist, i cant digest that. when it will be ended that blo*dy(bandua)drama.

      1. Janani9789

        hi ammu just call me janu!!! i think kn and ragini doing this because suraj beated goons and warned them…so they doing this infront of him to make him helpless…..
        even i can’t tolerate this waiting desperately for some twist to happen!!!!

  18. Oh GOd when this banduwa track will end!??? Hope it will end soon
    Couldn’t see this much of tortures
    Pls end this track soon…
    Its s request to colors TV that pls retelecast udan @11pm if we missed the episodes can watch it on that time .. Pls guys pls do anything for this

  19. Guys when will this bandua track end? It’s getting too much with
    the torture . Thnx fr the link sia n janu.preacap is awesome . Love sukor

  20. hey guys really how long they are going to drag bandhua track.

  21. Aqua

    I am so excited about the upcoming sakor hug!??????????

    How many of you agree with me? ?

  22. ParulRajput

    I m too registered guys Angel..

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