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The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji telling Manohar that he has sent inspector to end the hunger strike and even he cares for Vivaan. He asks him not to worry and wipes Manohar’s tears. The inspector asks them to end the strike and Baa stops him. The villagers hold hands and Baa sings VishwaVajan……….. The inspector laughs and says now this bhajan won’t work. Someone fires bullet in air and they all stop. Ishwar comes with Abha and police force. Everyone smile seeing them.

Abha, Aditya hug Chakor. Chakor looks very weak. Ishwar looks on stunned. Abha says she is proud of her. Aditya says he will also join her in hunger strike and even Abha agrees. Ishwar scolds the inspector for ending their strike when they are peacefully doing it. The media covers it. Ishwar asks the inspector not to interrupt

and leave, he will handle it. Bhaiya ji’s inspector leaves.

Bhaiya ji says you made me stranger today Manohar, and threatened me, you stabbed me by your words and cries saying you have hurt me. Manohar says I was sad seeing Vivaan. Bhaiya ji says even I m dying seeing him like that. He gets the inspector’s call and says I told you Vivaan will come home safe. He takes the call and asks is the drama over, what, how did he reach there, Ishwar Rawat.

Ishwar talks to Chakor. She says you told me not to trust Bhaiya ji, and he cheated us, but I m sure we will win by Satyagrah and everyone is with me. She asks will he support her. Baa says the villagers don’t have any weapon, and truth war can’t be won by weapon, its small war to get education and get free from bandhua, its our right. Bhaiya ji comes there and greets Ishwar with a smile. He says you are DM of this area, but I will teach you the rules. You did not do anything to stop their strike.

Ishwar says I don’t find any reason to stop them, look at them, they are torturing themselves, I have sympathy with them as I feel this will not affect that man for whom they are doing this. Bhaiya ji says you said it right, this will not affect him, but its his duty to stop them. Ishwar says I also want this, but I m helpless as they are peaceful, I can’t do anything. Chakor says Ishwar is with us. Abha says yes, we all are with you.

Ishwar says fulfill the promise you made to them, send kids to school and end bonded labor, if anyone dies, the media will not leave you. Bhaiya ji smiles and says I did not know this. He says he trusts him and he knows he will do his duty well, and not let anything happen here, so he is giving the peace keeping duty to him. He leaves.

Ishwar asks inspector to be here till he comes back from Sitapur office, nothing violent should take place, he won’t bear it. He leaves. Baa says Ishwar saved the Satyagrah and left police for our protection. Chakor says now, no one can stop this and smiles. Bhaiya ji talks to some landlord and asks him to send his labor to see the Satyagrah, else his goons dressed as labor. The man says I understood and laughs.

Aditya fixes the shade and asks Vivaan to sit under it. Vivaan says he is fine. Chakor and Kasturi say the same. Vivaan gets up and faints. They all worry for him. Manohar sees Vivaan’s state and Ranjana cries asking him to do something. She says did Bhaiya ji give this assurance. Bhaiya ji comes and says nothing will happen to Vivaan, trust me, come with me Manohar. Manohar says my son is dying of hunger, do something, I will go mad, will do something. He gives a gun to Manohar asking him to shoot Chakor, as the goons will start a fight there and he should use this chance. Manohar is shocked.

Chakor says she is getting dizzy. She faints and everyone worry for her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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