Udaan 24th December 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with circus starting. Chakor comes and Om compliments her. Khanna welcomes everyone in the circus. The circus starts. Chakor looks on. a man comes and tells her something. People wait for bullet raja act. Khanna says its all fine till now, I hope its okay without bullet raja act. Ronnie makes the horse eat Chana as he has to take him for an act. Chakor goes to Sultan and Ronnie taunts her for promising the thing which she could not do. He says Vishaka is his sister. He laughs on Chakor. Chakor thinks what to do, and gets an idea.

Chakor thinks to sell few things and get money to buy chana for Sultan. She sells things to make sound. Roma’s concentration breaks and she falls down. She blames Chakor for selling the pungis to the kids. Khanna asks Chakor what is she doing, does

she have permission to sell baja to the kids. He says sorry, this girl is earning wrong way, collect money back from her. Chakor gets sad. The man says its bogus circus, call bullet Raja. The people say we came to see bullet raaj. Chakor thinks what to do now. Khanna says this time we are not keeping that show. The lady asks for money. Chakor says there is one way to save the show.

The people get angry and ask for money, else they will ignite the circus. Khanna and Vishaka worry. Ronnie says I will present my horse act, people will understand. Khanna disagrees and Vishaka asks Ronnie to present his act. Khasta asks for water. Chakor gives him water and asks is he fine now. He says yes and hears people’s fury. She says people are angry as they came to see you. He says it means Raju was lying, people come to see me.

She says the public is angry and said they will fire the circus, just you can stop them. He says I can’t do anything now. She gets an idea and smiles. Chakor takes the cart. The people scold Khanna and throw bottles. Khanna asks them why are punishing all the circus people. Chakor brings Kaka in the car. The people ask whats this. Chakor says this Kaka is your bullet raja joker, Khasta. Ronnie says how did Khasta come in between. Kaka says he has got injured while practicing bullet raja act, his back got broken, that’s why their fav item could not happen, it does not mean it will never happen, this circus is a small world, where we forget our problems for some time, this is our life and earnings. Chakor says Khanna did not cheat anyone, he still kept the show, as show must go on. The people apologize to Khanna. Khanna smiles and says its okay. Om praises Chakor and Roma gets angry. Chakor asks Khasta to wipe his tears, he will always be hero.

Khanna says we will keep bullet raja act in next show, we have runner. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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