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The Episode starts with Sunny and her friends teaching Chakor to become like dad. They say how many complains she has with them, and asks her to become a boy to save her friends. Chakor agrees and says she will do everything. They ask her to talk like a boy, not like a girl, else people will laugh on her. Chakor says I will try again. Sunny says lines again and asks Chakor to repeat after her. Chakor does not say well. Sunny asks her to say with attitude like a boy. They think to make Chakor practice with someone else. They see someone and ask Chakor to go to that man, and practice. Chakor goes there and beats Munna asking what is he doing. They get shocked seeing its Munna. Chakor gets tensed.

Munna asks who are you. Chakor says I m Choka, what are you seeing me like this, this is my area, if you

act smart, I will beat you. Munna asks will you beat me. The guys think to save Chakor, and tell Munna to let this small boy go. Munna says he does not look boy by tongue, who is he, I did not see him before. Chakor argues with Munna. Munna says shall I beat you now. Sunny stops Munna and says about the girl they were finding.. Chakor. Chakor says she is here, what will you do, who are you to ask, I will beat you. Munna raises hand. Sunny says control, we want to say we have seen Chakor running on poll, she disappeared, why is police finding her. Munna says police is working for us, if you get Chakor, bring her to me, I will give you money. He asks them to keep this boy away. He leaves.

The guys get glad seeing Chakor’s confidence and how she fooled Munna. Chakor laughs. Sunny says we shall go home now. Kasturi asks Imli why is she not getting sleep. Imli asks is this good thing or bad thing that someone caught Chakor. Kasturi says I don’t know, I just wish Chakor to stay fine and come back to us soon. Chakor gets sad recalling Kasturi. Amma ji talks to her and cooks food. Chakor says my mum also stays awake like this at night, I miss my mum seeing you.

Amma sees the stamp on her wrist and asks about this sign. Chakor says this is the root of all problems, its sign of Bandhua, Bhaiya ji made me bandhua since I was 7 year old. Amma says I felt I have seen this or heard this before, why did you all not fight with Bhaiya ji. Chakor says we fought a lot, Mausa ji fought a lot and tells her everything about Ishwar. She says Ishwar has sent Bhaiya ji and his wife in jail, Abha and Arjun Sir fought for me. She says she forgot to call Arjun. Amma says I will make you talk to Arjun. Amma asks Tamasha about phone recharge. He says he forgot. Amma says Chakor you talk in morning, sleep now. Chakor thinks she will erase this sign and free her friends, by becoming Choka.

Its morning, Amma does puja. Chakor comes there dressed as boy. They all get shocked seeing her. Chakor asks what is Amma seeing, she wants tea and toast. Sunny and Soham smile seeing her. Amma says you are changed completely. Tamasha says Choka is ready to call Arjun. Chakor says yes, I will call Arjun Sir and save my friends. Amma takes Chakor to the kirana store and asks the man to shut phone meter, as Choka will talk for long time. She says he is my grandson. The man asks when did he get born and grew up, I did not see her before. Amma asks shall I show you all my family history.

Chakor says phone is not connecting. Amma says try again. Arjun talks to Bhagya by Vivaan’s help. Bhagya says Bhaiya ji has gone out. Arjun gets a call in waiting, and tells Bhagya that he will talk to her later. Bhagya says its Shravan today, and tells about puja. Arjun gets glad that she is speaking well. Chakor keeps trying. Arjun says I will get Chakor soon, then we will be together, and ends call. Vivaan says I will keep phone here, you can talk to him again. Arjun says whose call was it. He gets call again and answers. Chakor says Arjun Sir… He gets shocked and says Chakor…. She smiles. He asks is this you Chakor….

Arjun asks Chakor where are you, I was telling Bhagya I will get you soon, tell me where are you, I will come to take you. A car knocks down Arjun and he screams. Chakor hears his scream and shouts Arjun Sir.

Update Credit to: Amena

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