Udaan 24th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Bhagya following Chakor to the haveli. Bhagya hides seeing Tejaswini. Chakor tells Bhaiya ji that Tejaswini is not at home. He says find out where is she. He sits for work. Tejaswini comes and says she has to talk about temple and the power goes. He gets stunned. Chakor and servants see why power went. Tejaswini says she met her and came. He asks what, did she know everything. She says yes and he is shocked. He starts sweating and says it happened for what I was fearing. She says don’t think so, I m sorry.

She says I followed you without saying you and reached there, I should have not done this, so your puja stopped. He asks what puja. She says Bhavani told me everything. FB shows Bhavani saying Tejaswini about Kali Maa puja done by Bhaiya ji, as pandit said her family has

danger, so he has to do puja for 5 weeks.

Tejaswini is shocked. Bhavani says I will make him start the puja again, as it has to be secret. Tejaswini says I will not come again and leaves. He says he does not tell him, but don’t think its my selfish motive, I would not wish to see you hurt. She asks what. He says I mean our…. He laughs and says leave it, its my mistake if I told you before, you would have not done this. He apologizes.

Tejaswini asks him not to worry about Chakor, as he was agreeing to her as she has known his secret puja thing. He says I told you before, if she runs and wins the race, he will earn more name. She asks is this the thing, nothing else? She says I know to shut Chakor’s mouth. She says I trust you, the good thing is my doubt is clear. He says yes and smiles.

Bhagya walks to the haveli door. Bhagya steps inside the house and the power comes. He says see Tejaswini, its good sign that you said this and light came. Chakor says I lighted lantern and light came. She is shocked seeing Bhagya there. Chakor asks what is she doing here and why did she come, did she follow him, if anyone sees her with her, how will she clear her cheater tag and save her parents. Bhagya says Pita. Chakor says she is always after Papita. Tejaswini calls Girja and comes there. Chakor signs Bhagya to hide. Tejaswini asks what is she doing. Chakor says she is counting. Suraj comes and takes Tejaswini. Bhagya sees Suraj and smiles.

Chakor turns and sees her gone. She says where did she go. Bhagya follows Tejaswini. Chakor comes and stops her. Girja laughs seeing Chakor and asks whom is she talking to. Chakor says no one and I m cleaning here. Chakor asks Bhagya to sit there till she comes. Suraj tells Tejaswini that he decided he wants car on his birthday. She says you have many. He says he wants red sports edition car. He says there is problem. She asks what. He says Papa, please convince him for car. She says he will not agree. He says please. She laughs and says you will get the car. He says thanks, you are best mummy of the world. She kisses his forehead and hugs him. Bhagya smiles seeing them.

Suraj asks whose there and Bhagya leaves. He says I saw someone there and Chakor makes Bhagya hide. He says someone was hearing us. She says it may be servants, no one has courage to hear us. She asks him to prepare for his birthday. He gets glad and leaves. Suraj calls Chakor and she goes. She comes back and sees Bhagya gone. She says if Bhaiya ji knows, he will scold her. She is stunned seeing her.

Bhavani tells Bhaiya ji that Devi Maa is missing from temple. Chakor tells him that she is in haveli. He asks her to find her soon. Tejaswini comes and he is shocked seeing her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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