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The Episode starts with Vivaan being on the way and thinking of Imli. He thinks its not easy to let Imli go, but maybe she does not love me, its not right to cheat Chakor, if Chakor knows that I love Imli, she will be hurt, but I can’t hide my feelings from her. Imli is also on the way and cries. Kasturi consoles her. Vivaan applies brakes seeing Suraj infront of his car. He sees Suraj with blood on his clothes and neck, and asks what happened, did you meet with any accident. Suraj says no, I just went to meet with Imli, but… Vivaan asks what but. Suraj says Imli met with an accident. Vivaan gets shocked and asks how, where, take me there.

Suraj says you won’t go anywhere. Vivaan says take me to her. Suraj says why, you left her, now she stays alive or dies, what does it matter, let her

die. Vivaan slaps him and asks him how dare he say this, leave my hand, tell me where is she. Suraj says I won’t let you go. Vivaan asks are you mad, leave me. Suraj asks why do you care. Vivaan says I can’t live if anything happens to her. Suraj asks why, tell me. Vivaan shouts because I love Imli. Suraj leaves his hand and says I wanted to hear this, I had doubt and now I m sure, Imli is fine, don’t worry. Vivaan gets shocked and asks what do you mean.

Suraj says Imli did not meet with an accident, this blood stains are of my blood, I did this to make you confess your love. Vivaan asks him is he not ashamed to joke. Suraj asks him to think why I did this, I wanted to make you realize you love Imli, even Imli loves you, she is going away to give you happiness. Vivaan says you are lying, she would have not left me if she loves me. Suraj says its true, I m saying as she made me swear. Vivaan asks why are you saying now. Suraj says to unite two lovers. Vivaan says I don’t believe this, Imli tells me little things, how can she hide such big thing. Suraj says she wanted to tell you that day at river side, but that incident happened with her. Vivaan recalls Imli and Chakor’s words. He says you don’t want Chakor to be free of your clutches, she is golden eggs laying hen, but I will not leave Chakor and do what Imli wanted, I m going to meet Chakor at my shade. Suraj says you are doing big mistake. Vivaan leaves. Suraj says there is one way to bring Vivaan and Imli together,Chakor….

Chakor gets ready and smiles. She dances happily. She says it seems it will rain today, but no storm can stop us from meeting. She says Vivaan loves flowers and makes a bouquet for him. She tells Bijli that her hunger has gone today.

Imli thinks of Vivaan and cries. Kasturi pacifies Imli. Vivaan thinks of Chakor. He thinks he can’t be unjust to Chakor, he will make their meeting special. He calls Chandulal to get some arrangements. Suraj comes home and asks Chakor is she going to meet Vivaan.

She says yes, he called me to meet at shade. He says you won’t go there to meet him. She says you always give me reason to hate you, I told you I tried to unite Vivaan and Imli, but he does not love Imli, he loves me and I love him, this is happening by Imli’s wish, it has her happiness, if I united them, she would be not happy. He stops her by stepping on her dupatta. She asks what are you doing, leave me. He says one sided love is yours, not Vivaan and Imli’s, they love each other. She asks what are you saying, let me go. He asks her to understand, Vivaan is not hers now.

Chakor says you are lying, you are playing a game. He says no, I m not playing any game, Vivaan loves Imli, he did not tell you anything as he did not wish to hurt you. She says I don’t believe this, I will meet him, no one can stop me. He says Vivaan does not love you and throws the bouquet. She cries holding the bouquet, and says you are lying, how dare you throw this bouquet, I made this for Vivaan by love. He holds her and says I m saying truth, Vivaan has become Imli’s now. She says I hate you, you can’t snatch my happiness, I m going to Vivaan, you won’t stop me. He aims gun at her to stop her.

Suraj says before taking any step, find out Vivaan loves you or Imli. Imli stops the car and says I can’t leave from here, I love Vivaan, take me to him Maai.

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  1. susi

    Hare wahh!!!!kya scene tha sukor ka I loved it very much……pls start sukor’s love track……iam eagerly waiting their love tashan fight. … …end soon imli track …waiting for Monday epi….

  2. Riya

    I am very happy now vimli will unite and chakor will be heartbroken and Suraj will give sympathy to chakor and they will come close and close and both will fall in love with each other but I am little scared after this chakor can give divorce to Suraj and leave him and stay with her parents . and if this did not happened that that is final that sukor are final pair but when they will fall in love who will fall in love first Suraj or chakor ? who will propose first it will be very intresting to watch

  3. sra

    Imli na ho gii miss world ho gii…vivaan b suraj b yaha tk k chagan b us sy pyar krta ha hadd ho gi yaar…chakor b tu ha show my us ki b love story start kro.

  4. ramyasri

    no need for cnfusion now,vimli and sukor are confrm,so jst wait for their love story,yes sukor scene was superb even though its for short time ,felt really very bad for chakor,love u sukor, very very eagerly waiting for their love story,i hate vimli,i dnt want to see their faces also,both are idiots

  5. naira

    Poor chakor she thought she can finally have her happy ending she is indenial right now so sad that scum VIVAAN and IMLI!😡😡and why is everyone thinking what a Nixe Girl imli is for leaving “the Love of her life”Like seriously it was First chakor’s! They all only caring really for imli!

  6. naira

    Poor chakor she thought she can finally have her happy ending she is indenial right now so sad that scum VIVAAN and IMLI!😡😡and why is everyone thinking what a nice girl imli is for leaving “the Love of her life”Like seriously it was First chakor’s! They all only care really for imli!

  7. Udaan...meeta

    Confuse confuse first chakor knows imli loves vivaan..now she says vivaan loves her….omg plzz writers use yr brains…. Stop this imli story…want sukor love story now…. May chakor also playing drama to unite imli n vivaan…

  8. NUPUR

    sra I love you comments…chakor plz forget selfish vivan and move on..ab toh bach adhity baki hea joh imli se pyar nehi karta barna sab toh uske pice pare hue hea..

  9. Radhika

    Sukor can’t happen. The innocent and good protagonist Chakor doesn’t deserve a second hand guy like Suraj. I don’t think the writers will unite them.
    Suraj is probably going to be killed by his father, and Chakor will stay free until she finds someone else.

  10. neema

    Sukor luv storyyyy…..I just luv ittt…plzz….make it fast writerssss….I can’t waittt…l m soooo…excited to see their lovely momentsss…..ohhh my sweety cuty hotty cooly couples luv u lotzzzzz……rabb…neeee………….. banaaa…dhiiiiiii….jodiiiii……….soooo no one can destroy sukorrrrr……….

  11. Sia

    Wow!! gr8 episode with sukor’s fab scene….plz vivan use ur brain n go back to imli…Anyways finally everything is goin like i wanted from starting….East or west, Sukor is the best….

  12. ankur

    after so long time they showed some sukor scenes and they came so closer i liked it so much and the way chakor pushed suraj hubby wife wala pyar

  13. Trisha

    This useless vivan… just can’t tolerate this vivaan and imli… sukor scenes were nice.. want sukor love story to begin soon… pls writers…

  14. ansa

    Hate this stupid story…poor chakor…vivaan I hate you…u don’t desrve chakor’s love…hate vimli….now, I think suraj is better than you vivaan…..

  15. Annu

    Now start”s the sukor love track. I am very happy to sukor. I am waiting for sukor love track Plzzzzzzzz. ….stop the vimli love track it’s boring. See the sukor couple lovely couple .there fight was sooooo cute I love it. Sukor forever 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 I love you sukor. ..forever Plzzzzzzzz start the sukor love track Plzzzzzzzz. …..

  16. neema

    Hey guyzz…what happens to vikorianzzz…..now a days their is no vikorian comments only sukorian.ahhh…..thank god finally all vikorianzzz ar goneee……now only sukorianzzzzzzz……l m sooo happpyyy…….

  17. Ziyaah

    Omg just luv the ishaqzaade kinda relation between sukor,”AISI NAFRAT TOH KAISA ISHQ”,.I’m definitely gonna watch the repeat telecast, but fed up of the imli vivaan track, testing my patience, cant wit for sukor luv track, luv u suraj babu.

  18. sonu

    I can understand Imli’s change of heart…since suraj didn’t recognise their love, treated her badly (to the point of cruelty) but i don’t understand vivaan!! Chakor did soooo much for him n he forget it in few months n fell for imli!!! Exactly what kinda love was it?? It feels like both imli n vivaan were simply infatuated while suraj and chakor truly n whole heartedly loved their respective partners!!

    Now I think chakor deserve better…and I m sure that this time suraj wont b so late in recognizing his love for chakor!! But I really wonder what’s gonna happen next? What if chakor divorces suraj before Kamal Narayan, Ragini and Rajana makes entry with their evil plot?? I really hope they stay together….no matter how much chakor denies it but she has developed a soft corner for suraj while suraj seems to have grown fond of chakor (seeing her love for imli n vivaan, n the sacrifices she is making for their sake) that’s y only suraj was trying so hard to stop chakor, coz he knew that she will be very deeply hurt when truth comes out…I desperately want them together n want their love to develop slowly (coz if it happens suddenly, it ll feel like they got together just coz they lost their respective love, n the sorrow bought them together so…i hope they fall in love slowly being together at the worst of each other’s phase, understanding each other, n start to care n finally love each other)

  19. Anamika

    I dont like vivans change? How he forgot chakor? Chakor did all for imli. He know all the things. Actually the love of vivan must increase after knowing the truth. But this didnt happen. If he love chakor then he cant forget a girl like chakor. What he find in imli? Chakor have so many good qualities.. but he throw chakor. Chakor can refuse him. Because she loves her sister. But this track not gud. Becz the makers put more value to imli. Vivan chose imli over chakor. Very bad. Why the makers give choice to him? I like suraj chakor pair.. actually my wish is that chakor sacrificed her love for imli and reject vivan. But happend inversily…. i feel bad for chakor

  20. Ammu

    I hate u Vivian & Imili… U r both r selfish. Why this always happening to chakor, always she getting hurt…To make others happy she sacrificed her happiness but everyone cheated her….

  21. Younha

    To all the sukorians and vikorians,my views r completely dffrnt…yaaah I get the fact dt everyone is getting pissed at Vivian n imli for changing their love interests so soon…bt it’s not lyk they planned too…one can’t control his/her heart,it can fall for anybody at anytym..and before suddenly showing all that compassion for Suraj,remember he is the one who caused all the bride xchange..I get it vivan loved chakor,bt both the couples had their tough tyms in their marriages and during dis tym Vimli stood for each other and took their relation happily..its normal to fall in love with ur wife if she’s always caring for u even when she loves ur brother…nd I think Vimli luk really cute together

  22. Younha

    All its nt lyk nobody thought that sukor pair could happen b4 the bride exchange track came in the show..the directors have always been showing dt vivan loves chakor..since their childhood tracks…bt it’s not lyk it siding come to anyone’s mind dt in the future sukor might hev a track…this was also pretty obvious😒😒…also to those who think the plot is cliche…I doubt anyone thought the directors would couple together Vimli!!!!THATS A HUGe TWISt in a show dts been running fr soo long…I think the directors planned ahead that sukor would be the lead pair bcz obviously EVRYONE following the show knows Suraj was the lead actor nt vivan…Nd now when I think bout it Vimli looks better than vikor!!!so I’m really happy they paired Vimli and sukor up😍😍. (Note:vidhi pandya was supposed to play lead role of chakor)….a serial is nt always bout showing lead pair love story…side love stories cn bee really interesting too…or show becomes mundane😩

  23. mariam

    So whattt!! Huh what does that vivaan think of himself chakor was better of without him anyway and she will continue being strong that’s like girl power n l also think that sukor is the best best best couple ever more than vimli yuckkkkk

  24. ...

    Chakor to athlete banane vali thi. Kab banegi?? Serial ka naam bhi udan hai..slavery pe based serial ka poora track hi idhar ka udhar kar diya..

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